Luminas and the Liquidator eventually relocated to one of his many hideouts. This one happened to be a warehouse on the wharf.

"Any ideas what went wrong?" the Liquidator questioned with an edge to his voice that Luminas hadn't heard before.

She chewed at her lip and replied, "For all the police to have been there? Someone must have tipped them off."

"My thoughts exactly," he agreed in that same viperous tone of voice. "Normally I'd suspect you--"


"--but I have a strong feeling that it was Quackerjack."

This surprised her. "Quackerjack? Do you really think he'd go traitor on us?"

"Maybe not intentionally," he admitted. "But...well, turn a light on."

Luminas did as he asked and was slightly taken aback by what she saw. "Licky, you're...solid."

"That's right."

"I was wondering how you could've caught me," she mused.

The Liquidator took a seat on a rickety metal chair and stared at her. "How many people would think to do this in their first encounter with me?" he asked bluntly. When the other supervillain shrugged, he informed her, "Not even Darkwing Duck got it the first time. Yet this little teenybopper of a crime-fighter somehow was able to come up with that brilliant plan--not to mention a box of Jell-O--while in her first tiff with me ever. Now I don't care about Quackerjack's love life--and up until now he hasn't had one--but something tells me that was the girl he'd been raving about. And I think he told her just a bit too much."

Furrowing her brow, she murmured, "Then he has a lot to own up to." Luminas glanced at him, not even bothering to hide the anxiety in her eyes. "I didn't know it would be that volatile."

Neither said what both were thinking. It could have been in and out. If there hadn't been any police they could have been farther away. Neither would admit it openly, but they were concerned for the other three members of their gang.

Suddenly, a sound caught her attention outside and she scrambled to look out the window. "Oh, great."


"The cops are searching for us. C'mon, let's go to the lighthouse. It's better fortified. And we can play with the stuff in Sparky's lab."

Once again, the two of them found themselves on a rapid jaunt across town. The lighthouse turned out to be remarkably safe--either the law had already scouted there, or they had seen no merit in doing so. Luminas eventually drifted off and dreamed, as she always did, of conflagrations consuming everything. This time, though, the dream had one distinct quality. Megavolt was there.


"Luminas. Luminas, wake up."

The Liquidator stared at her dozing form, then splashed several drops of water onto her face. She awoke abruptly, sputtering as if she were drowning. With a glare in his direction, she inquired sweetly, "Yes?"

He pointed to the battered television, where a reporter was saying, "...and at present count, three hundred are dead and many more are wounded, including the suspected perpetrators of the crime, whose names are currently being withheld. More breaking news on the Plaza Hotel fire as we get it."

Luminas let out an explosive breath and remarked, "Well, that would have to be them, wouldn't it?"

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but let's hope so."

A quiet, but clearly audible metal clattering seemed to suddenly reverberate throughout the lighthouse. The two supervillains turned simultaneously to a dark corner that was mostly obscured by an odd machine. They looked at each other and approached the corner. The Liquidator shoved the machine aside to reveal a red-headed girl that was all too familiar to both of them.

Gosalyn lashed out with a foot faster than lightening, but it merely squelched harmlessly into the Liquidator's gelatinous leg as he picked her up and dangled her in the air. A sinister laugh bubbled deep within his throat as Luminas stared cruelly at the girl. "Oh, Gozzie, what a pleasant surprise. So, you like to live dangerously, hon?" Gosalyn glared and opened her mouth to retort, but Luminas clamped a hand around her bill. "Well, you won't. Whatever you're doing here, you'll regret it."


the end