Hello my readers of mine! Long time no see! Unfortunately no this is not the alert that will tell you the sequel to Rereading Pages is up and ready for your viewing. I am not going to start the sequel until I finish one of the two stories I am currently working on so it may be a bit yet. I also wanted to watch the episodes first to make a better plan for the sequel. NOW I have been writing for you guys for over a year and am now calling for your help. I have no idea what to make the title for the sequel. So review or PM me suggestions and whichever one is the best I will make the title for the story. The person whose title wins will get a shout out by me and credited for the title. Also I am now on Tumblr! My username is Leashzilla35 so go follow me! I follow back everyone who follows me! I really need your guys' help with the title though! The contest or whatever you wanna call it will be open until I start the story!

Stay Beautiful and Weird!