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September 25 1943

A clock, the numbers 92543, a flash of light, screams, a tug of apparition, an odd familiar sensation, falling, silence, and darkness.

She opened her eyes. What was that?

"Ah, you have finally woken up, my dear!"

"Madame Pomfrey?" Hermione asked confused.

"No my dear, I'm Madame Salves."

"Madame Salves, could you please tell me the date?"

"Well, September 25, we are today. You've been out for 2 days."

Hermione blinked. Oh no, no, no... ! "And the year?" she gulped.

"Are you all right, my dear?"

"The year, please, the year."

"Well, 1943 off course."

"1943?!" Hermione Granger felt herself slip into darkness. That damned cursed clock!


She knocked.

"Come on in!" said an enthusiastic voice.

Hermione had decided to stay in Hogwarts. She had wanted to do her seventh year anyway, so why not combine her problem with something good? Besides she had no idea where else to go and in Hogwarts she could research. If she really did not find a solution, she could go to Professor Dumbledore, but in the mean time, she decided to not tell anybody. That was why she had come to the Headmaster: Professor Dippet.

"Good afternoon, Professor."

"Good afternoon, Miss...?

"Granger, sir."

"Oh, yes, you're the girl who was found in the forest. Have you recovered?"

"Yes, I have Professor."

"Very well, so what can I do for you?"

"I was actually hoping to enrol at Hogwarts, sir."

He looked at her with sympathy. "Miss Granger, if I may ask, did you flee from Grindelwald?"

Thank you Professor Dippet! Now she would have a back story and people would understand why she wouldn't want to talk about it.

"Yes, I did. He... He killed my parents." She didn't had to pretend to be sad when she was telling the truth.

Professor Dippet nodded and said "Very well, I suppose you have no money than."

Money... Damn... She looked up at him, with a horrified expression. "No, I haven't, please don't send me away." Her voice was barely a whisper.

"Calm down, Miss Granger, off course we won't send you away. You can use money from our funds. In fact I had ordered you a uniform already; I was suspecting you wanted to stay. Tomorrow we will test your skills to determine which classes you will be taking. Now we will sort you into your house and then you can go to your common room. Tomorrow you will have breakfast with the other students and do your tests. Now the sorting happens by this hat, yes I know you may think it is weird but you'll see, the hat will explain it."

She put the head on and it started talking.

Ah, I see you have been sorted once before, what did I say then? Oh yes, that you were very clever indeed so Ravenclaw would be good for you. But wait, you have bravery and not a little bit I see. And you are very loyal, that is something Gryffindor would like. Your cleverness will bring you a good kind of bravery, the kind that saves everyone instead of getting you killed. Yes, it seems that my decision then was completely right, you truly are a Gryffindor. I sense you're alright with that. Gryffindor it is: "Gryffindor!"

Hermione felt relieved. She had wanted to be in Gryffindor again.

"Gryffindor, how nice, I asked the Head Boy to come and take you to your common room. His name is Tom, Tom Riddle, and he must be here soon."

Hermione gaped. Tom Riddle? Was this an evil joke? She hoped she would wake up and then curse the one who had done this to her. But she feared it might be all too real.

"Sir, you asked for me?" said a smooth voice coming from behind her.

She jumped and turned around and yes there he was. Tom Riddle, young Voldemort.

"Ah, yes Tom, there you are. This girl is a new student, I was wondering if you could take her to her common room."

"Off course sir"

He turned toward her, looked her over with calculating eyes and smiled.

"Tom Riddle, nice to meet you" He held out his hand. He saw how Hermione eyed it and he saw a mix of hate, fear and contempt in her eyes as she took it. "Hermione Granger, the pleasure is all mine" she shook it and quickly let go.

"I'm sorry, have I done anything to offend you?" He asked. Not that he really cared but normally girls reacted different towards him.

She blinked a few times and then her features changed and she said pleasantly "oh no not at all! Forgive me if I seemed rude, it's just... It was a long journey and I'm very tired. I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, Mr. Riddle."

Why had he the odd feeling she was acting? And why did he still see fear in her eyes? Well maybe it wasn't fear for him, he said to himself. She had probably fled from Grindelwand, yes that must be it. After all, nobody knew what he had done that summer.

"So, what house have you been sorted in?"

"Gryffindor" she answered.

"Oh, this way than"

They walked in silence and he saw the girl was deep in thought. Suddenly she stopped and he almost bumped into her. She was waiting for the staircase to move! But how had she known? And how did she know where the trick stairs were, he asked himself as she, automatically it seemed, skipped one still deep in thought.

"Miss Granger, may I ask, if you have been to Hogwarts before?"

She looked at him, while deciding what she would answer. "No." She said at last. "I do have heard of it, but I haven't been here before."

He saw some kind of mirth in her eyes and wondered why. What he now knew for sure was that she was lying to him. What could she be hiding?

"Well, here we are." He said as they reached the Portrait of the Fat Lady. "I hope you know the password."

She smiled, turned to the Fat Lady and said "Mimosa mimbultona."

The Fat Lady turned open. "Well, thanks, I guess."

He smiled his most charming smile before taking her hand and brushing his lips to it "Till the next time, Miss Granger." As he stepped back he saw how she looked dumb struck and he wanted to laugh. Little did he know that she was not looking that way because she already was deeply in love with him. The thought that raced through Hermione's was: 'The Dark Lord just kissed my hand.' She wanted to faint.


After being practically assaulted in the common room and explaining her story, she went to her room to get some sleep. She shared it with four other girls: you had Jenny Edwards, who looked really nice but was constantly jumping around, talking your ears off and her sister Demy who kept to herself. Then you had Lizzy Banks, who gave her a loathing look the moment she entered and then there was Amy Waltzing who just greeted her and went to talk with Demy.

"Don't mind her," babbled a very enthusiastic Jenny, "she's just shy. And Lizzy is jealous because you already talked with Tom Riddle..." She went on for a while and Hermione did not listen. She was not going to get attached to people in this time, and Jenny wasn't really bright. So after a while she interrupted Jenny saying she had to go to sleep. This was the reason she hadn't been friends with girls in her years. They were all stupid. The only ones she really liked were Luna and Ginny. She missed everyone already. Especially Harry and... No! She would not start thinking about Ron! The last thing she needed was those girls seeing her cry. She went to sleep.

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