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Percy POV

It was Friday night, and like a lame teenager, I had nothing to do. I decided to go to the pool and swim for a while. When I was swimming I could always relax and think about pretty much anything.

"Thinking? When do you do that Kelp Head?" A slightly snarky voice whispered in the back of my mind. A half grin lit up my face, I knew that voice and knew who would say that. Grace, my lovely girlfriend.

I stripped off my shirt, already having my swim trunks on. I took my key out from my pocket and opened my locker, stuffing my shirt and swim bag into it. I walked back into the natatorium (a word that I had learned from my intelligent girlfriend). I positioned myself on the diving board and pushed myself in, my arms cutting through the water at a leisurely speed.

I kept swimming, doing flip turns at each wall, I changed from freestyle or front crawl- whatever you wanna call it- to backstroke, to breaststroke (my least favorite, and worst) to butterfly. After about 20 laps I was interrupted, the sound of watery laughter filled the room.

"How'd I know I would find you here?" The familiar sound of my girlfriend filled the room.

I glided back to the wall, holding onto the bar used for backstroke, "I dunno? Why would you expect me to be here?"

"See, I think I have the sixth sense or something, I can just tell where people will be! It's amazing!"

"Hardee, har, har." I pulled myself up out of the pool and went to go give her a hug.

"Perseus Jackson don't you dare!" She shrieked, and started to run.

"No running near the pool. Didn't they ever teaching you anything?"

She stopped running, "Sorry Mr. Jackson, I guess I just didn't pay attention."

"Obviously, how could you? I'm here." I struck an absurd pose. Grace laughed and threw me my towel, since I was still dripping wet.

I dried off and shook my hair out, getting rid of the excess water.

"Are you a dog or something?"

"Obviously not, I'm too cute to be a dog."

"You mean you're not cute enough to be a dog. Dogs are adorable!" A grin lit up her face.

"Mhmmmm, sure, that's what I meant." I said sarcastically. "I'll be right back I'm gonna go take a shore and stuff."

"Alright I'll be in the lobby."

"Cool." I walked back into the locker room, straight to my locker. I grabbed my stuff and rinsed the chlorine off quickly in the showers. I changed into my regular clothes and held my socks and my shoes in my hands since the floor was wet.

I walked into the lobby barefoot, and the receptionist glared at me. I smirked at her, sitting down on the geometrically patterned bench. Grace was on her phone in the area between the two doors. One led outside and the other was practically pointless, it made a small room for wiping your shoes off and putting umbrellas.

I quickly put my shoes on and walked over to Grace, hugging her waist from the side. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a purple unbuttoned flannel over a periwinkle tank top. She was wearing high-tops that matched her flannel and tank top.

"What's the plan for today?"

"Jason and Piper want to go out on a double date. So we're gonna watch a movie and then go out to Uno's"

"Sounds good. I'm glad you remember all this stuff, without you I'd be lost."

"I know!" She teased

I made a face at her and she laughed, "Wait," I paused, "How'd you get here?"

"I drove" she deadpanned.

"Well can I drive? Please? I walked here!" I begged.

"Whatever." she handed me the keys.

"Thanks, you're the best girlfriend ever."

"Trust me, I know."

"I take the comment back, the best girlfriend in the world has humility."

"You're hilarious."

"I know, which is why I win the prize for the best boyfriend ever."

We stepped into the car and I turned the car on and put it in reverse, backing out of the parking spot.

"So we're going to the closest movie theater?"

"Yeah, I think that's what they said, lemme text Piper to check."

She checked her phone and texted something really quickly. "Yeah, so we're watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

"Oh yeah, I heard that was good. People said it was hilarious and really sad."

I pulled up to the movie theater and we went inside.

"Jason!" I called.

"Hey, you want some popcorn?" Jason called back

I looked at Grace, she shook her head no, "No thanks. But a small Cherry Coke and Sour Patch Kids would be great."

We went into the movie theater and ate our snacks, pretty much finishing it during the previews.

After the movie I saw Grace was crying. Without meaning to, I smile crossed my face, and I tried, but failed, to stop it before someone noticed.

"Percy, why're you smiling?"

"Huh, what? No reason, Piper."

"Mhm, sure. That's what they all say."

"That was so sad, don't you think?" Grace said, placing her arm around my waist.

"Um... sure." A small laugh escaped my mouth.

"You're laughing at me aren't you?"

"No, why would I be doing that?" I slid into the car.

"No, you're not sitting in the driver seat, this time, I'm driving."

"You can't drive if you don't have the keys!" I teased.

"So first you laugh at me, then you argue with me to drive my car? What kind of boyfriend are you?"

"You know why I wanted to drive you?"


"So we could have this conversation."


"You're accusing me of being a liar, you better look in the mirror. And throughout this argument we have made our way to Uno's"

"Whatever." Grace stalked out of the car, slamming the door behind her. I gave her a small crooked smile and she playfully glared back at me.

I walked up to her and gave her a short kiss, running into the restaurant, my girlfriend chasing me.

"Hi, we're here, well my girlfriend's coming, with some people already inside the restaurant... oh, there they are! Hey! Jace, Piper." They waved back, "See, that's them." The waitress stared at me, dumbfounded.

"I'm sorry about him, he's very unprofessional. What he was trying to say is that we have some friends already in the restaurant waiting for us."

"Oh, okay I see, thank you for clarifying. Go right on ahead."

We entered the restaurant and sat down on the booth across from Piper and Jason.

"Hey guyses!"

"Pipes, you do realize that not a word, right?"

"Gracie, you do realize that no one cares, right?"

"Geez, sassy!"

"Break up the cat fight!" I cut in.

"Percy, shut up."

"That wounds me, right here!" I held my hand up to my heart, "My own girlfriend too! I could have never thunk it."

"That's not a word Percy!" Piper said in a bad imitation of Grace.

"Actually, it is."

A smile broke out on my face, "See, I'm smarter than you!"

"Percy, I was always, always, be smarter than you, because you are an idiot."

"Jace, back me up here!"

"Sorry Perce, but she's my girlfriend, I have to defend her."

"Grace?" I cried desperately.

"I'm independent, I need a best friend not a boyfriend."

"Great, so everyone's against me?"



"Pretty Much."

"You guys are terrible friends."

Our waitress came and asked for our orders, we pretty much got pizza and hamburgers and waters.

"Didn't we just eat at the movies?"

"Yeah, but Grace, I'm still hungry." I replied.

"I'm talking to Piper, you're always hungry." A small smile lit up her face.

"Mhm, sure!" I gave her a small hug from the side, and she hugged me back, giving me a small kiss.

"Gosh, no PDA!"

"Um..., Piper?" I asked, "Don't you have boyfriend."

"Yeah, but it's different, watching it , y'know?"

"No, I really don't. I'm not creepy and watch people kiss."

"Neither am I!" She shouted, exasperated. I just smirked at her annoyance.

Our food came and it was silent for a while, since we were hungrily devouring our food. Soon the food was gone from the plates and was nicely tucked in our stomachs.

"That was good don't you think?"

"Yeah, the fries were delicious."

"I agree."

We settled into some kind of comfortable silence, until the waitress came.

"Alright, should we split the bill between us? Like everyone for their own meal?"

"Yeah, that sounds good."

Grace pulled out her money but I took the receipt and put down the cost for her meal and mine.

"Perseus Jackson, I swear, I will rip up your money if you don't let me pay for myself."

"You wouldn't do that!"

"Don't test me Perseus Jackson!"

She had a scary glare on so I gave up and let her pay, "I surrender!"

"Victory is mine!"

"Never!" I snatched her money away and replaced it with mine, giving it to the waitress as she walked by.

"I win! In your face!"

"Don't be immature"

"Says you?"

"Yes, says me. I'm perfectly mature."

"That's why you just stuck your tongue out at me?"

"Exac- Urgh! Jackson! I hate you!"

"No you don't, you love me."

"In your dreams."

"And in my reality."

"You wish."

"I don't have to."

"Guys, you're giving me a headache." Jason cut in.

"She started it."

"No I didn't, you did!"

"Okay. It's settled, you're both unbelievably immature." Piper says.

"Whatever." I resign, "We've got to go anyway."

"Yeah." Grace starts packing up her things and I do the same.

"We should do the same." Jason stated, Piper nodded and started to clean up.

We left the restaurant, got in the car and Grace dropped me off, saying goodbye to my mom.

"Mom, I'm gonna play a video game, okay?"

"Alright sweetie!" She called back. I went into my room and started playing my video game.

SOSOSOSO sorry. I had school and finals and then when school let out I was grounded and I was just being lazy. So it's almost been 2 months and... yeah. I really I have no excuse, so I'm sorry.

I'm planning on updating my next story soon, I have to just write the chapter which shouldn't take a long. So guess what? I'm turning 13 in 4 days! I have really no idea what dating is like or being 16 so I have no idea what the heck Percy does, I just hope I'm getting it right. Also I'm not a guy so I don't know what they do in their free time.