Well, here it is! The awaited sequel to The Anti-Tracey, for everyone who read, reviewed and gave thier suggestions. Enjoy!

"The Anti-Tracey: A Necessary Evil" by Twilight The Umbreon

Chapter 1

When we last left Yecart, he had killed his opposite Tracey and returned back to his opposite world. That was six months ago. Now Yecart is at a rich, exotic, posh hotel on Rabannic Island, which is the opposite's world's eqivalent to Cinnabar Island with about 6 beautiful babes who are all lavishing him with fruit, wine and promises of hot sex.

Yecart: Give me more, babes

Babes: Of course, hunk

They go off to fetch more wine and fruit

Yecart: Ahhh...Perfect...Nothing could go wrong now...

There is a loud crackle of thunder followed by some pretty funky pyrotechniques. From the pyrotechniques, a giant shimmering hand appears.

Yecart: Aww...S***! What the f*** is that?

A Wierd Voice Which Sounds A Lot Like John Howard: I am your prime minister...

Yecart: What in F***EN HELL?

A.W.V.W.S.A.L.J.H: I said, i am your prime minister...

Yecart: Right...

A.W.V.W.S.A.L.J.H: Yes I can prove it...

Yecart: (scoffs) Yeah right, jackass

A.W.V.W.S.A.L.J.H: Well, you're in the parliment house in Canberra...

Yecart: Riight...

Yecart picks up a phone and rings 912, the spiritual hotline.

Voice On Phone: Hello, This is the spiritual hotline, If your have broken your guardian angel, and need a replacement angel, press 1. If you are booking a return ticket to hell, press 666 and lie about your details, don't worry, it won't go against your personal record. If you need divine inspiration, you won't get any because you are an insenisitive prick and will rot in hell. If you wish to become an eevee, press 4 and follow the instructions. If you are a dumbass druggie who claims to of seeing God, press the hash key repeativly while singing "I'm a barbie girl" If you are Yecart, who killed Tracey six months ago and is now being freaked out by a weird voice with sounds a lot like John Howard, please hold on. The line are busy at this moment.

Yecart: SHIT!!!

Yecart hangs up the phone and dials 912 again:

Voice On Phone: I said hold on, you dumbass!

Yecart: (after hanging up phone) F***en crap customer service!!!

Yecart rings again.



Yecart starts choking the reciever.

Voice On Phone: GWAHHH!!!! STOP F***EN.... CHOKINN... MEEEE!!!

Yacart: NO!!!

Phone chokes a curse and then dies...

A ghostly phone reciever floats out of the now dead phone reciever.

Ghost Of Phone Reciever: Woooooo!!! You killed me, you insensitive prick.

A bin with funny legs walk over to another set of bins. Wisphering can heard between the bins, then they shuffle off, clanking.

Yecart: There's some freaky shit happening...

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