Hey. Tossing this idea out there. If you've read my BleachXFairyTail ( s/9032981/1/What-Weapons-Are-For -not a shameless self-promo) crossover, you'd be thinking:

"what's this copy-n-paste bullshit!111!1"

Well, it's different, because Ichigo and Naruto are practically North and South. I originally planned on doing a NarutoXFairyTail one, but I didn't have enough knowledge about the arts of ninjutsu since I only read the manga. I read Rock Lee and the Springtime of Youth, too (it's funny,okay?)

Warning: Wiki's were abused in the making of the story (mostly to find out the Romanization because English sounds stupid)

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"Hey, you! Everyone else is returning to their cells! What the hell are you still clearing the rubble for?" The guard shouted at him from a distance. The young blonde boy dropped his pickaxe and gave his sweaty forehead a much-needed wipe with the back of his hand.

Turning and giving the guards his usual bright smile, he shouted his reply. "Got it! Let me just do one more shift and I will make my way back!"

The guards burst into a small laughter, probably laughing at his declaration. "What kind of slave does an extra shift?"

The guards shared a laugh at him before the guards left the mining site, leaving the boy to clear the rubble on his own. As the young boy picked up his pickaxe, he surveyed the area, making sure that he was in the clear. "Alright! Time to get serious!"

Forming a stance, he concentrated on gathering the vast amount of magic coursing through his body into the pit of his stomach. With a gusto, he yelled, "Kage Bushin!"

Puffs of smoke filled the area and as they cleared, they revealed replicas of Naruto himself. Unlike thought projections, these "shadow clones" of his were a physical form of himself. Normal wizards were unable to summon "shadow clones", but due to the crazy amount of magic Naruto was born with, it was not much of a feat. "Alright, listen up guys! Spread and search for any suitable pieces of metal!"

"Aye!" With that, the tens of clones spread in every direction, scavenging any piece of metal they deemed suitable. With this many Narutos in action, not a stone was left unturned. The Naruto with the pickaxe mined away the rubble, while the bare-handed tossed and turn every piece of concrete and wrangled metal. They had to be quick, or risk getting spotted and reported by the next shift's slaves and guards.

"Found it!" A Naruto came running back to the pickaxe one excitedly, in his hand a small shard of metal the size of his palm. After retrieving and examining the metal for seconds, Naruto placed the metal in a hidden compartment sewed on his rags, patting the clone on his shoulder.

"Great job! Now dismiss!" With a puff of smoke each, the Narutos poofed into nothing bu thin air, and the site was quiet once again. Involuntarily, he sighed. His situation was depressing to say the least. Being a born as a slave was sure to get most people down, but Naruto knew that he wasn't like "most people". He was special, born with a huge amount of magic that was considered monstrous, and he was going to use this distinct trait to help everyone. "Today, I'll change everything!"

With that, he raised his pickaxe and swung against the rock. He'll have another shift to think about his freedom.


The cell door opened, and Naruto was kicked in the cell for no reason. He fell forwards, scraping his knees for the thousandth time this lifetime. "I was going to enter anyways," he muttered.

As he got back up, he made his way to the group of cellmates hanging around the wall opposite of the metal bars, the people who he was planning this escape with. The one coming up with all the plans was the silver-haired man, whose face he has yet to seen before. Keeping his face behind the same book he has read for years, Kakashi-sensei raised his eyebrow just above the book when he noticed Naruto's presence. "Did you find any metal pieces, Naruto?"

Naruto discreetly slipped the metal pieces to his sensei, and the man took it with the same level of discreet. The metal piece was then used to sharpen another piece of metal, in the case of Kakashi-sensei's method, with one hand behind his back. His other hand was keeping his book up, continuing to hide his face. Up till now, Naruto had yet to figure out how the man does it.

"How was working two shifts, loser?" A vein popped on his forehead as he glared back at the smirking raven-haired bastard.

"I didn't see the great Sasuke doing anything to help, lazy ass."

"I am a fire mage, not some freak who splits into a hundred people."

"Hey! It's not freaky-" He's words were cut off when the pink-haired girl covered his mouth. As much as Naruto wanted to force his retort, he knew that arguing with Sasuke was only putting their plan at risk, and Sakura knows that as well.

"Quiet, Naruto. Kakashi-sensei is about to explain his plan." Despite feeling indignant that only he was scolded, the boy kept mum.

"Thank you, Sakura." Kakashi-sensei revealed the sharpened metal behind. The metal was so sharp that Kakashi-sensei could use it to scratch the rock-hard dirt floor they were on. On the ground, he drew a blueprint of the tower's structure from the top. A simple circle with certain staircases, the only thing to take note of. A cross was drawn near the circumstance of the circle, and Naruto recognized it as their current location. "This is where we are right now. As you can see, breaking through the wall behind me will cause us to fall to our deaths, while breaking through the metal bars will only lead us deeper into the tower, and we would have a high chance of being killed by the guards."

"Therefore..." Kakashi-sensei picked up his sharpened metal again, this time drawing a cross-section of the tower, which is basically an upright rectangle divided into levels. He drew a cross at their location once more, which was at the middle of the tower, and surprisingly, drew an arrow downwards. "The only way we can escape is by going down."

"How?" Naruto couldn't help but ask. Kakashi might have smirked, but Naruto couldn't tell with the book in the way.

"The part of this floor I have been sitting on was constantly watered with one third of my drinking water everyday. This floor is a combination of concrete, sand and mud, and does not hold very well. Sakura will focus her magic to her arm like I taught her. She hasn't tested it yet but it should work." Kakashi's gaze shifted to the two boys.

"And that's where you two come in. Sakura will be on cooldown for a while, so it's up to you two to take down the guards. Sasuke has basic fire magic training before he came here, but you are unskilled, Naruto. Use your numbers and your head to your advantage-"

"It won't work." Sasuke cut in, his head furrowed into a frown. "If this was your plan, it won't work. There's too many guards and too little time. Besides, below us is the guards' quarters and below that is an armory."

"If this was it, I would have initiated it a long time ago. The important part of the plan is from those kids over there." He motioned his eyes to the group of his kids the same age as the three of them, about twelve years old. "They tried to escape but got captured. They are are missing their leader, the blue-haired boy, and the red-haired girl's emotional state is at her limit. Her magic is flowing so immensely she could take down most of the guards in this tower."

As Naruto was about to question the reason for a different plan, Kakashi gave his reason, cutting him off.

"But she will make a mistake. She's going back for her friend, and she's going to get herself and all her friends killed. While she's doing that, the guards will have to stop her, leaving the quarters relatively empty. It's all about timing for the armory. Just wait for my signal and initiate the plan. Good luck, kids."

"What about saving the other kids?"

Kakashi and Sakura gave Naruto a look which only expressed guilt, more for the latter, while Sasuke only seemed annoyed. "We aren't going to save them?"

"No. If there is no more stupid questions, I'll 'light the fuse'. Do I have permission, Kakashi-sensei?"

"Go ahead, Sasuke." Sasuke gave Kakashi-sensei a nod before getting up. Naruto was left to stare at his fellow cellmates as Sasuke left to complete his assigned task. Even Sakura, who was one of the kindest person he knew, had strayed so much from her principles. A sorry look was all he got, and despite feeling no less better seeing Sakura's sorry face, Naruto could only swallow his principles.

The desire for freedom changed him, just like everyone else.

"What are you doing?!" The shout shifted his focus to the group of kids, where Sasuke was also at, in his hand a measly piece of bread. The tanned kid with blonde hair stood up, looking crossly at Sasuke. "That was for Erza! Can't you see her eye is injured? She needs to eat!"

The guards only glanced at the commotion, not willing to go out of their way to stop a measly fight between children. As it came naturally to Sasuke, the boy managed to give a villainous smirk to the group of kids. "You don't deserve it. The weak should just make way for the strong, or are you going to run to your leader again. Oh, that's right, he's taken away, and now the remaining five of you are just losers."

"Take that back!"

"Make me."

The blonde boy charged towards Sasuke, but all it took was for Sasuke to side-step and stick his leg out to trip the blonde boy, allowing him to fall to the ground. Taking it a step further, Sasuke kept kicking the boy while putting on an irksome smirk. To add salt to the wound, Sasuke eat the stale bread in a mouth as he kicked, while the group watched. Naruto could have never done that, and he didn't know whether it was a good thing or bad thing.

"NO!" The red-haired girl screamed, and as her voice reverberated around the room, all the pickaxes and shovels scattered on the ground trembled, and even the guards' spears and sheathed swords were shaking. "W-We...are not weak!"

All the weaponry were suspended, and the shovels and pickaxes went through the spaces between the bars to attack the guards outside. There was no one to slash, only strikes to defend from, but even then they were no match for these invisible weapons. One by one, the guards were knocked out. For a moment, the slaves in the cell had faces filled with horror, but soon they realized that this was the perfect chance to escape. A pickaxe swung with tremendous force against the lock, effectively freeing the door.

The red-haired girl stood up, her eyes filled with what Naurto could only describe as 'empowered'. "Sho, let's go. We're getting out of here."

"But that guy-"

"We have no time! The guards...they might come at any second!" The girl opened the unlocked door and motioned for everyone to evacuate, which was complied. As they left, they took the pickaxes and shovels laid on the ground, and as the guards frantically try to keep the slaves in, the slaves fought hard for a way out.

Shame filled Naruto to the brim, as he looked at the red-haired girl. She was doing what he had promised to do, ignoring any risk of danger. The only thing he could thing he could take comfort in was his new promise to come back for the remaining people, but it may already be too late then. 'You can't alter your own circumstances, but you can make your own decisions,' they said.

"Sakura, ready?" Kakashi-sensei's voice brought him back to Earth. The pink-haired girl nodded, scrutinizing the concrete floor that Kakashi-sensei has sat on all this time. Channeling her magic to her right fist, she pummeled the fist with all her might, and as expected, the ground formed cracks and crumbled. Behind the dust was a room, equipped with cupboards of coffee powder and bread that was not stale. Something more uplifting was that there was not a single guard.

"Hey, free food!" Naruto leapt down and looked around him. Bread, not the stale kind, but those that still had a fragrance. There was some other fragrance in the air, something that made Naruto's salivary glands lose control. It came from a bowl, and inside was soup and noodles, but together they form something out of this world. "W-What is this, Kakashi-sensei?"

"It's ramen. But we don't have enough time for you to eat it. I'll buy you one when we are free." While Kakashi-sensei was talking, Naruto had already poured its contents into his mouth, and it was glorious. "Nevermind. Sakura, are you ready for another punch?"

"This one isn't watered, so I'm not sure whether I could punch a hole..."

"It's not made to prevent digging, so it's pretty thin. I'm sure you can do it." Sakura nodded, once again revving up her monstrous arm. As it crashed down against the tiles, they flew into pieces, and another hole was formed. Unfortunately, there were soldiers still taking weapons from the racks, an estimated ten people.

"Hey, you four, stop right there!"

Kakashi-sensei heeded not a single word, pouncing down on one of the guards, stabbing his sharpened rock into the man's forehead. Just about every slave was used to gore, but thought of killing was abstract to Naruto. Comparitively, Sasuke's bloodlust was written on his face, and the raven-head was ready to slaughter any guard he saw. As he leapt into the hole, Sasuke shot a fireball out of his mouth, setting several guards on fire.

Naruto did not want to lose out to Sasuke, but he certainly was not going to kill loosely. He stood above the violence and contemplated on whether he should help too. Looking back at Sakura's slightly disturbed expression, Naruto knew he couldn't do the same. "I guess I'll just knock them out."

Gathering the magic within him, Naruto split into many clones, stacking himself on the two guards, effectively suffocating them. When he felt the struggling disappear, he dismissed the clones, looking down at the two guards he had just knocked out. He felt something unlike himself. He felt happy.

Sasuke walked Naruto's opponents, showing displeasure on his face. He looked down at them and spat, cupping his hand around his mouth for a fireball. Instinctively, Naruto shoved Sasuke's hands away, just in time to knock away the fireball that would have burnt the men to a crisp. "What the hell are you doing, Sasuke? They're already knocked out!"

"They deserve to die, don't they? We're just kids, and they hit us and starve us. Who knows how many of us are killed by their hands?!"

Kakashi-sensei stood in between the two of them, effectively ending the squabble. "Sasuke, enough. Just leave it as it is. Sakura, we need your help again. Just two more punches. Think you can do it?"

The sound of Sakura's name snapped her out of the shock, and she nodded before prepping up another punch. As her fist made contact with the ground, cracks formed, but there was only one problem.

There was no hole.

Naruto tapped the girl's shoulder. "Sakura, there's no hole."

"I can see that! I just...don't know why...I did it exaclty the same as last time-"

"Crap! What the hell do we do now? I can't believe we pinned our chances on this girl!" In a fit of rage, Sasuke gave the table beside him a punch, causing the table to collapse. Naruto was about to give Sasuke a piece of his mind, but was held back by Kakashi-sensei.

"I-I'm sorry, Sasuke-kun..." Sakura's eyes reflected the lighting in the room as her eyes welled up tears, but Sasuke remained unempathetic, his body language giving off nothing but frustration. It was Kakashi who stepped in, giving Sakura a pat on the shoulder.

"It's not Sakura's fault. It was a miscalculation on my part. I should've taken in account the fatigue due to this technique. New plan. The level below us is three stories high, so it's technically possible to survive a fall from here. It's a good thing we're already at the armory." Kakashi-sensei looked around the armory, inspecting the items on the shelfs and racks. Naruto took this chance to comfort Sakura, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"You know Sasuke...He's such a dick sometimes, always talking without thinking...He probably doesn't need mean it."

Sakura shot him an unhappy look. "Don't say things about Sasuke like that! Don't you always talk without thinking too?"

"But I'll never say anything bad towards you!" Naruto gave Sakura his trademark smile, and Sakura giggled like she always did when he gave a stupid grin.

"Hey, you two. Kakashi-sensei's got a plan. Gather up." Sakura, with her face relit with her usual smile, ran excitedly over to the Sasuke. Naruto gave himself a sour smile, asking himself when he was going to get his credit.

He headed to Kakashi-sensei as well, where they stood in a circle around stacks of sacks. These sacks seemed familiar, as he saw them somewhere while clearing rubble.

"We're gonna blow up the ground with these sacks of gunpowder. It's gonna be loud and attract a lot of guards, so when it blows, jump in the hole and run. It's a three-story drop so cushion your landing properly. Good luck." As usual, briefs were short and simple. Kakashi-sensei took a few steps back, pushing back Naruto and Sakura to a safe distance along with him.

Sasuke raised his fist to his mouth, aiming at the sacks of gunpowder. Gokakyu!

Claiming that explosion was big was an understatement. As the fireball made contact with the sacks of gunpowder, a huge gust of wind and dust burst towards Naruto, along with a noise so loud it stunned his hearing. There was no doubt that every corner of the tower had heard it, and Naruto could only imagine the number of guards that were alerted about their presence.

"Jump now!" Kakashi-sensei's voice broke from its usual demeanour, shocking Naruto into leaping down the hole. As he fell through the dust, he took a first look at the height, and readied to cushion himself. With a well-timed barrel roll, Naruto managed to land safely, followed by the rest of them. Unfortunately, there were already guards rushing to the ground level, footsteps drawing closer and closer. Naruto knew from the sound of the steps that there were a great amount of guards, and unlike the guards they had fought just now, these guards were armored and armed.

The three kids looked towards Kakashi-sensei, hoping he would have a plan, but even if there was a plan, there was no time to explain it. Instead, the only word Naruto could see from Kakashi-sensei's discoloured eyes were: "hide". Naruto looked around, surveying his surroundings and looking for anything that may help, and out of the corner of his eyes, he caught sight of something.

Sticking out of the ground was a metal handle. Beneath it was a trapdoor. It was all they got.

Without thinking, as there was no time to think anyways, Naruto grabbed Sakura and Sasuke, sprinting towards the trapdoor. Sasuke, who had also caught sight of the hidden trapdoor, ran ahead and pulled open the trapdoor. As Sakura had yet to recover from the shock, Naruto pulled Sakura along and into the trapdoor, and once they were both in, Sasuke hopped in as well. With a tug from both boys, they shut the trapdoor shut.

"Phew, we did it!" Naruto laughed as he panted, but he cut his laughter when he noticed Sakura still listless. "You alright, Sakura?"


The realization hit him. They had forgotten about Kakashi-sensei, the one responsible for getting them this far. Once again, without a thought, Naruto was about to reopen the trapdoor and go back for Kakashi-sensei, before being held back by Sasuke. "Use your head, fool."

"But Kakashi-sensei-"

"And how would going out there help him?" As much as Naruto would like to deny it, Sasuke was right. Just to reassure himself that their mentor figure was still alive, Naruto took a peek out of the trapdoor.

The guards, clad in armor and armed with swords, surrounded Kakashi-sensei, yet they didn't engage. Both parties were at a standstill, until one guard tries to attack Kakashi-sensei. But gracefully, Kakashie-sensei parried the slash and disarmed the guards by twisting the guard's arm, stabbing the sword into the opening under the guard's helmet, and the blade when all the way through, exiting from the other side of the guard's neck. As Kakashi-sensei drew the sword out, he re-adjusted into a battle stance, not flinching one bit.

"Look, Kakashi-sensei is doing fine. Let's get a move on before we too get spotted." Sasuke was first to continue down the stairs into the dark unknown, with a slightly-traumatized Sakura tailing behind. Naruto took one last look at his mentor figure before continuing down the steps, but as he moved, he felt an extra weight in his rags. He searched the hidden compartment of his rags and found a small orange book, the same one Kakashi-sensei used to keep his face hidden. Only then did it struck him that he had forgotten to take a glimpse at Kakashi-sensei's bare face.

"Sheesh, it was as if this book was his face." Kakashi-sensei must have slipped it into his rags when he wasn't looking, as if he knew that they were going to split up at this moment. "Sasuke, you knew Kaka-sensei was going to stay behind to hold off the guards, didn't you?"

Sasuke stopped in his footsteps, but not looking back to face Naruto. "He told me that if there ever comes a time, I'd have to drag the both of you with me and leave him behind. But I only promised to do it once. Whether you want to continue on, it's up to you. Just don't be a burden."

Naruto looked at the book and back Sasuke. All of this was Kakashi's last wishes, and now that he knew that, he couldn't go against it. Placing the book back into his rags, Naruto tightened his fist. "We're getting out of here no matter what."

Sasuke wasn't facing him, but Naruto swore he saw Sasuke smirk at his statement. "Then stop whining and let's go."

Naruto walked down the stairs, catching up to the duo that were left hanging, and the trio continued walking down the stairs. With the wise words in the book that Kakashi left him along with his drive, Naruto promised never to look back.

"Today, I'll change everything."


Raikiri! A surge of lightning was summoned on the palm of Kakashi's hand, and the silver-haired man drove the electricity into the guard's armor, electrocuting the guard and several people behind him. That spell alone took a lot of magic from him, but his martial arts and sword fighting had been a good buffer.

However, he most definitely was not going to outlast a never-ending flow of armed guards.

More and more reinforcements came in, and though he took pride in the fact that a hundred soldiers and mages had been sent and killed by him alone, it eventually took a toll. He was not well-fed or well-rested to begin with, and yet he had to go through with this. "I'm getting too old for this shit."

It was once again at a standstill, and Kakashi looked carefully at his surroundings. Only if I had the ability to look from all angles, though it would be a little freaky.

"He's getting worn out! We need to finish him, quick! The others still need reinforcements!" One guard shouted to another, and the all started to get riled up.

"Hey, guys, maybe you shouldn't focus your time on me. After all, I'm just one guy. Don't mind me, I'll wait till you guys are done."

"Don't fuck with us! We were given specific orders to capture you first!" The guard with a loose mouth spotted his mistake, and clamped up quickly, but had already gave away too many secrets.

"Specific orders? By who?"

"That would be me." The guards parted a path when they heard the voice of a girl, whose tone and demeanour suggested more of a woman. The girl had a devious grin, and Kakashi learnt from experience never to pass judgement based on age, a valuable lesson from his experiences. "I've observed you for a good amount of time now. Where is that porno novel that you always shield your face with?"

"It's called a graphical romance novel. And no, I can't lent it to you since you aren't old enough." Kakashi needed to waste as much time as possible to restore as much strength and magic he can, as he knew with the added implications of this girl, holding off the guards wasn't an option anymore.

Unfortunately, the girl would have none of that. The girl took out an orb, and with a telekinesis spell, sent it flying into Kakashi's gut at incredible speeds. It took a lot for Kakashi not to lose his brunch; a piece of stale bread. "Where is the jinchuriki?"

Kakashi grabbed the orb and smashed it against the ground. "What's that?"

The orb restructured itself and flew upwards, almost knocking into Kakashi's chin if the man had stayed put. It then flew back into the girl's hand, and recognized this as a spell, albeit a very strong one. "Don't play games with me. You can't afford to. You know the boy holds the demon, now where is he?"

"If you walk me to the harbor, maybe I'll tell you."

The orb flew out of the girl's hand and Kakashi barely dodged it, but he knew it would come back. As expected, the orb flew straight for his stomach, which would be expected as the girl needed him alive. With a roundhouse kick, Kakashi smashed the orb into pieces again.

The girl casted her spell again, restoring the orb to its original state. He knew that the girl's magic allowed her to restore an object to its previous state, but the type of magic was what he wanted to know.

Kakashi had many more exchanges with the girl and her orb, but the result was always the same. Dodging was tiring enough, and was even tougher when the girl brought our another orb, which ended up landing some blows on him. But through these exchanges, Kakashi found out that though telekinisis did not use much of her magic reserves, the restoration spell took a toll on the girl. Despite this, the girl had a large pool of magic, probably bigger than Kakashi himself. "Would you like to continue, Kakashi Hatake?"

"You shouldn't talk to your elders like that." The girl was visibly annoyed, and Kakashi knew he couldn't stall any longer. He could try running, but the gates are locked anyways and he would not make it out. The only way was to defeat the girl herself and look for keys somewhere in the building. His magic reserves were back up for the most part, and there was no other way. He had to defeat the girl.

Using surprise as a tool, Kakashi used Moguragakure, which turned the earth into sand and allowed Kakashi to sink into it, burrowing himself within the ground. While holding his breath, he dug right underneath the girl and sprung up, grabbing the girl's leg. As he was about to pull the girl into the ground, the earth around him turned into sand instead, creating a crater around him. A orb flew out of the girl's hand and smacked right into his right shoulder, forcing him to free the girl and tumble back. As he fell to the ground, he felt the sharp pain in his right shoulder, and there was no doubt it was broken.

Before he could get Kakashi could get back up, the girl re-equipped a sword, pointing it inches away from Kakashi's throat. "This is your last chance. Tell me where the jinchuriki is."

"I don't know."

"If you fancy your life, tell me where he is. Now." The sword inched closer to Kakashi's throat, but instead of scaring him it made him smile. His life up till then hade been filled with despair. He had seen friends, mentors, comrades and even his father die, and it was safe to say that he did not fancy his life very much.

But the kid that showed up while he was a prisoner made him see that life is what you make it to be. Their circumstances were never in their favour, but these were not a factor to Naruto. He wanted to let Naruto see the world he deserves to see it. Even if it costs his life, Naruto must escape. "Is there an option where I get to live? I don't think I'll live very long if I tell you."

"Ultear-sama! The dark mage has arrived!"

He looked out of the crater to see one of those dark mages with full robes that hides all skin, the face of the robes plastered with the symbol for the cult of Zeref. "Ultear-sama, I've heard that you need information from a tight-lipped man."

The girl looked at him with impish eyes, and Kakashi could only imagine what lies in store for him. The dark mage stepped into the crater, and his body language showed nothing bu sadistic anticipation. "You must be the stubborn one. Fortunately, my methods don't require you to speak. Just sit back and...feel."

The dark mage stretched his hand and tried to grab his forehead, but Kakashi summoned electricity through his non-broken, left arm. Raikiri!

The spell electrocuted the mage, sending him flying back a few feet. The girl was practically seething at the continuous stalling. Without hesitation, the girl took her sword and stabbed it into his left shoulder, and the pain almost knocked him out. It took all of his will to stay awake, but the throbbing pain encouraged otherwise.

The dark mage stood up, and even without seeing the mage's face, he knew that the mage was very unhappy with that. The dark mage got up and walked briskly towards him, grabbing his neck without warning. "I was intending to hijack your mind and leave, but you made me change my mind! Be prepared for a world of pain!"

As much as Kakashi wanted to stay positive, there was no way he could escape any longer. His arms were practically dead, and his magic and strength was just about depleted. But then again, knowing that Naruto should be well-hidden and alive, and maybe already off the island, Kakashi had no regrets.

"I am prepared, but are you?" As a last ditch effort, Kakashi gathers all his magic into his stomach. The only spell he had learnt but was so sure that he was never going to use. Jiritsu Hōkai Mahōjin*.

The seal formed on the top of his forehead, making it visible to everyone. The dark mage and guards only took one look at the seal before running on all directions. The girl named Ultear took one last look at him, not even showing a sign of fear. "Why are you doing this for a boy you barely met?"

"Because whoever Naruto chooses to become...that man is going to change the world." Ultear grunted and teleported away. She probably was like the old him, the one that trusted no one but herself. Hopefully, one day, someone would enlighten her like how Naruto enlightened him.

Sorry, Naruto...you'd have to get your own bowl of ramen.


*Just a quick note about that spell: Jellal used it during the Oracion Seis Arc. In english subs, it was just a self-destruct spell, so this is the Romanization c-n-p'ed

**All Jutsus have the "Justu" part removed. Some never had it, so no problems there. (Raikiri, aka Lightning Cutter)

***Kakashi's is NOT the copy nin-mage.