Dear sweet Mabel, My kind hearted queen,

Why have you not written back to me? I have written you so many romantic letters of my passion and admiration for you and yet you still haven't replied. I wish you would, just hearing your name makes me more...Gleeful!

I would like to reveal to you that I have a knew plan to take the shack from your wicked Great-uncle, once I uncover the secrets of this town, we can rule it side by side. I plan to steal the deed to the shack and take ownership of it, it's perfect! Though, my sweet, please try keep this between us two. If your family found this letter, my plans could be ruined.

Anyways, I will be seeing you soon precious. I love you with a passion stronger than...well the point is I love you, more than anything.

Love and kisses from

Lil' Gideon

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yeah sorry I hiatused this for a while, but it's back :) Due to kind reviews I just couldn't keep you waiting any longer so viola! As you can imagine this is probably write around "Boyz crazy" time so I think they'll be two or three more letters I'll add then prehaps this'll finish!

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