The Family Dinner Part One

This was it, this was the day Lucy was going to be meeting some of Joe's family. His parents couldn't be there but his older brother was and it was scary for her. Really scary.

"You don't need to worry, Lucy. I've met the ill famed Simone before." Trinity said as she was getting ready for the dinner with Nessa and Lucy in Trinity's room. "She means well but she asks the hardest questions."

"It's not her I'm really worried about. It's all of them. I just want to make a good impression on them." She said zipping up her dress.

"Yeah, that can be intimidating. And trust me, Jonathan's dad is Rikishi. I got a Samoan sandwich hug from him, I thought I was going to loose myself in his rolls." The diva replied.

Nessa and Lucy just busted out laughing. It helped that there was another woman who was on familiar grounds with meeting the famous Anoa'i/Fatu family. And Joe did say they could be a rowdy bunch. Oh, boy.

"She'll be here, Cuz." Joshua Fatu said, looking at Joe.

"If she's with Trinity and Nessa, I'm sure they'll be making her look like Cinderella." Jonathan remarked.

The Anoa'i and Fatu family men were waiting in the lobby that Tuesday night, waiting for their dates. Well Joshua didn't have one, but Joe and Jonathan did. Since Lucy had the biggest rental that would fit all of them, they were waiting on her. But apparently she was experiencing what it was like to get ready with two other women who knew something about fashion.

"So you tossed the dice and asked Nessa out on a date?" Jonathan asked, looking at Jon.

Jon was wearing slacks and a button down shirt, his hair slicked back but still curled in the behind his ears and at the nape of his neck. He even shaved. Nessa had been swearing up and down she didn't want another Seth Rollins walking around, she didn't want to feel like she was cuddling with a ferrett. This odd ball of blonde hair was so intriguing but she was still a woman, a complete opposite to the kind he usually went for. He liked challenges, Nessa was no different. So he decided to ask her out on a proper date; that's why he was whispering to Colby back on Monday Night Raw. Jon knew how close Nessa was to Lucy and didn't want her finding out his plans for that night.

But Joe, on the other hand, was worried. Sure his cousins were starting to warm up to Lucy, she hadn't met his larger than life cousin Dwayne Johnson. Not to mention that Simone Johnson, Dwayne's daughter, was a little hard headed and open mouthed to accept anyone outside of her close knit family. It took her a while to warm up to Trinity as it was. Simone had previously given Trinity the third degree about everything, questioning why she did what she did. Mainly about dating Jonathan Fatu Jr.

The elevator dinged making the group of Samoan men and Jon Good look up. Three women, their women, stepped out all wearing dresses and heels. Trinity was wearing a vibrant off the shoulder red dress, that went up to her thighs, with black heels, and silver eye shadow that glittered in the light. Nessa was wearing a not as fancy dress, but it was pleasant enough for Jon to look at as it flowed down to around the middle of her thighs. She wore yellow pumps and a thin gold necklace.

Joe stared at Lucy in her teal blue dress that flared out below her knees. Her pumps were a light color, one that he couldn't make out. Her hair had been layered and fluffed up to make it look like she was taller, not that the three inch heels didn't do that already. She had minimal make up on but around her eyes were darker colored, popping her green eyes so vibrantly. Joe couldn't keep his eyes off of her as she approached him, biting her lip in a worried manner.

She didn't want to disappoint him. Lucy wanted to make an impression on Joe's family, to earn their acceptance of her, even with all her flaws. And from the look on Joe's face, she had accomplished looking beautiful for him, not that she needed any help in his opinion apparently. After their date last night, Lucy knew this is what she wanted to do with Joe, work on herself.

"Oh God." Joshua mumbled. "I never saw three men anymore speechless in my life. This is so amusing." He instantly pulled out his phone to commemorate this event for the rest of the family to see.

Lucy walked up to Joe. "You look good." She told him.

"So do you, Babygirl." He took her hand and kissed her palm.

Out of the corner of her eye, Lucy saw Jon and Jonathan giving their girls well needed kisses. If she was only that brave. Maybe she was, in her own way. Lucy took Joe's right hand into hers, pushed up his sleeve a little bit and then kissed the sea turtle that was apart of his sleeve tattoo. When she looked up, Joe was smiling from ear to ear. It was something he enjoyed, so she knew she had to do it more often.

Finally they were on their way to their dinners.

Dwayne Johnson, Simone and her mother Dani were waiting at the restaurant with Mathew Anoa'i, Joe's older brother. Matt had drove in from Cincinnati, since they were in Lexington at that moment. They were waiting for the group to get there, minus Nessa and Jon, who had a different date planned for that evening. Lucy found out that Matt was a hugger, he almost picked up the small woman off the ground.

"This is Lucy Cena, my friend." Joe said once the awaiting family members had been introduced.

"You don't look like John Cena's sister." Simone said once the larger man had released his hold on Lucy in that full body hug. She was thirteen, speaking her mind she got from her father apparently.

"Simone." Dani hushed at her daughter as everyone took their seats.

"It's okay." Lucy said, smiling at Joe as he helped her into her chair. "It doesn't bother me much anymore."

"Oh?" Matt asked.

"Yes, sir. The first time I was introduced to the divas, none of them would have believed me if it hadn't been for John introducing us."

"I'm guessing you passed Joe in the halls of the arena, that's how you first met right?" Dwayne asked as he sat on one side of Simone and Dani on the other.

"No, I had been working in the WWE for a month before we actually talked to each other. I was leaving back to Boston for a person matter and I met him there. I was actually oblivious to him, considering his size. I didn't realize that I had sat down two seats from him in the airport."

Lucy was glad she got to know Joe and his family a little bit better. She found out that Matt had a few good stories to tell about when Joe was growing up.

"He was about ten at the time. Our parents just finished getting the pool made before summer came. I know I tossed him into the pool a few good times." Matt said, taking a drink of his white wine.

"Don't you drink, Lucy?" Simone asked, taking a drink of her iced water. The adults were either drinking wine or beers, but she had never seen an adult that didn't drink at least a beer or two. Well, she knew about CM Punk, but a woman the didn't drink wine...that was strange.

"I don't, Ms. Simone." Lucy replied, chopping up a few pieces of broccoli on her plate. When Lucy called the thirteen year old Ms. Simone, the teenager was shocked. "I prefer water or Diet Mountain Dew. What do you like to drink?"

"Dr. Pepper mostly."

"What was it like growing up in the Cena household? You must have had a lot of fun with them." Dwayne told Lucy.

"I had my ups and downs when I was growing up. The boys didn't want a sister, this was an all male house, Ma was excited when she brought me home. My brothers saw it that girls didn't do what boys did, you know. They were interested in football or basketball, while I preferred soccer and baseball. Then half of the time my family forgot I even existed because I was so quiet."

"They forgot you? How can they forget you?" Simone didn't sound like she believed that.

"Five loud boys and one silent girl who never got into trouble, sometimes they over look things. Sometimes with my games they coincide with some of my brothers' games and practices. I would have to have my coach bring me home and everyone ask where I was. They thought I was home. This actually happened more than once."

"Reminds me of the time Mom forgot me at the grocery store because she had my sisters to worry about." Joe remarked.

"Aunt Pattie left you at the grocery store?" Simone laughed.

"Yep, she wouldn't let me leave her sight for a month." Lucy looked at Joe, smiling slightly. Under the table, she moved her hand and placed it on his leg, squeezing his thigh slightly.

"But I don't get it. Why do you not look like John Cena, if he is your brother." Simone brought that point up again.

"Simone, please." Dani looked at her daughter.

"It's okay, Ms. Dani. I guess it's okay for me to talk about it since we're all still getting to know each other. You see Ms. Simone," Lucy leaned against the table. "The reason why I don't look like my brother is because he isn't my brother."

"I don't follow." The little girl said.

"I was adopted."

Well there you go, tell me what you think. I'm making this into two parts.