What is the true meaning of power? I sat on my haunches and stared into the milky white sky.

Power was something corrupted by men, something they craved, something that they must have. So often they tried to control their own power but so little did they succeed.

The new seals in my arm shone black on my orange fur, they held some of the strongest weapons this world had to offer.

This entire new world, that teemed with power-but yet rotted with it.

It was so much more of an (improvement?) than my own. Dreams of the impossible were more possible. But was that an improvement? This world still succumbed to disease, famine, war, death…Was it truly better than my own?

What did it mean to be human? What did it mean to shape your own destiny? To have your own power-and not be some stone in the riverbed?

Most especially, now that I had so much power and influence over people-what would I do with it? It's not like I could kill myself and wait for death to claim me, I didn't have power over my own life anymore. (I felt more caged than when I was in the Rikudo Sennin mind.) What did someone do with unneeded power?

I thought back through the examples shown through history. The corrupt leaders who took advantage of their people, their power.

What makes something powerful? What gives that edge the leader's dangle over their people? Money? Death? War? Promises? Strength? Peace? Torture? Hope?

So what did I have to offer? What threats could I possibly pose to the people?

There were too many.

Strength? Of the brute kind.

Power? The deadliest.

Death? Well, I glanced down at my claws, I could potentially hangover someone's nose.

But would I kill someone?

I thought about it.

If I had to, would I kill someone? Someone who has a family, friends, a live at home? Someone with a name, with kids and a country?

If I had to kill somebody….


I would do it to protect the ones I care about, or even any innocent party-I would kill to protect myself.

I would kill.

It was a revolutionary statement for me; it made me feel sick, twisted and disgusting. But I knew when it came down to it-I would pick myself over them. Was I selfish? Maybe. But I also valued my safety. Didn't everybody? If it came down to it, would they really pick them over themselves? Would they not fight? I would. I would fight tooth and nail for my life. And I'd do the same for others.

Some would find me absolutely disgusting, maybe, but I was open to admit it.

I would kill people to protect myself and the ones I love.

It strangely settles a strange peace in my heart.

I was no war-seeker. I hated death as the next guy. Nor was I some sadist, I was simply making a (cold) observation about myself.

Perhaps, that would justify what I did next.

My siblings had stayed together for some time, but after we heard of the Rikudo's passing we departed separate ways. We were released into a brand new world, and I felt grateful that I was not the only one who was exploring.

I couldn't remember how long I ran for. I scarcely remember the cycles of the sun and moon, but barely. My front legs stretching out over sand dunes, boulders, mountains, forests. I just kept running, trying to forget myself-anything to forget myself. I ran across the seas and across islands, and I must have passed a hundred of civilizations.
But I didn't pause, I didn't want to see the differences between them and home. The differences between me and them.
If I was reincarnated, why on earth did I have to remember them? I'd rather remember nothing (as scary as that sounds) than remember something and not being able to reach out to them. My family-my true, human family that I missed.
I didn't need to eat or sleep, so I just kept on stewing over my memories.
I missed them. I missed them, the longing in my chest almost could make me explode. I was alone in this world now-the Rikudo Sennin had left me alone.
Not that it really was his fault-everyone dies and I'd be foolish to blame his death. That was something even a demon had no control over.
Well other than it seemed like killing was easier than existing.
That being said, none of the Rikudo's training could prepare me for ll. A voice begged inside my mind, Kill.
I had to deal with the scent of (delicious) blood that filled my brain. Blood of cattle, blood of humans, blood of anything, something inside of me just yearn for it.
But when I filled my head up with swirling thoughts it was easy to suppress it. (1)
Just because I had the power to do so didn't mean I was suddenly going to turn into "Racheal, the mass murderer." And if I didn't think about it, I could pretend like I didn't have any of that bloodlust. (Not to mention I was human, a little voice in the back of my head wondered how my siblings were fairing.)
It wasn't until I figured out where I was, that I went ballistic.
I had stopped suddenly on a dime, just throughout my run, I had simply stopped randomly. The cuts and bruises on my paws hissed and closed up.
Nine tailed fox.
Where had I heard it before?
I had heard about it in my classes that spoke of Japan, it was in their old folklore.
But why did the "Rikudo Sennin" seem so….familiar? So much like….en it…..before…
No way possible.
Naruto world?
It wasn't even a thought, but even the notion of it seemed to freeze me. I couldn't describe the emotions that swelled in me. Something close to fury, frustration, and resignation manifested.
Slowly I blinked, and I slowly gave into the blind fury that engulfed me.
But nothing could excuse what I would have done next. Nothing. Not even dying, showing up in a new world, losing all of my family, and being so unaided could excuse me.
When I came to the first thing I noticed was that I was uncomfortable, my furry cheeks had sharp rocks and boulders pushing up on them. I didn't remember anything, I distantly panicked. What had happened after I realized the impossibility of where I had been born?
The second thing I noticed that the animal inside of me seemed oddly satisfied, it wasn't thirsting for blood, nor was it roaring against my subconscious.
Then the smell hit me, the stench of iron drifted into my nose as I opened my eyes and picked up my head.

A man was standing in front of me, completely bloody, spear in hand as he tried to push it into my side. He was screaming and crying, cursing my name out of existence. I frowned what had I done?

"Monster! Fucking-!" He yelled desperately, jabbing the thing into my side fruitlessly. I didn't feel any pain, then perhaps a sting. But it still disturbed me.

What had I done to earn his hate?

"You s-stupid fucking animal! You killed my wife! My kids! My friends! I WILL KILL YOU!"
"Excuse me?" I asked. "Do you perhaps have the wrong-er- demon?" Like anyone could mistake an overgrown nine tailed fox, but hey, that was just me.

The man gasped and went pale, whatever little courage he had left seemed to escape him. He turned tail the other direction and ran off, leaving my confused state alone to figure out what happened.

I looked down to the spear sticking out of me, I wrapped a claw around it and pulled it out. (It reminded me of a splinter.)
For the first time since waking I looked around me, and blinked. Raging inferno's swept whatever village I seemed to be in. Buildings were knocked over and crumbling, and valley's dug up by claws. Children were crying, mother's weeping and cursing. Men dying under the brick's of their own houses.

The full moon cast an eerie glow on the red substance making it all the more illuminating.

I gasped, I h-had to help. These people were dying! They needed help!

I sprung up and looked around from my tall view, what could have done all this?

"Woman!" I barked to a young one crying across the street, "What happened here?" But the girl gave a scream in fear and started scrambling away from me. I brushed off the hurt that invaded my heart, she didn't know any better. (Oh, but she did.)

Her scream alerted others, who turned around to look at what she was running from-seeing me they all began to shout and scatter different directions.

"But…I was trying to help…." I clutched a piece of limb stone in my hand (I could tell from the stale smell it gave off,) and crushed it in frustration.

"What more could you want demon?" Someone shouted at me, I spun around my tails accidentally slamming into crumbling pieces ofbuildings, scattering rock every which way.

"What?" I mumbled.

A man was standing up to me (finally, someone willing to speak to my form!) He growled at me, "You come in here, Kyuubi-you ruin my village, my home, and you slaughter my people. Why?"

I was silent.

These people thought I did this?

"But I didn-"

"Sennin-sama told us you cared about life! He told us you wouldn't hurt us as long as we didn't hurt you. But you go and…betray us! You murderous beast!" (2)

Behind him a ways I see the claw marks, the fire, and long footprints.

My footprints.

Was it me who did this…?

My inner animal seemed to purr.

"Fight me." I came back to the present, "For I'd rather go down trying to kill you any way else."

"But I don't want to fight you." I said tiredly. The reality of the situation had not hit me yet.

He stared at me for a while, "So you can speak," He snorted. And flew at me, all blades out.

The battle didn't even last a minute, I underestimated my strength and let him go flying into a building. A sickening crunch, and his neck was broken. He had been the beginnings of a Shinobi, but he had not been a good one.

I wandered after that, losing myself once again from reality. I was the sole reason why the humans started a war against us, they trapped us, they seal us within pots, and jars and tea sets. They even got creative and started making seals that put us in their stomachs.

I could feel my brother's and sister's anger, anger mostly at them, and some aimed at me. I brought this down upon them, it was my fault this had started. But it wasn't my fault when they responded to my example, tearing down cities and villages. Ruing thousands of lives.

It seemed to create and even bigger rift in-between them and me. I felt more distant from them. From this war.
So I holed myself up in a mountain, slumbering, knowing one day, I wake up and greet the world once again. I thought over how many lives had been torn apart by me, and I vowed, that some way I would make it up…Somehow…One day, I'd stop being a coward and face my fears.

I couldn't wait.

But I slumbered, and meditated, calming my inner beast and squishing him till it was non-existent.
Finally, though I had no idea how much time had passed, finally it was time to go out into the world again.
Though it was who and how I met next which had an large impact on my fate.


(1)I want to say that the bijuu have natural blood lust, I think it's a little embedded in their nature. I mean the Juubi was pretty crazy wasn't it? (Yeah, crazy powerful)

(2) I think people were wary but trusting of the beasts before it all, it wasn't until some genius decided to use them as weapons as both sides began to form opinions. Both sides are not to fault.


"Yeah, right! You were just waiting for the right time to eat us!" "What, like the witch from Hansel and Gretel?" "What's that?" "...Never mind. I think I hate kids."

"Harashima! Madara! Stop this!"

"Ch, I never knew demons were actually intelligent." "You haven't met enough of them then."

"But why would anyone want to name their village after the leaves on a tree?" I wondered. "It represents how we are all connected in our faith to protect our friends and family. Our home." "Or-you are a log worshiper." "Log...worshiper?" "Hehehe funny story..."

Okay okay! I know this chapter took FOREVER to come out, in my defense I'm a new student at a new college preparatory school, with a new sports and in Honors enrollment. Plus clubs and music, and I'm taking two languages. Give me a break people(please.) Updates will come a lot slower now, but I still remember these stories and I love them. Thank you:)