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The Abused Duo

Summary: Annabeth and Percy are siblings, or so they thought, turns out one of them has been kidnapped. Abused by a cruel guardian named Gabe, they grow up learning to confide in only each other. Soon they find birth certificates, they say that one of them comes from a different parent. Each chapter will skip two years until they turn 15. Read the story to find out more.

Annabeth POV

Five Years old

Annabeth, didn't know how she was Percy's sibling. Though she was only five she could be classified as a genius. She was practicing long division at the moment. Percy on the other hand was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, both diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, they used it differently. Percy used it as a barrier while Annabeth used as a tool to persevere. On top of that they looked nothing alike not even their facial structures. Annabeth had large, intimidating yet calculating gray eyes while Percy had smaller ever-changing sea-green eyes. Percy had tousled black hair, yet Annabeth had neat, curly blonde hair. Despite these differences they got along quite well.

Percy was playing with his trucks, saying, 'vroom,vroom.'. Annabeth was annoyed by the noise. She thought Percy was a great friend yet didn't find school interesting. Annabeth blocked out the noise and did her work though. Then they heard feet come down the stairs. Percy quickly stopped making the truck noises and Annabeth indulged herself in her work, hoping she wouldn't be the one to get the punishment.

She knew it was cruel to wish pain inflicted on others, but she really hated being hurt. The man stomped down the stairs, his name was Gabe but Percy and Annabeth called him 'Smelly Gabe' when he wasn't around. He shouted with his booming voice, "Who was making the racket that woke me up from my morning nap?"

Percy shakily raised his hand, they knew it was better to tell the truth, you might get some mercy. Gabe smiled at Percy, he picked him up by his waist and threw against the other wall, about 3 feet away, he hit the wall with a sickening thud and slid down, Gabe still didn't show mercy. Gabe looked back towards Annabeth, she didn't show that she cared what was happening to Percy, she was still doing math. Gabe stomped over to Percy and slapped his face, partially to make Percy conscious, partially to hurt him.

Annabeth knew enough to tell that it wasn't legal what Gabe was doing. They went to school but the teachers thought it was just their playing that made them so scratched up. The red mark on Percy's cheek would fade by tomorrow, which happened to be Monday. Gabe rarely ever damaged their face, if he did it would either fade by school or look like an accident.

Gabe slapped Percy in the face again just to hurt him, finally he stomped away. Annabeth truly did care what happened to Percy it's just that one time she cried out for him to stop and he threatened to send her to a foster home. If that happened then Percy would have no one else and would be injured all on his own.

Annabeth went to the freezer and got some ice to put on Percy's head, back and cheek. That was all Annabeth knew how to do. She could apply heat but she didn't exactly know when to. Percy was shorter and skinnier than her so she dragged him walking backwards up the stairs. He hit his head on the stairs many times but the stairs were carpeted so it was alright.

She brought him into their small bedroom, their were two beds with a nightstand with a lamp on it in the middle. At the end of the two beds their was a small trunk for each. They had their clothes and extra blankets in there. She laid Percy gently onto the bed and covered him with his red covers. She climbed into her identical bed and fell asleep.