Author: Not a real chapter guys... Just some info and stuff.

Case File Information: Jeff The Killer

Full Name: Jeffery Alan Woods
Gender: Male
Nick Names: Jeff, Jeffy, Jeff The Killer
Age: 13 years
Height: 5''6'
Birthday: June 2nd
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Species: Homo Sapien
Favorite Color(s): Crimson
Mentor: Slenderman
Mother: Margaret (deceased)
Father: Peter (deceased)
Sibling(s): Liu ? Woods (deceased)
Personality: Humorous, playful, can be very mentally unstable at times, but is very protective, shy
Phobias: n/a
Weapon Choice: His kitchen knife
Short Bio: Jeffery started off as a normal kid with two parents and a brother. His father got a promotion so the family moved to a different neighborhood. On his first day of school there he and his brother were attacked by a group of kids and Jeff beat them up, feeling excited and happy the rest of the day for what he'd done. Unfortunately the police came because the fight had been reported and Liu took the blame and went to prison. Later Jeff and his parents attended the birthday party of their neighbor's kid. Jeff went begrudgingly. While there he was once again attacked by the group of kids from before, but this time they had guns. He fought them again, but this time his sanity snapped for good and he killed the kids. In the process he was covered in bleach and set on fire, landing him in the hospital. Liu was released from prison and the family was there when Jeff got out of the hospital. The bleach had made his face pure white and his lips red. The doctor let Jeff go, not realizing the boy went insane and that night Jeff cut his lips into a permanent smile and burnt off his eyelids. His mother saw this and when to tell his father. Jeff followed her and killed them both then killed his brother after telling him to, "Go to sleep".
Disabilities: He has no eyelids, so a number of problems could arise from that.

Addictions: murder

Married: No
In a Relationship: No
Crush: n/a