A/N: In this world, there are two types of people; Dominant or Submissive. Dominant people need to find a submissive partner and submissive people need to find a dominant partner, that's just how this world works. Gender isn't an issue on this planet because both males and females can get pregnant as long as they're the submissive type. My mind works in many ways, don't judge.

Warnings: Yaoi (boy x boy), swearing, Mpreg

Chapter 1: Memories

By: Lalaious

The day passed on just like any other day. The sun shone bright high in the sky, the seagulls squawked begging for food and the costumers were as needy as ever. The pool side was littered with foreigners and locals soaking up the sun and then there were the girls who were showing off their submissive side with their almost naked bodies hoping to find themselves an attractive mate. A huge resort sat directly behind the gorgeous pool. This was the place to be if you wanted to be a somebody, yes The Rorona Resort was the place to be. Many foreigners would pay loads of money to stay a weekend at this resort just to spot the many celebrities that visit. One of the celebrities that often took time out of his busy schedule was Zoro Rorona, the son of the man who owned this luxurious paradise and also a world famous swordsman. Tall, muscular, tan, and just drop dead gorgeous. Almost all the submissives couldn't stop the drool falling from their mouths.

Sanji also being a submissive, couldn't help himself from staring. Sanji eyed the currently half naked swordsman who was just standing beside the ocean in a pair of swim trunks that fit perfectly to his well sculpted body. The blond haired teen quickly tucked his empty drink tray under his arm as his boss walked up beside him.

"Sanji, that there is the son of our head boss," he nodded his head towards Zoro who had waded out quite far into the ocean. "I want you to keep an eye on him. You're our best server and if he needs anything, and I mean anything you will give it to him. Understand me?" Sanji's boss gave a stern look as he nodded his head and looked out into the ocean.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stop looking at the dark tan skin that was now sparkling in the sun as water droplets slowly fell down that muscled chest. Green hair bobbed up and down, farther and father until it disappeared from sight. Sanji slowly blinked as realization hit him. The green haired God was gone. "Where the hell could he go, he was just in the ocea- Shit." Sanji dropped the drink tray, quickly threw his shoes to the ground and ran into the ocean. His boss would probably kill him if the blond let the son of the owner die on his watch. When the water came up to his chest, the blond began swimming. Even if he tried to stand up, he could no longer touch the mud below him.

It was when he started feeling tired that he noticed the green head bobbing up and down, swallowing water he quickly made his way over to the moss head and snatched him by the waist pulling him to shore. He was tired and panting but he was determined to save this man's life. By the time Sanji got to shore, there was already a large crowd of bystanders watching the scene unfold before their stunned eyes. The blond carefully laid the limp man on the hot sand and leaned in. In order to work at this resort, every employee was trained with CPR and first aid. Sanji knew what he had to do. He slowly leaned down where their noses almost touched and took a deep breath. Warm soft lips touched cold wet ones and Sanji was immediately pulled down by the thought-to-be passed out man.

Zoro opened his eyes to see shocked blue eyes staring back at him. Their lips slowly parted and the audience let out a sigh of relief when they saw the rich green head alive and awake. Zoro sat up slowly and gazed into the still shocked blue eyes. "Will you go to dinner with me?"

Sanji couldn't believe what he was hearing. "E-excuse me?"

"Will you go to dinner with me? It'll be my way of thanking you for saving my life." Zoro clarified before standing up and helping the blond up.

"I guess." Sanji was very confused. Why would a rich man, who could have anything and anyone in his life, ask Sanji to dinner. Sanji was just an ordinary 18 year old who was working to pay off his rent. He couldn't afford much so Zoro's question took the blond by surprise.

"I'll pick you up at seven then."


Three weeks have gone by since that fateful day when they met at the beach. They had gone on a few other dates over the past three weeks but nothing sexual would ever happen, Sanji just looked so innocent that he didn't want to ruin that. Zoro had learned that Sanji was working at his father's resort to pay rent. Even though Sanji was the best server, he was only paid minimum wage. He always had trouble paying off his rent in time and was threatened several times by the land lord that he would be kicked out if it ever happened again although the threats were never carried out.

It was late at night when Zoro was walking through the town looking for a good bar to stop off at, get drunk and maybe get lucky. He really liked Sanji but Zoro didn't think anything would happen between them. He was passing one bar when he looked inside, he noticed a mop of blond hair sitting at one of the stools in front of the bar tender. Before he even knew it, his legs were bringing him inside the bar and sat beside the blond. The swordsman looked to the bar tender "Vodka, straight up." He was hoping to get drunk fast. He looked to the blond who looked like he was having his fifth shot of straight up alcohol, "Rough night?" he asked and only got a head nod in reply.

After the blond consumed his fifth shot, he looked over to the swordsman. "I couldn' make rent this month. I got evicted. Bastards." He slurred as he was moving onto his sixth shot, he always was a light weight when it came to consuming alcohol.

"Come stay with me." Zoro blurted out before he could even think things through.

Sanji smiled a lopsided drunk smile. "Sure, but you need to get drunk first so I ain' the only one smashed." He replied then took another shot.


The sunlight shone through the open crack of the curtain hitting two naked bodies curled up together sleeping peacefully. Blue eyes slowly opened and winced at the unwanted bright light. "Damn hangovers." he muttered before slowly sitting up. He winced when he felt a sharp pain from his lower back. "What happened last night?" The blond was startled when a body started moving beside him. It felt like slow motion when he looked down to see himself naked and then beside him to see a mop of green hair and determined that the swordsman was nude as well. "What the fuck!" he yelled as he pulled the covers over himself in an attempt to hide his body from the now opened his of the swordsman.

"Shut up will you? I have a fucking headache." he murmured before stuffing his face into the cool side of his pillow.

Sanji was outraged by the lack of concern coming from the rich hungover bastard. "Want to tell me what we did last night?" The blond muttered under his breath in an attempt to hold in his anger.

"I found you at the bar, you told me you got evicted, we got drunk and then I brought you back here and we ended up having sex." Zoro said casually as if talking about the weather.

The blond stood up trying to hide the wince he made and walked over to the bathroom. Zoro flinched when he heard the bathroom door slam shut. He was about to fall asleep but couldn't when a loud shout came from the bathroom. "Why did you cum inside me?!" Zoro couldn't help laughing before he stood up and walked into the bathroom in nothing but what he was born with. He turned on the shower and brought the protesting blond with him.

"Stay with me, at least until you can find a place with cheap rent you can afford." Zoro mumbled into the blond's neck after he positioned himself behind Sanji and wrapped his arms around the blond's mid section.

Sanji wanted to protest but he couldn't, he just wasn't able to say no. He slowly nodded and turned around in the swordsman's arms to place a chaste kiss upon the warm lips.


It had now been two weeks since Sanji took up residence at Zoro's penthouse suit. Nothing had happened between the two males during this time. Sanji had paid his way into Zoro's penthouse by cooking breakfast and dinner for the rich man everyday. One night after Zoro came home from doing a round around the resort to make sure everyone were doing their jobs properly and efficiently, he sat down at the small table where a nice gourmet meal sat slowly cooling. "I'm going on a business trip for the next month. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning." The green haired man declared.

Sanji couldn't help but feel a little hurt that he was going to be left alone in this large penthouse suit for an entire month "Why are you telling me? Not like we're a couple or anything like that." he replied wishing they really were a couple. In the past few days, Sanji fell hard. He fell hard in love with the green haired rich bastard that took his virginity and left him wanting more.

The rest of the meal was quiet. Sanji cleaned the dishes after dinner and soon went to sleep ignoring the hard stares from the older male.

It had now been a month since Zoro left on his business trip and he was expected to be back the next day. Sanji flew up off of the couch and ran to the bathroom. He emptied the contents of his stomach into the toilet that was now face to face with him. He felt nauseous but he didn't eat anything strange the other day so it couldn't possibly be food poisoning. His eyes went wide with realization. "No no no. Not that." he left the bathroom and quickly got changed. He flew out of the penthouse and went straight down the stairs. He ignored all of the stares he got from the employees and the guests. The blond left the resort on the bus and came to a stop at the nearest drug store. He glanced over all of the devices that could change his life forever depending on the outcome. He bought the cheapest one and ran all the way back to the resort. It had been so long since he went for a good run. Most of the time Sanji ejoyed running but this time it was not enjoyable. He reached the resort and ignored his manager telling him that he was late for work. He ran back up the stares and into the privacy of the penthouse.

The blond ran into the bathroom not even bothering to shut the door. He read the simple instructions and them completed them. After he was done his business he sat at the kitchen looking at the clock waiting for the three minutes before he looked on the screen and saw the outcome of his and Zoro's sexual engagement. Positive. That's all he needed to know before running back into the bathroom and began emptying his stomach once again.

It had been two days since Sanji found out he was carrying a child and Zoro was a day late from coming home. The blond had been fired two days ago from not showing up to work and he was now worried about providing anything for his child. He really needed to tell Zoro because it was the green haired man's fault for not wearing a condom or pulling out.

Sanji was lying on the couch with rings around his eyes from the lack of sleep. The door opened and the blond immediately bolted up right and waited for Zoro to enter. What he was not expecting was to find Zoro entering the penthouse with a pink haired girl attached to his lips. When the two were locked face sucking Sanji cleared his throat. Zoro looked surprise that Sanji was still living in his penthouse. "I thought you would have found an apartment by now."

Sanji was shocked. He thought that he and Zoro had something, he even fell in love with the green haired man in such a short amount of time. With being pregnant, Sanji's hormones were in full scale. He had tears running down his cheeks by this time. "I'm sorry for intruding." he mumbled before putting on his shoes and leaving all his clothes behind. He had enough money to get him to New York and maybe a cheap rent. He ran out of the penthouse and down the stairs he heard Zoro calling after him but he refused to listen. The blond was lucky there was already a cab waiting outside. He quickly got in and told the man to take him to the airport. The man complied and began to drive away. Sanji looked back and saw Zoro standing there looking lost. "I can do this by myself." he mumbled under his breath as he held his flat stomach in his hands.