Dear Mabel,

It has been a while since I last saw you. Five days and thirteen hours, exactly. I remember how lil' you felt in my hands, so adorable...

I have come to realise that we can not be togehter...while your family lives! So, I have come with a plan so we can be together, if you kill your brother I'll take care of Stanford! Then we can ellope togehter, wouldn't that be romantic? We could live in the forest and I would take such good care of you. I'll bring plenty of money for us to live on...and if you want I can kill my parents, so our stupid families will never bother us again. This is a good plan don't you think?

Once you've read this it would probably be best if you hid it, we both know what that nosey brother of yours is like! I hope you reply to this, so our plan will be offical.

I love you, more than any money or food or peace in the world.

Love from Lil' Gideon, your ever caring boy friend xxxxxxxxx

PS: If you would like, we should meet up again. There's so many places in Gravity Falls I could take you for dates. We would be like Romeo and Juliet, seeing each other without our cruel families knowing (not that mine would mind) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

First letter, please say in your reviews whether you want me to write more "love letters" or just leaving this as it is. This takes place just after Little Dipper, before Bottomless pit. :)

I'm not putting any of my other stories on hiatus, so don't worry 'bout those ones, mate.

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