Mako's Message: And here we are again. Before you start reading I want to remind you that these drabbles can be based on any cannon. Movie, Comic, PC, whatever. For example, in the comics, and PC, Mindy has blue eyes. You'll know why I point this out later.
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#16 - Heredity

Dave stood in the kitchen, making lunch for himself and Mindy. He looked over his shoulder at her, reclining into the corner of the couch, one knee propped up with her wrist resting on it and holding her latest book. He smiled before turning back to the tomatoes he was slicing, "Ya know Mindy, we really need to get you glasses."

"What?" Mindy said looking over at him, "The hell are you talking about? I don't need glasses, my scores at the range are better than ever."

He chuckled and said, "Yeah, they are, but you're holding that book about as far away from you as physically possible."

Mindy scoffed, "This is just how I like to sit when I read."

Dave snorted and strode over to her, snatching the book out of her hand, "Hey!" she said trying to spring to her feet but getting pushed back by Dave.

He flipped the book back a few pages then held it out to her, about a foot away from her face, "What's the first line?"

Mindy glowered at him, "You're being an ass. Gimmie my book back."

Dave yanked the book back as she reached for it, now holding it against his chest, "Now what does the first line say?"

Mindy glared at him for a moment, then turned her head sharply to the side, "Shit."

# 17- Blue and Green*

Dave and Mindy finished laughing over a stupid joke, and Dave took a sip of his cocoa. Mindy however, set her cup down and hopped off the table, grabbed a handful of knives from another table, and stood near the wall, ready to throw them at the man shape target across the room.

"Break over already?" he asked.

"This IS my break," she replied before throwing a knife into the target's head. She looked over at Dave's questioning expression and smirked back at him, holding up a single knife, "I'm only throwing them one at a time."

Dave couldn't help smiling back at her. Mindy really came alive when they were training. She was talkative, playful, vibrant, and her eyes had a definite sparkle to them. The complete opposite of everything she seemed to be at school. He watched her throw the knives one at a time into the target, each landing nearly on top of the other. He could see the pride and joy she felt in her...eyes... huh.

"You have green eyes," he said.

Mindy stopped before throwing her last knife and blinked as she lowered her arm, "Uh, yeah. So?"

"Oh, it's I nothing. I just thought you had blue eyes for some reason." He raised his mug towards his lips as she pulled her arm back to throw again, "And it means I can't marry you."

The knife slipped out of Mindy's hand and flew up to the ceiling, where it bounced off and shot back to the floor where it bounced again before skittering across the floor. "Jesus!" Dave said, pulling his feet up and away.

"What the fuck was that about?" Mindy demanded, her face a mixture of shock, confusion, and annoyance.

After a second, Dave replied, "Blue eyes are recessive, so my Mom made me promise not to marry a girl who didn't have blue eyes so I could pass mine on." as Mindy retrieved the miss-thrown knife.

Mindy stepped back up to throw, shaking her head, "So? Like I'd ever marry you anyway. Pfft" and threw the knife again. This time it struck the target, a good six inches from the others.

#18 -Angels and Demons

Frank D'Amico looked around the classroom and drummed his fingers on Mindy's shoulder, "This is boring."

"It's necessary," Damon Mccready said from his seat on Mindy's opposite shoulder, "She needs to pass her classes."

"She's got better things to do."

"No, her mission is over. It's time for her to lead a normal life."

Mindy continued working on her test, oblivious to the conversation. She wasn't, however, oblivious to the boy poking her in the back of her head with the eraser end of his pencil.

She raised her eyes and glared at the blackboard as Frank twisted around to look at the boy, "We really need to kick this little shit's ass."

"No. Mindy's already been suspended twice this year because of you. She get's in another fight and she'll be expelled."

"Yeah? So? She doesn't need this. Think of all the punks we could wipe out without this taking up all out goddamned time."

"What about Marcus?"

"Pfft. He doesn't appreciate her for what she is. She's a gifted individual and he's trying to turn her into just another carbon copy."

"She needs to complete school, Frank. Whatever she does afterwards, she'll need a job. At least as a cover."

"What the hell does she need a-" the boy behind her jabbed her in the back of the head with his pencil again. She whipped around and glared murder at the boy.

"Mindy," the teacher said, "eyes front."

"You can't seriously want her to keep putting up with this."

"No, but she has to."

"Ah! Finally!" Frank said gleefully as Mindy penciled in her final answer, "Now, what shall we occupy the rest of our time in this cell with? Strategies for taking out the drug den? New interrogation techniques? New ways to kill and display the bodies? Or maybe some of those delicious fantasies about Dave?"

"Hey!" Damon said, "It is completely inappropriate for her to be thinking about him like that. Not only is her her best friend and partner, she is WAY too young to be thinking about those things."

"'Inappropriate'? 'Too young'? Ha! You're one to talk. You didn't seem too worried about that when you were turning her into an assassin."

"That was for a greater-" the boy poked her again, only this time with the sharpened end. Damon turned to look at him, then smiled up at Mindy, "Kick his ass, honey."

Mindy reached down into her backpack and grabbed her biology book, then spun, swinging it spine first into the side of the boy's head, knocking him and his chair over.

"YEAH!" Frank cheered, then, jabbing a finger down at the boy, yelled, "Now stomp on his face!"

#19 -"I don't want to see her with any guy"

Marcus paced the kitchen, thinking.

He liked Dave, to a degree, but his presence in Mindy's life concerned him. Especially now that she was getting older. He knew he could trust him to do whatever he could to make sure no harm came to her...but that was part of the problem.

Girlfriend or no girlfriend, superheros or not, Dave and Mindy were way too close for his liking. Not only did they hang out together as normal kids...well, relatively normal, but they would disappear for hours at a time in the name of "training". Some days they'd leave and wouldn't come back until the next morning. One time she didn't come back until after midnight of the following day.

He did not like her spending that much alone time with him, especially since she was reaching that age. And Dave...well, teenage boys were always at that age.

He was going to have to have another talk with him. Just to make sure he remembered what the rules were. And he'd probably have to sit Mindy down for a talk too. He'd probably put it off for too long already. But giving The Talk to a girl? It was unbearably awkward just thinking about it. He once again wished he'd found a girl he could have settled down with by now so she could do it. He didn't even know where to start.

He was taken out of his thoughts by the sound of the front door opening. He peeked down the hall to see Mindy come in with her friend Jessi. He wished he'd gotten a chance to know these girls better, but it always seemed like he was out of the house when they were there or that they'd go hang out or do whatever somewhere else.

"Hey, Marcus?" Mindy called.

"In the kitchen Mins."

Mindy rolled her eyes at his nickname for her and walked in followed closely by the other girl. "So, Marcus, you've met Jessi a few times, right?"

"Yeah," he nodded, "She was at your birthday party and I've seen you two and Angela coming and going lots of times."

"Well," Mindy said, "I...wanted to, ya know, formally introduce her..." Marcus tilted his head as her sentence trailed off without her closing her mouth and Jessi's sudden blush ,"asmygirlfriend."

Marcus blinked, mentally rewound that last bit and played it again. Then he played it again just to make sure he'd heard it properly. He let out a short burst of laughter, followed by a few chuckles, then fell back against the counter laughing hysterically.

#20 - Could be fun.

"Ah, crap." Kick-Ass said, and immediately started looking for an escape route.

"What?", Hit Girl asked.

"I can't believe they actually go out like that," he said, more to himself than to his partner, as he started to quick step back the way they'd come.

"Dude. What the fuck are you talking about.."

"Cougar and Cub. They're a Mother-Daughter superhero team that keep hitting on me on the superhero boards," Hit Girl raised her eyebrows, "I never thought I'd actually run into them on the streets though. Quick, we can hide in there." he said pointing towards a grocery store across the street.

"Oh no you don't," she said as she grabbed Kick-Ass's arm and pulled him back, "I want to meet these two."

"Are you serious?"

"Hey it's Kick-Ass and Hit Girl!" Cougar said, walking up and idly spinning her costume's tail in her hand, "I was hoping we'd get to meet you two, it's an honor."

Hit Girl looked the two up and down. Cougar was wearing a cat suit, both possible meanings of the word applied, and in general looked like a Not-Halle-Berry Catwoman. Cub, however, was wearing a sports bra with a half(more like quarter) jacket, hot pants, knee high boots, and cat ears.

They gave Kick-Ass and Hit Girl the same treatment.

Hit Girl raised an eyebrow at Cub, who smirked in reply.

"It's...nice to meet you too."

Hit Girl looked at Kick-Ass, who seemed uncomfortable but couldn't stop his eyes from flickering over the two. She turned her gaze back to meet Cub's, who smiled again as Cougar started talking again.

"I was hoping we could team up for the night, if you don't mind," and Cub stepped forward and started walking around them, reaching out a hand and lightly dragging it up Hit Girls arm and across her shoulders and then across Kick-Ass's, "And, maybe...keep the team up going after we head home?"

After Cub's little stunt and they way she said, it was obvious she wasn't talking about going out again another night. Hit Girl looked at Kick-Ass. Kick-Ass looked at Hit Girl with raised eyebrows.

Then Hit Girl turned to them and smiled, shrugged, and said, "Sure."