Twenty Years Later- Bunbunmaru Spirit News archives

Epilogue by Hatate Himekaidou

Like, and that's all for now! Like, the only regret we have is that we didn't include more articles in this archive, at least not for public distribution. But I'm sure that the articles that ended up here were like, totally the best of the best, with no petty issues anywhere, no siree!

Hey, Aya, why are you giving me a funny look? What, all of my articles were totally important, like, who knows who might want to see dating service logs from seventeen years ago? It's fun! Shut up! Hey, you're not typing this, are you? Damn you, Aya!

Anyway, like, me and Aya have been working together on this for, like, twenty years now, and it's like, super good to revisit the moments and articles that have helped shape this newspaper to be what it is today! Stop laughing, Aya, it's not funny, I'm trying to be all nostalgic here!

So, like, I hope you enjoyed the articles and, like, keep reading the Bunbunmaru Spirit News well into the future, too. Twenty years is but a blink of a tengu's eye, and hopefully any mountain-dwelling patronage should stick around with us longer than that. Like, tengu, evil spirit or human, though, it doesn't matter what species you are, if you buy our newspaper and support our awesome work, you're awesome too! We love you guys!

Anyway, like, for now, I'll totally see you in the next issue! This is Hatate Himekaidou, like, saying, thanks a lot, all you guys!

Typist's notes: How does Hatate type everything the way she speaks? Her lexicon is beyond insufferable to hear as it is! Arrrgh!

Oh, I mean... my co-worker Hatate is a wonderful person to work with, and I hope to continue working with her for many more years. Just like Hatate, I would like the thank all readers for your continued patronage.

From Hatate and myself alike, thanks a lot.

Signed, Pure and Honest Shameimaru.