Well I have another story for you. I've had a request to have a story with some daddy-bats and have been on writer's block for a few weeks. Anyway, this is a story based on the part game Batman: Arkham Asylum where Joker sprayed Joker venom in that room killing everyone in that room. I'm just going to change in up a little and I hope you like it. Also don't give me anything mean in the comments. I am however open to suggestions that you want to see in my stories.

Batman had been wondering around Arkham Asylum for hours looking for the Joker. He had already rescued doctors, the warden, and the Commissioner, captured Harley Quinn, and saved many guards from their death; Also keeping in contact with his ward Dick Grayson/Robin and Barbra Gordon/Batgirl. Just than the Arkham T.V came on showing the Joker.

"Hello Bats, enjoying running all around Arkham?"

"You won't get away from this Joker."

"You know, you're right. I probably won't get away, which is why I've decided to let all of Gotham know how much fun I'm having. Is it on?"

"Uh, yes Mr. Joker. You're on live."

"Helloooooooooooooo Gotham. This is your pal Joker here. The Bat and I are having such a fun time on Arkham Island. I wanted you all to enjoy all the fun that Bats and I are having. In twenty-four hours, I will be administering Joker venom throughout all of Gotham. Those of you who have already had a taste of Joker venom before all know what it's like. People are just dying to get more. So to make it more fun, I'll give you twenty-four hours to gather your friends and family and line up for your dose today. And for those of you who don't believe me, I have cases of my Joker venom just waiting for you." The camera zoomed into the boxes labeled Joker Venom. "I've also decided to add a special dose of Mr. Jonathan Crain's fear gas. Have fun Gotham."

"Was he telling the truth?" Asked the commissioner.

"We can't take the risk that he's not. We need a full evacuation of Gotham right now!"

"We'll start right away"



(Hey, this isn't the 60s show but this is the only way I can think to change a Batman scene)

"Batman drives as fast as the bat-mobile can drive. He needed to get to Wayne Manor as fast as he could to warn Alfred, Barbra, and Dick about what was going on."

"Batman calling cave."

"Yes sir?" Came Alfred who no less was cleaning like he always is.

"Jokers' is going to release Joker venom is less than twenty four hours. I need you to get Dick and Barbra and tell them to wait in the bat-cave until I get back. I'll explain everything to them later."

"Miss Barbra has already returned home for the night. But I certainly will grab Master Dick immediately sir."

"Pack a bag with some of his clothes and toys. I don't know how long this will take."

"Right away sir." Alfred said and left the bat-cave. Batman speed quickly trying to get home to the little boy he'd learn love so much. He knew he would have to stay behind to stop the Joker but he wanted to make sure the boy that was practically a son to him was safe and out of harm's way. When he'd finally gotten to the bat-cave, Dick was in his footie pajamas waiting on Batman's chair for him sleeping.

"Wake up Dickie-lad." Batman said taking off his cowl and becoming his father Millionaire Bruce Wayne again.

"Daddy? What's happening?" Dick asked rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"I need you to go with Alfred. You're going on a little trip."

"Cool! You're coming too right daddy?

"I…I'll be there as soon as I can."

"What's happening daddy? You're scaring me."

'I'm sorry Dickie, but the Joker is going to release a very deadly poison into the air in less than twenty-four hours. Commissioner Gordon wants everyone is Gotham evacuated."

"How come you aren't coming with me?"

"Batman's needed elsewhere."

"But you have to come! You said the poison is deadly!"

"Dick I want to go with you very much, but Batman need to try to stop the poison from destroying all of Gotham."

"I could go with you as Robin. You and I could go to Arkham and…"

"No! Not this time. It's too dangerous. I want you out of Gotham."

"NO! I WON'T GO!" Dick suddenly ran out of the bat-cave and upstairs. Bruce sighed and sat down on the chair with a hand over his face. Deep down he knew that this case could cause Bruce to never see that little boy who lit up his whole world ever again.


Alfred came into the living room to find Richard crying his eyes out on the couch. "Sir what is the matter?"

"It's not fair Alfred. Why doesn't he let me go with him? I've stopped the Joker loads of times. Why can't I go this time?" Dick asked still crying.

"Sir, Master Bruce is only thinking about your safety. He never wanted anything else, just your safety and happiness. He may not say this but he loves you and could never live with himself if you got hurt." Dick looked at Alfred in the eyes and stopped crying

"He does? But I'm…well he's not my real daddy."

"Doesn't matter, you don't have to be related by blood in order to love someone very much, just as Master Bruce loves you very much." Alfred said.

"Is that where that saying…um…safety first?" Dick asked.

"In a way sir, safety is more important than money or even Batman Master Dick." Dick's eyes dropped a single tear that rolled down his face, and then the six year old reached for the butler to give him a hug. The butler just smiled and hugged his young master back. "We must hurry sir; all of Gotham must be evacuated by tomorrow night." Alfred said putting the boy.

"Can…Can I go see Bruce before…"

"Go right ahead sir."


"Daddy?" Dick asked as he came downstairs to find his adopted father still sitting in his chair.

"Oh Dickie, I didn't hear you come down." Bruce said.

"Daddy…I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get mad. It's just I don't want to lose another daddy too." Dick said getting teary eyed.

"Oh Dickie it's alright. Don't cry. Bruce said picking Dick up and rocking him. I've let you go with me after the Joker loads of times. This mission is just too dangerous this time."

"Safety first." Dick mumbled

"That's right buddy. Safety always comes first before Batman."

"Daddy," Dick said sweetly.

"Yes buddy?"

"Can you come back? For me?"

"Of course I'll come back. I'll see you when all this is over."

"Sir, we must hurry if we want to get out on time."

"Ok Alfred. Bruce carried Dick to the car. He opened the car door and gave Dick a big hug. I love you Dick."

"I love you too daddy." Dick said and was placed in the car and had his seatbelt put on. Dick waved back to his father and Bruce waved back to his son. Bruce was unaware that a tear was rolling down his cheek.

Well? Don't be mad at me that it's stupid. This idea just popped into my head and I really wanted to have a story with major Daddy-bats in it.

I'm not going to update this story unless I get some reviews. I don't want to keep writing stories that people think are really dumb. So I want some reviews if you really want to see what happens next. Remember no being mean and give some suggestions.