Dearest Mabel,

Why have you not written back to me yet?! I have written to you for several weeks now and you still haven't responded! I don't want to get angry with you, darling, but it's hurtful of you to ignore me and not write back. WRITE BACK TO ME!

Anyways, I'll try not to get angry with you, despite it being incredibly unfair, but seriously Mabel, why must you ignore me like this?! Have you lost interest? No of course you haven't! So I hope you have a good excuse, not something stupid like your brothers dying, something like your wrist is broken, because that is one of the very few reasons I can fathom of why you won't write back to me.

But, I'm sure you still want to hear about me, so I'll tell ya doll. I've mostly been making plans for my taking over Gravity Falls, with you as my queen! Can you just imagine all the power we will have?! Then anyone who has ever troubled you will suffer at my hands! I will see you soon, dear.

Lots and lots of love from,

Lil' Gideon, future king of Gravity Falls

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

He won't give up will he :) So this is just before Dreamscaperers, and if you're wondering why Mabel didn't like use it as a warning with Gideon writing what he did, she doesn't really pay much attention to these letters :D Next letter will have to be after Gideon rises as it follows straight on from dreamscaperers and I don't think he would have bothered to write any letters in Gideon rises as he was busy with you know what :)

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Also, sorry to say but you can probably only expect one or two more letters :(