Greetings to all my Palladians. I'd like to preface my message by thanking all my readers, both of a single story and me in general. Whether you're a lurker, a browser or a regular reviewer, I am honoured that you consider the inane ramblings of a semi-insane fanboy worth your time. In particular a shout out to the following users:

FullParagon - You really are my inspiration. Keep doing what you do.

Follower38 and Neodammarurg the Destroyer - You guys are my best bros. If you haven't already, go check out our story 'Warframe Effect' of which I am co-author and beta.

Mivpus - For all the laughs and support of my work. You are also my best bro.

Raw666 - Sometimes everyone needs a slap upside the head. I appreciate it.

All my other regular reviewers - Sorry I can't remember all your names off the top of my head. Reading a review, even just a single sentence, motivates me to keep writing.

Moving on from the rounds of backslapping and bro-fists, here comes the important part of the message. Thanks mainly to slaps upside the head administered mainly by the aforementioned raw666, I have decided to focus my attentions on a single story until said story is complete. Although many of you may be somewhat disgruntled your story isn't picked, I promise I will get round to all of them. If it's currently on my page it will be finished at some point in the future.

Now the uber-important part. I have put up a poll on my profile to decide which of my stories is going to get my attention first. The poll will be open UNTIL CHRISTMAS DAY at which point the order of the choices will be the order I focus on my stories. Better hurry up and vote for your favourite. Once again, thank you so much to all my Palladians. Internet cookies for all.

- Palladius


Thank you all for making Space Race my most popular fic ever with over five hundred reviews at the time of writing. A lot of you are really keen on my story but I am also aware several people have become disillusioned with certain events in the story, even going so far as to stop reading. This is why I have made the decision to finish the Reapers arc, of which the end is in sight, and then initiate a full comprehensive rewrite, adding significant amounts of new material and trimming away parts that didn't really fit in a bid to make the quality of the story more consistent. This is why I am asking for your input. If you are reading this, there is something you like about the Space Race, and there is probably something you're not so keen on. This is your chance to make a difference. Want more Tali? Let me know. Want more sexy time? Let me know. Hate a certain character? Let me know. It is my mission to make a unique story everyone can enjoy, and in order to do that I need you to tell me what you want out of The Space Race. Drop me a PM or leave a review and I will get right to it. Provided, of course, that TSR wins the poll fight.

- Palladius