First, of all I would love to thank all my readers for helping me through all my struggles with being harassed online. You have been more than awesome to me. And I thank and love you all greatly for that.

As the best reward I can provide, I will give you this!

Now, onto the news.

Cursed Hearts will be going through what I will call-

Cursed Hearts Redux

The biggest complaint I get with "Cursed Hearts" is grammar.

I do not blame you.

I don't mean to blame my homeschooling teachers, but really I didn't get the best education in grammar at the time.

I will be going back over "Cursed Hearts" and with a beta, I will be fixing as many grammar and spelling errors as I can. It will be one chapter at a time, and hopefully by the end of it I will be back enough into the "Cursed Hearts" world and characters that I can start on the sequel!

Thanks again!