Twenty Years Later- Bunbunmaru Spirit News archives

Foreword by Aya Shameimaru

Greetings, beloved readers of the Bunbunmaru Spirit News! It sure has been a while, hasn't it? I remember the very day that Hatate and I put aside our differences as if it were yesterday... what happened again? Uh... something about humans and that country in the outside world... what was its name again?

Oh yeah, that's it, Germany. Huh? Hatate, why are you typing absolutely everything I say? This thing is going to end up like that crazy lizard youkai's books if you keep that up! Yes, I know typewriters can't erase what's already been written!

Anyway, it's been twenty years since the Bunbunmaru Spirit News' first issue, which means that the collaborative efforts of Miss Himekaidou and I have reached their China Jubilee! And I... er... we figured that the best way to make more money... I mean, celebrate this magnificent milestone would be to provide you, the loyal patrons of our paper, with an archive containing the highlights of the stories we've covered throughout our twenty years of collaboration!

All of the very best stories are here! Stories of scandal, gossip, and... uh... other important stuff! As devoted providers of information, both Hatate and I have always felt it is our duty to bring this information to you, and once we joined forces, we were unstoppable!

I would also like to devote this foreword to a certain Mister Duwee Davis the second, and would like to give him a special message...

Ha! You thought you could keep me out of the books, didn't you, Mister Davis? You left me out of the Epilogue beyond an end-of-chapter note, and didn't even mention me in Reimu's Successor! Well, ha! Now I'm the star of this book! In your face, Duwee Davis!

Huh? What do you mean that's 'like, too meta'? Of course the audience won't be turned off by such flagrant breaking of the fourth wall! Anyway, for all you other readers, I hope you enjoy the very best of the stories Hatate and I have documented during our many years together.

That sounded a little gay, sorry about that, Hatate...

Typist's Notes: Like, this is Hatate Himekaidou, typing up Aya's super-crazy foreword! As well as this archive being a compilation, there'll, like, also be present-day commentary on the stories at the end of them, by either me or Aya, depending on who feels like providing commentary at the time!

Because we're like, so in sync and totally not former rivals, we'll, like, not bother typing 'Aya's notes' or 'Hatate's notes', because we aim to make our styles like, totally one and the same! I mean, we totally have the same vibe, right?

Oh, this archive is gonna be super! Like, totally worth the two thousand yen you spent on it! Like, all proceeds go to the 'Feed a starving journalist' fund, which is like, a very noble cause, so you can, like, feel happy that you've helped a starving journalist too!

You're so awesome! Like, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy this compilation!