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"Sam! Sam! Sam! Guess what?" Cat ran happily into the two's room that night.
"Robbie told you he loved you?"
"No! Robbie told me he- Wait how did you know?"
"I'm magic." The next day was Saturday, and Sam and Cat had different children to look after today; Twins: Lauren and Elisha. Sam and Cat ate breakfast as they prepared for the day. Cat was eating a bowl of Chocolate Triangles – her favourite cereal – whereas Sam was eating ham. "Are you going out with the nerd today?" She asked with a mouth full of ham.
"You mean Robbie?"
"No, I'm not. He's gone to visit his mum."
"So you'll help with the twins?"
"I always help-"
"No you don't." Sam interrupted. "Lately it's just been me. You've been too busy on you little dates and-"
"But I love Robbie!"
"Yeah, you love him so much you leave all the work to me! Cat, we're struggling to pay the rent as it is!" Sam stressed. "We need as much money as we can get to-"
"We're getting just as much money as we were before!"
"I know that! But we're spending it on more, and the rent is getting harder to pay!" Sam was almost in tears. "Look, Cat. I'm sorry for getting all angry and chiz, but I'm just really worried and-"
"Please just-"
"And then we won't be able to babysit anymore. I love it here, Cat! I really don't want to have to-"
"Sam, calm down!"
"I can't! What if they kick us out? I'll have to go back to Seattle and I have no-one to-"
"What about Freddie?"
"Oh, don't you even MENTION Freddie!"
"What do you have against-"
"Nothing!" Sam stressed. "I really don't-"
"I know what we can do!"
"Cat, we're not starting a unicorn-riding business,."
"Not that!" Cat giggled. "Robbie!"
"What about Robbie?" Sam groaned.
"Well, he's struggling to pay his rent too, so he could live with us!"
"Don't you think it's a bit early on in the relationship to move in together?"
"I love him!" Cat repeated. "And it's nothing to do with us, anyway. It's more about money stuff."
"I guess we could try it. But only because it could help to pay the rent."

"Okay, kids! Who wants to do some painting today?" Sam said as the twins arrived.
"I do!" Elisha grinned.
"I do!" Lauren copied.
"Okay… so. We need to empty the storage room first."
Sam, Cat, Elisha and Lauren all emptied the storage room. There were boxes, teddies, photographs and even a life-sized giraffe. Once empty, the room looked a lot bigger than before.
"What colour do you think Robbie would like it?"
"Pink!" Cat squealed.
"Pink? Are you sure?"
"How about we do it blue?"
"Because that's the only colour I bought!"

"Elisha, you're going to paint the frame bed."
"Okay!" She replied.
"Okay!" Lauren copied.
"No, Lauren, you're going to paint the drawers."
Lauren didn't say anything. "Lauren, is that okay?"
"She won't say anything unless I've said it first." Elisha explained.
"She won't say anything unless I've said it first." Lauren copied.
"Okay…" Cat said. "Lauren, you just paint the drawers."
"Remember not to take your aprons off until you're finished!"

"This is looking amazing!" Cat squealed. "Robbie's going to love it!"
"Have you even asked him yet?"
"Well, no, but I'm sure he will stay."

"Sure, I'll stay." Robbie agreed when he arrived at the house later that night.
Sam groaned.
"Are you sure Sam is okay with it? Because if not-"
"No, no, no! She's fine with it. Aren't you Sam?"
"Fine." Sam agreed. "As long as you bring your own stuff."
"Of course. I couldn't leave all my galaxy wars stuff behind!"
"Urg!" Sam groaned. "You too?"

"Sam, can you help me carry this?"
"No." Sam said as she laid out flat on a couch. "I have done way too much work for Sam Puckett today."
Sam and Cat were finishing off their Sunday by helping Robbie to move some of his furniture out of his house. Well, Cat was, anyway. Sam was getting a vibe from Robbie. A vibe of nerdiness. She knew that vibe all too well. Freddie.
Now, Sam was really getting annoyed at how much Freddie was popping into her mind. This wasn't right. She didn't think about Carly this much, did she?
The only thing she could do was sit and wait until the phase was over.