Jess was working her night shift at the diner she worked at near her new school. She was wiping down tables and looked outside at the full moon with upset eyes. She looked away and went back to scrubbing the egg residue off of the table.

It's been six months since the incident with Jackson ended and four months since Jess graduated from Beacon Hills High School. She couldn't forget when she walked up onto the stage and accepted her diploma and how when she looked at the audience, a familiar werewolf was standing in the tree line. Once Jess arrived at school she felt like she was somehow free from everything, but she missed Scott, Isaac, and Stiles all the time…and Derek.

Once Jess finished cleaning tables, she went behind the counter and put menus away when she got a familiar feeling in her chest. She closed her eye gripped her chest and backed up into the wall. The pain increased more and more until Jess fell to the ground in unbearable pain. Then she opened her red alpha eyes and began to see whatever the person in trouble is seeing. She could barely make out blurry figures slashing at the person in distress. Then she could feel the pain the person was going through, feeling pain in her sides and then her neck. It continued for several minutes before the pain subsided and Jess fell onto the floor breathing heavily. She caught her breath and then looked out the window at the full moon. "Isaac?" she said.

After her shift ended a few hours later, Jess sat at the counter staring at her cell phone screen, debating whether or not to call Derek and Scott. She exited the contact page and went to her photos, scrolling until she found the one she was looking for…a photo of Derek.

"I know you want to forget…but every now and then could you try to remember us?" Jess replayed in her head. It was one of the last things Derek said to her since when she was in Beacon Hills. She switched her phone off and put it in her pocket before getting up, grabbing her jacket, and returning to her dorm for the night.

The next day, Jess was called to the main office first thing. She went to the office building and into the super intendant's office where she was waiting for her. "Jessica… good morning." Her super intendant greeted as Jess walked in. "Hi Mrs. Riley." Jess replied, sitting down.

"Jess I have a proposition for you…" Mrs. Riley told her.

"What would that be?" Jess asked.

"You finished at the top of your class in the summer program and you were accepted here because of you incredible high school achievements." Mrs. Riley explained. "If you want since you are here studying to be a high school English teacher, you can job shadow a teacher for one semester if you want to."

"But what about my studies here? I'm only a freshman." Jess questioned.

"I'll have your teachers set up online account for you where you may complete your assignments on the computer." Mrs. Riley told her. "So what do you say?"

"What school would I be working at?" Jess asked her with a smile.

"Beacon Hills High School." Mrs. Riley answered.

Jess's smile disappeared and sat back in her chair. "I'm gonna have to decline." Jess said.

"Jessica this is a really great opportunity." Mrs. Riley reminded her.

"I know, but I wasn't really planning on going back to Beacon Hills…" Jess explained.

Mrs. Riley sat back in her chair. "Well the offer stands until the end of the week so if you change your mind before then, just come by." She told her student. Jess nodded and stood up before leaving.

For the rest of the day, Jess was distracted by the opportunity she was offered that morning Mrs. Riley gave her about job shadowing a teacher back in Beacon Hills. She wanted to go, but she knew going back would mean seeing Scott and Stiles and everyone else she's been trying to get away from.

That afternoon in the diner, Jess was taking orders at the counter from students when she looked outside and saw a familiar face stepping out of the car…it was Allison Argent. Jess gave the orders to the cook as Allison walked into the diner and to the counter. "Jessica." She said. Jess looked at her as she began making coffee. "What are you doing here Allison?" she asked. "You need to come back." Allison said.

"What?" Jess asked.

"You have to come back to Beacon Hills." Allison said.

"Why would I want to go back?"

"Because something is happening and we need you there."

Jess turned towards her. "I left for a reason." She reminded Allison. "And there's a better reason for coming back." Allison argued. Jess looked at the kitchen. "Charlie I'm taking my break." She called back. Jess walked out from behind the counter and told Allison to come outside with her. "Do you forget why I left?" she barked at Allison.

"No, but last night something happened to Isaac-"Allison explained.

"Is Isaac alright?" Jess interrupted.

"He's in the hospital, but he's fine. Stiles said it was a werewolf attack though and something is going on. Things I can't explain, but bottom line, we need you back there."

Jess crossed her arms and gave Allison a hard look. "I can't." Jess said shaking her head. "I can't go back."

"What about the others?" Allison said.

"Look I don't want them getting hurt, but what difference would it be if I'm there?"

"They need you Jess." Allison said. "Find another werewolf." Jess told her, turning to leave. Then Allison pulled something out of her pocket and grabbed Jess's arm. Jess turned around and Allison grabbed her hand, putting the object in her hand. Jess looked at the object in her hand… the necklace Derek once gave her. "Where did you get this?" Jess demanded. "There your pack Jess, they need you." Allison said going back to her car. Jess looked at the necklace in her hand and at the symbol. "You'll always have a pack." Derek's voice echoed in her head. She closed her fingers around it before going back into the diner.

Later that evening, Jess was lying in bed looking at the necklace, staring at the symbol and running her fingers over it. Then she turned it over and saw an engraving she never noticed. She sat up and read it aloud quietly. "Te amo." She said. She racked her brain for what it meant and then knew what it meant. It translated to I love you in Latin.

The next morning, Jess walked straight to the main office and into the super intendant's office. "Mrs. Riley." She said. "I'll do the job shadow job."