Hello, again!

Because some of you suggested it, I've decided to post the prompts I've written on tumblr here. You guys are so persuasive! :D

These prompts can range from post-canon, post-war, AU, time travel, pre-Shippuden, etc. I'll write the genres and ratings and such (though as of right now, none of my prompts are above a T rating-partly because I haven't received any prompts calling for such things and yeah). And if you guys want to send in a prompt, don't hesitate to send me a message on my tumblr (ghostofyou2 . tumblr .com)

Anyway, just another note. I started writing prompts in April, so I guess this will be a a fun way to see how my writing style has changed (I've become so much more verbose, which isn't a bad thing, just interesting).


Date: 4/20/13
Rating: T
Drama, Romance
Prompt: Post war, Sakura asks Sasuke why he changed sides, Sasuke tells her about Itachi, since she doesn't know

"Just tell me where it hurts."

But Sasuke only glowered at Sakura as she tied her hair out of her face. As if he was going to admit to her that—

"Damn it, Sakura."

Sasuke's jaw tightened in discomfort as she gently removed the bandages from his torso, causing Sakura to pause. She looked up at Sasuke and raised her eyebrow, shaking her head before she proceeded to heal his wounds. She didn't say anything, but as her chakra flowed into his body, Sasuke couldn't help but observe the kunoichi at work.

Sakura was definitely not the same girl he left in Konoha. The last few years had done her well. She was grown up now, more mature, more… womanly. And she was incredibly stronger than she was before. It didn't take a genius to figure that out. He could feel it in her chakra.

But something about her was different. It was the way she didn't swoon when he walked into the medical tent. It was the way she stuck her tongue out as she concentrated on her work and not on him. It was the way she didn't hesitate before punching him and then subsequently pulling him into a tearful embrace when he joined Konoha at the battlefield. It was the way—

"Sasuke-kun?" Sasuke blinked a few times. Fresh bandages replaced the old ones. He didn't even realize he had been staring. Looking away, Sasuke cleared his throat and grunted. But from the corner of his eye, he could see Sakura was staring at him, a question on her lips.

"What made you do it?" she asked quietly after a few moments.

"Do what?"

Sakura took the soiled bandages and walked over to the trashcan to throw them away. Her back was facing him. "What made you change sides?" Beat. "Don't get me wrong. I am so—so happy; it's just—it's just Naruto-kun and I have been trying for so long …" Sakura paused and turned to face him. "Why now?"

Sasuke stared at Sakura blankly for a few moments. " … my brother."

"Your," Sakura looked at him, puzzled, "brother? I don't under—"

"So Naruto didn't tell you." It wasn't a question. Sasuke sighed and ran his hand through his hair. Maybe it was better she didn't know. But when he saw her expression—confused, hurt—Sasuke knew he had no choice but to tell her. It wouldn't be fair otherwise.

So taking a deep breath, Sasuke told her everything. He told her about the Uchiha's planed coup. About Danzo's role in the massacre. About Itachi's sacrifice for peace. About his meeting with the previous four Hokages. About Harashima. About Madara. Everything.

But as he told her, he could see Sakura's confusion slowly transform into something he couldn't decipher—shock? horror? Either way, he should have known. "And that's why," Sasuke said roughly as he stood up and walked towards the tent's exit, "I came back."

But as his hand was about to open the flap he suddenly felt Sakura's arms wrap around him. At first Sasuke stiffened at the sudden physical contact, but when looked over his shoulder and saw Sakura smiling into his back, he relaxed. There was something in the way she embraced him that felt familiar, that felt warm.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun," she said. "Thank you for telling me."