Chasing Sunflowers:

In ancient times, sunflowers were entitled to follow the sun. Sunflowers shall always shadow the sun, following true greatness, developing true strength. Never changing or altering the path it is set upon, yet always growing and stretching its buttery petals towards the light.

There are many uses to Sunflowers, early Shepard's would come upon these floras and gauge the sun's location transit time. In medicinal use it is widely known that a decoction from the sunflower head could be used for respiratory ailments. In food, salad dressings, shortening, and margarine. Roasted seeds make coffee and cake. The sunflower oil can be used as a vitamin for livestock. Industrial, Sunflowers are used to make paint, and cosmetics. Dry stems can be used for fuel, fertilizer, fabrics and paper.

Their bright and cheery attitudes are often overlooked as the title of the most important flower, but they most always coax a smile. Thus gaining the meaning of endless timelessness, forever significant, eternity of love and loyalty.

While they are far from the prettiest, or most useful, however sunflowers are significant creatures of the earth. Sunflowers aren't the center of attention, though they attract an eye or two, they are never the main assortment in a bouquet. They are not graceful, but steadfast. Not beautiful, but attractive.

Plant one seedling into a different world, and what changes would it bring?

My name is Racheal Covina, the teenage girl whose life was just never quite over. This is my story, how one existence was never supposed to occur yet changed millions. How one life could pave waves to unseen destinies.

But in order to become a sunflower, you have to grow one first.

Chapter One: Planting a New Seed

"Every story has an end,

But in life every end is a new beginning."


What is the difference between eternity and an instant?

If it comes at you fast, how do you know?

An instant, can really be eternity-squeezed into a small amount of time. If so then what is after eternity? And what is an instant? And is our eternity and instant, someone else's instant and eternity? Who is the judge of time? You, or the clock?

My instant is where you flip off your lifeguard stand and jump into the ice cold ocean water, because you think you see someone drowning. (Which really turns out to be a large fish corpse that happens to be afloat.)

That, was an instant.

Being sucked under was eternity. Giving up, blacking out, water pouring into my lungs my heartbeat singing in my ears. Drifting on the supposed waves that carried me to an supposedly never ending sleep.

I hardly felt arms wrap around my dead ones, my limbs felt so heavy.

I felt something on my mouth, pain blossomed in my chest as someone broke my ribcage. CPR? I wondered in that never ending darkness. I didn't feel the shock going through my limbs, from my right shoulder to my left hip, my consciousness was fading.

I…was dying.

I don't remember anything after that. I remember becoming warm, a tingly feeling, but I had no coherent thought about being warm. There was only instinct. Reason was far abandoned. Only primal urges, but there was no hunger, no worriment, no pain.

I knew I was warm, I didn't know how or why. My senses were dulled too, my eyes couldn't see anything, my ears heard nothing but the blood in my veins, I couldn't touch nothing, I couldn't do anything. I didn't need food or waste, I didn't need water or anything, I was content. No outside world to butt in to my happy place, no one to take this peace away from me, this was mine mine mine.

Was I dead? I had felt the salty water on my tongue, felt the chill of the waves that lulled me into the dark, now all I felt was as if I had been melted down and my mouth incinerated. I ran my tongue and flinched in shock, I had cut my tongue.

I was dead, so…why were my teeth so sharp? It felt like I had two overgrown fangs at my mouth, and the inner cavern felt…longer. What was this? I tried opening my jaw to find it was bound in a strange way.

Why did I have freaking vampire fangs in my mouth?

More importantly, where's the pearly gates?

Then pain. I felt like a huge piece of my soul was being ripped from my skull, I felt like my heart was exploding while my brain was melting. I felt a sudden chill, then I felt numb all over as I fell into an unconscious state.

When I awoke I was dimly aware of myself being in a circular room. I was alone, standing on water.

Wait. Standing on water?

A low chuckle rang throughout the room, "You must be very confused, I apologize for that inconvenience." My spine stiffened up as I bristled, from the shadows approached a man with swirly purple eyes. I glared at his figure as he approached the light of the room, why the hell was I here? Was this my so called after life? I want a refund man!

"Who are you?" I asked cautiously, I didn't want to come off as too impolite or too polite-because this was a stranger who was going to decide whether to blast me to hell or send me to heaven. Besides, he might not really be god he could be just…a figment of my imagination?

But why would I be standing on water in a dimly lit room? I'd rather be outside somewhere.

"I am called Rikudo Senin." He came to me, with white hair and two pieces of hair that stuck up like two horns on his head. He's actually pretty good looking for the devil. Yep, I am going to hell. He also had a small goatee and eyes that resembled dark purple swirls. He wore a full length cloak with a high collar, with six comma's around his neck.

Just has random English Comma's hanging around his neck…Perhaps he likes grammer that much-hm? I mean…if he is the devil…with those horns and all. He wore this armory all across him and a sword strapped to his back, and in his hand he held an odd walking stick with a circle on the top and four rings draping off of it.

It reminded me of the Terra Cotta warriors they had uncovered in China.

The name really didn't tell me anything. "Where…am I?"

He smiled softly up at me. I blinked, I hadn't of I towered over this guy. I leaned down closer to him, he was like-midget sized! Haha! This was hilarious! He was basically knee-height.

"You are inside a seal in my mind."

Me, being me, my most elegant answer was, "Huh?"

What the fuck?

He laughed a bit, "Sorry, Sorry, I know this is a severe shock, so I'll start from the beginning."

"A long time ago I had hidden in fear of a monster known today as the Ten-Tails." He shifted his cane and sat down on the water.

"Erm-sorry for interrupting, but can I ask you a question?" He blinked but gestured for me to go ahead, "How are we standing on water?"

"I'll answer that question when we get there." He hmned thoughtfully, "I had been a traveling monk for most of my youth during a time of an unending war. During these expeditions I had come across many battle scenes, of brother fighting against brother, and townsmen who were scattered and in hiding all in fear of one monstrous beast, The Ten Tails. Who humanity was at war with as well. Now, I had never come across the creature during those travels, but I saw the path of chaos and destruction it left behind in it's wake." He paused and looked at the hand gripping the strange staff loosely, "I swore to myself I would find a way to help those people, I would help bring peace. I discovered a hidden secret to all life, a secret energy that is buried within all of us."

Ifrowned skeptically, "Monsters?" I almost laughed I would have too, if his expression wasn't so serious.

"I call it chakra. Chakra is essential to life, it is in everything around us and inside of us. In fact you are made up of highly concentrated chakra, and have taken mind and body with it." I blinked, Is this guy serious? He's speaking about magic voodoo or something! "All living things have chakra coils, which feed chakra through points, as you'll learn how later. However to utilize this energy requires you to have a balanced spiritual energy and physical energy. Utilizing this new knowledge I developed techniques and spread them throughout all the villages and towns in the world, then I came face to face with the Jubi, The Ten Tailed Beast. I developed a technique that sealed the beast inside myself, thus becoming a jinchuriki for it's spirit and I cast the body into the sky…To which is now what they call the moon. "

I couldn't help it, I started laughing, "This is a great myth and all…But what kind of drugs are you snorting?"

It was his turn to pause, "Excuse me?"

"You actually believe in this stuff then? How some monster's corpse became the moon and you sealed it in yourself? With me here? And what the fuck's chekira? Seriously, what are you on, man? Cause I just wanna know if I'm going to hell or heaven yet. I don't need to know…about all of this and your inflamed ego."

He just blinked stupidly up at me, completely and utterly flabbergasted. Not to mention he was very confused, "You think you're…dead?"

I raised a brow, "I'm pretty sure. I hardly felt it, but I knew they used an AED on me, unless I'm in the hospital in some coma and this is my freaky hallucination-then I just want the truth. Now, please stop trying to mess with me. I'm not gullible."

He looked completely unsure, "What's your name, then?"

"Racheal Covina."

He gripped his staff a bit tighter, "It is good you have started thinking about yourself in such an individual manner. However I ask you to please describe yourself to me, if you will. This may pose to be a problem in the future."

I blinked, "Er-no. Not till you tell me why I am here-you could be some creepy after-life stalker or something."

"I assure you I am not that." He blinked, "Did you say you were human in this past life?"

I deadpanned, "Duh. What else was I going to be, dog?"

"Perhaps," He looked a little nervous about something, "I should show you your reflection…" He placed his palm on the wall and the entire room was suddenly lit up with clear, bright lights. I blinked, the wall had turned into a gigantic circular mirror.

But it wasn't that that made every thought in my head explode. It was what was in the mirror.

I was large, orange and furry.

Mother of fucking god I was a fucking animal.

I had evil beady red eyes with thin slit, large paws, long cat-like ears, and long talons. What freaked me even more out was that I had tails. I'm not talking about one, I counted nine tails. What fucking animal had nine tails? Hell what human spontaneously turned into a freaky thing when they died?

It all clicked into place, I held a hand up and waved at the mirror.

It waved back.

For the first time, I looked down at myself. I hadn't simply because I knew what was there, pale thin arms and rake-like legs were replaced by a long orange torso and nine fluffy tails.

Why I was so much taller than the midget was because I wasn't human.

I turned to the guy and rocked back on my legs…haunches? "What did you do to me?" I screamed in his face. "WHY CAN I EVEN TALK?!" I breathed in and out fast, my breathe catching up.

He didn't budge an inch. He looked at me with a calculating gaze and practice wariness.

This got me very angry for some reason, picture this, you died. Sure you regret leaving friends and family behind but being put into some freaky science experiment was completely unnerving. Where was my body? Who did this guy think he was doing this to me? Was I in a coma? Did he eject some freaky drug into me?

I growled, hating it even then. "ANSWER ME! Why am I here?"

"I do not know why you are here at this point in time, however I would like to continue with my explanation then hear your side of the story-"

I snapped and saw red, I lunged at the annoying little midget.

But the next thing I knew my head was being slammed into the ground and an unfamiliar weight sat on top of my rather large skull. "Please." He murmured in my earlobe, pinning my head tightly to the ground, "Listen to me first, then I'll hear everything about your story and try to make things better, alright Racheal? I know this must be hard, but for now you must trust me. I will try to help you in whatever way I can." I struggled and tried to buck him off, but he held me down firmly, I could hardly wiggle my head. I growled and grumbled for a while, but eventually I calmed down.

When I was quiet he started speaking again, "After I casted the Ten Tail's body in the moon, I sealed different pieces of it's spiritual energy into different parts of myself. From this raw chakra it took form and made separately conscious minds and bodies. Nine different Tailed Beasts, your brothers."

"As the chakra manifested it picked up things from the world that I see with my own eyes, such as instincts, language, emotions, but beyond that it did not grant much else." I licked my lip nervously, that actually explained a lot. But why was I here? And, more importantly where was here? I wanted to call out again but I didn't dare in fear of getting my face in the ground again. Which surprisingly, was hard for water. But he'd explain that.

"I also noticed the chakra developed the bodies in order from your brother, the one-tail, to you, the nine-tails."

"…Do they all…look like me?" I was still licking my lips in a flinty matter. The real question was, were they all in this awkward situation?

"No, they are quite unique." I heard a smile in his voice. "They all have keen, distinctive personalities."

I looked into my crimson eyes, I saw his crouched figure on the top of my head. I thought back to the days where I floated in that endless dark space, was that what he was referring too? I tried counting the time, "How long? How long did it take for the chakra's to evolve?"

"For each tail it took a year, another curious thing. Each of you developed tails at the same time, however when one of you reached the limit of that chakra space you awoke into consciousness. You are the last, so nine years."

If I could have paled at that moment, I would've put paper to shame. I had been asleep for nine years? In this body? Or had I just been replaced with my own. Had my family gotten over me? Had my sister's cried? Who took my cat in I wonder? Was there a way to contact them, convince them I was alive? How had mother taken the news? Was father done with that final big business deal he dragged out for years?

I resolved into looking for it. A lot could change in nine years, science had made such a big impact on civilization that they could've discovered this 'chakra' and 'spiritual energy' and perhaps the Ten Tailed beast was an alien who needed to be stopped. Then this geek comes along and saves the world by developing new technology.


"May…I see some of this…chekra?" I asked hesitantly, wondering if he'd say no because he was a loony. But I also had to remember I had suddenly sprouted claws and fangs and I didn't think my imagination was this vivid, or else I'd have to start taking sedatives at night.

He made a hand seal, and suddenly I wasn't sitting on top of the water anymore, I was swimming in it. I glared at the man, who was standing comfortably on top of the water with a little smirk of a smile. "What was that for?"

"A demonstration. I was regulating chakra not just to myself and the water, but to you and the water as well. I simply cut off the chakra supply."

I blinked then growled, "Is that what you mean by explaining how we are standing on the water?"

He just gave an irritating soft smile, "I'll teach you how to use it. However I think you should start telling me about your own lifecycle now."

I gulped, "Can I get out of the water first?" My paws made it easy to keep my head above water, sure, but I didn't like swimming and talking at the same time. Plus, wet fur was a strange new feeling to me, and I didn't know if I liked it or not.

"You should try standing on the water yourself." He encouraged.

I looked at him funnily, "And use that chekria that you are? Pssh. Right."

"Chakra. It's energy that flows in your body."

"And…I don't even pronounce it right and you are expecting me to jump on the bus and learn it."

He smiled, "It's like energy that flows right behind your eyelids, and you can feel it can't you?"

I could. I could feel the coiled masses that were buried deep within me, they gave off a low pitched buzz that made me want to leap into the air and prance around.

I refrained. I looked over at the man's open and encouraging face, I groaned, "You really want me to do this then. You really want me to walk on water like Jesus."

He flickered his eyelids, but ignored the religious reference, "Yes." He said pleasantly, patiently. "Concentrate on the chakra coils."

"You really are making me do this!"

He still stared at me in quiet anticipation, I growled lowly, "Fine."

I tried to concentrate some of the chakra coils. "Good, now take off a small portion of that chakra and will it towards your feet. Like a shoe, almost."

I rolled my eyes this was so stupid-"YOW!" My body was slammed into the ceiling before I went back down into those murky depths.

"Too much chakra, it made you jump to high and injure yourself. Be careful with that chakra, Racheal, center it towards your feet, like you are wrapping your feet in papyrus."

"Why would I-Know what? Nevermind. I don't want to know."

He just sighed a bit through his nose, exasperated, "Try less chakra, kitten."

I bristled, the water around me rippled angrily, "Did you just call me kitten?" I growled, "I'm not a cat-I'm a human girl!" I slowly rose to tower over him, my fur jerking angrily. Though my current form said otherwise.

"But look." He said with a secret, understanding infuriating smile, "You are standing."

I looked down, I wasn't quite standing on top of the water, my paws were resting right under the surface, but most of my body was out of the water. That-he…He made me angry on purpose!

Does it really take that little to anger me? The water underneath my paws boiled.

I guess it does.

I closed my eyes and felt the chakra that was going to my feet, I tried experimenting and I sent a tad more down to the soles, when I opened my eyes I was standing on top of the water.

"Good." He smiled at me kindly, "You'll learn a lot faster than human's will because of your ginormous chakra coils, however you will also have a lot of trouble controlling that chakra. That's why I am here to help you."

"You said that the Ten Tail's was monstrous." I said changing the subject, my fur was dripping wet (and it felt like I had three winter coats on at once.) "Does that mean… I'm a monster as well?"

"Though you are descended from a monster, no that doesn't mean you are. Monsters are not in the appearance, but they are in the personality. However, you are a Tailed Beast, you are a demon."

I licked my lips, "So…I'm… evil then?"

His eyes softened, "No, demons don't have to be evil. No one has to be evil, they only pick to be."

There was silence as I contemplated his answer, my tails flickered around. It was strange, it felt like my normal body, in fact, I wouldn't have felt anything different if Rikudo hadn't pointed it out. Now that I was concentrating my tails felt like an extra limb…coming out of my ass. Like, nine arms coming out of my ass. It should've felt uncomfortable, embarrassing but…It felt...natural at the same time.

"Okay," I decided, "I'll tell you everything."

And I did, I told him I had parents and two older sisters. I told him I was a regular teenage girl with a boyfriend and lots of other friends, I told him that I loved to swim and read. I told him about my school, I told him about my job as a lifeguard. I even talked about how I was obsessed with the color orange (Yes it was ironic that I was orange now,) and how much I loved noodles. I told him how I 'died' by drowning and how they tried to revive my fruitlessly. He was extremely patient with my story, and didn't interrupt once, and at the end there was silence.

"This has never happened before to you?" He asked


"As of now I don't have an answer for you. However, I believe you should take advantage of the fact that you are indeed alive."

"But I'm-"

"Not human? Changing forms does not change the person. However there is one thing I would like to try If I may…?"

I looked at the white-haired male suspiciously, "I have a certain Shinobi Sect I can perform to let me see your memories."

"Why did you let me explain that all then?"

"I believe you. However I would like to see your life with my own eyes. This situation is simply not probable under it's usual circumstances." He walked towards me and I lowered my head to his height.

I licked my new canines, "Can I hold off on that?"

He nodded "Yes. For now, you'll have to stay here in this body while I figure out what has happened."

I ground my claws into the water, chakra unconsciously keeping me afloat-"So I have to stay here then?"

He looked at me in a sympathetic way, "Indeed."

"How long?"

"However long it takes."

Little did I realize it would take centuries of time till I figured out the truth and why I was here. And by then, it was too late.

A/N: Okay the Sage of Six Paths sought out peace. From the very few silhouette's we see of him, and the even fewer scenes I have concluded he is a very patient man, and a very smart one. He spread a whole bunch of principles regarding chakra around the world, so I made him a traveling monk. His information needed to take root somewhere alright? And because, he himself was probably learning new things on his journey-I figured that the more he traveled and learned new techniques-the more he taught them of the Shinobi Sect (Ninjutsu)- the more he lead villages to take root with different abilities than others. So in a way he stopped the endless war, but gave birth to a different one. However the conditions were arguably much better than it had been before. He strengthened the world as a whole, without him that world would never had progressed.

It is never explained how he sealed the Beast, and how he broke up the chakra to create the Tailed Beasts, in this story, he first separates the entity's chakra to control it and become it's host. He does this by creating "slots" or "pouches" in the seal which he out different amounts of chakra. Which develop into the Tail-Beast furballs. Kinda makes sense, right? Also, the Tailed Beasts were pretty smart already, however they can be born with instincts, but not knowledge.

The Tailed-Beasts looked to him as a guardian. Almost like a father, the fact of his death made them all distraught. So in my mind he was not just their father, he was their mentor as well. He taught them a lot of what he knew and he cared for them. In the manga he glances over during the time the tailed beasts were inside of him, it was a passing sentence but it got me thinking, what if the Tailed Beasts were all taught what they know in his mind? It would be the perfect space to do so, because the mind is moldable and flexible, anything the Six Path's imagined was probably inside his mind. So training and learning was all at the beast's fingertips.

I like to think of it…like the beasts are all in apartments in his mind. All living with him everyday. Can anyone else see this as probable?

Anyways, I'm not sure if "Rikudo Sennin" is his real name, or if it is just a title. Since I'm not familiar with Japanese or Japanese names. However in this story it will be his name, because he already has a bunch of titles. I hope I did some justice to the Six Path's wisdom and personality. We hardly know what he is really like and I did my best to mimic him. Racheal had a wide range of emotions while he never rushed her and was very persistent with her.

Also, I know centuries pass between the Six Path's time and the Naruto Plotline, these times will have key details in them however they will also be reviewed quickly. Because I don't think you want me to spend centuries writing this.

This is my second reincarnation fic other than 'Sasuke Uchiha,' because while that is my primary, this shall be my secondary. J I love this story, don't get me wrong, but this will be updated much much slower than Sasuke Uchiha.

I first got this idea from ferpet from 'I am a bijuu now, Great.' It was a swell idea and I love it. Her is about a detective from reality appears in the Naruto world on October 10th as the Kyuubi. I suggest you check it out people's- it's pretty swell! See this link below? Copy and Paste and stare in wonder!


I think it'd be horrible to be reincarnated as Kurama, or any Bijuu. First, right off the bat everyone fears you because of your appearance. Second, there are those who-not only fear you but want to harness your power for their own ends. Third, You stick out like a sore thumb, you can't exactly walk into town and say 'Hey' I'm looking for this so and so road over here, oh and can I get a coffee please? Fourth, everyone wants to seal you into someone's subconscious. You get to be put in a cage, used occasionally, while the cage that is holding you is out having sex or something. Gross! No offense guys but I'd hate it if I was trapped in another person! Wouldn't you? Yeah, you get "cool powers" but they really aren't cool at all if you can use them at your own will, ne?

Not to mention, centuries without seeing true civilization sucks man. Why be immortal when you can't do anything besides bound around in the wilderness like Tarzan? Yeah, the other beasts are …well beasts, their natural habitats are their homes. But insert a human consciousness into Kurama and human civilization is her home. Now she can't be in her own element without being trapped. See how it sucks? Not to mention, if you try to help someone, who will trust you because you are a big bad 'demon?'

Okay, so mostly everyone wants to just change and fix the canon to one big happy ending but reality is, it really isn't. I'm sure you can name a hundred of well-written fictions before this but I also hope I can do some justice to this and ferpet's idea.

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