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Jason was just getting home from school. He was so happy since it was the weekend and he wouldn't have to deal with Bruce's annoying parties.

"Hey I'm home old man." Jason shouted.

"Bruce?" A little voice asked.

"Who the heck are you?" Jason asked. The little boy looked scared to death and started crying.

"What are you crying for?"

"Dickie? Are you alright?" Bruce asked the little boy. Dick ran for Bruce who picked him up.

"Who the hell is he?"

"Watch your mouth Jason."

"Will you answer me already?! Who the hell is he?!" Jason screamed which made Dick flinch.

"Jason!" Bruce yelled. "This is Richard Grayson, my new ward."

"Your what!?"

"My war…"

"Just shut up. So I wasn't good enough? You needed to adopt another kid?!"

"This wasn't planned!"

"Oh it wasn't. What's next? Tomorrow you have a new wife without disusing it with me?"

"Jason just listen…"

"Whatever Bruce." Jason said and ran to his room.

"It's ok Dick, he didn't mean it." Bruce said rubbing his back. Dick continued to rest his head on Bruce shoulder until his stomach growled.

"Are you hungry kiddo?" Dick nodded.

"Let's go see what Alfred's making for dinner." Bruce said and went into the dining room where Alfred was.

"Good afternoon sirs."

"Hiya Alfred." Dick mumbled.

"We were coming to find out about dinner."

"We are having spaghetti tonight. Do you like spaghetti sir?" Dick suddenly turned very happy and nodded quickly.

"Momma made spaghetti all the time, and it's really good."

"If you're hungry right now sir, I can grab you a quick snack."

"Yes please." Dick said and put his head back on Bruce's shoulder. Alfred then came back with a plate full of cut apple slices and peanut butter. Dick slid his tongue across his lips and was put down so he could enjoy his snack.

"I'll going to go check on Jason bud, I'll be right back." Bruce said. Jason was in his room doing some work for school. Bruce came into his room without knocking.

"You know there's this thing called knocking? Ever heard of it?"

"Jason I don't appreciate what you said."

"All I asked was who he was. But you obviously didn't want to talk about it with me."

"Jason this wasn't planned. His parents died this morning. He would have been put in an orphanage."

"So? I was an orphan for years."

"He's six years old! He doesn't understand. Now if you don't mind, I would like you to treat you brother with some…"

"Whoa, hold on. Brother? Pass."

"Jason this isn't going to change how I feel about you."

"Sure, now if you excuse me I have some homework to catch up on." Jason said. Bruce sighed and walked out of his room going back to Dick.

"Did you enjoy your snack sir?" Alfred asked.

"Uh huh, it was really good." Dick said.

"I'm glad buddy. Are you comfortable?" Bruce asked. Dick frowned and started breathing fast.

"Dick, Dick calm down. You're alright. It's ok. Deep breaths." Bruce said putting his hands on his shoulders.

"I'm sorry." Dick said.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. I just want to know if you feel safe here.

"I feel safe. But why doesn't Jason like me?"

"He's just not used to having a brother. He'll get use to it."

"Jason's my brother?"

"Your big brother, and since you're part of this family, that makes the two of you brothers."

"Does that make you my new daddy?" Bruce was quiet for a minute.

"It a way kiddo, but I'm not trying to replace your real father."

"I know, but you'll take care of me now like daddy did." Bruce nodded and got level with the boy.

"I'll take care of you." Bruce said and embraced Dick into a hug. Suddenly Alfred cleared his throat.

"Forgive the interruption sirs, but dinner is served."

"Yay!" Dick cheered and ran to the dining room.

"Wait up kiddo."At Dinner Dick tried his hardest to talk to his new brother but Jason just ignored him.

"Why don't you boys get to know each other better?" Bruce said.

"Pass." Jason said.

"Is it true you're my big brother now?" Dick asked.

"No it's not true."

"But I thought…"

"Well you thought wrong."

"Jason can you just try to get alone with your brother?"

"He's not my brother."

"Yes I am." Dick said.

"No your not. Just because the old man took you in doesn't make you my brother."

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry? For what."

"I don't know, I don't want you to be mad at me."

"You want to know what'll really make me happy? If you weren't here!" Dick started crying and ran out of the room.

"Jason Todd! You're grounded."

"Whatever. You can't force me to love someone." He said and left for his room. He slammed and locked his door as well as got out his notes to find his missing mother. Several days ago he had gotten a lead saying that his mother was alive and was determined to find her. Putting on his spare Robin suit he grabbed a bag with supplies and snuck out the window.

One month later

"Bruce? When's Jason coming home?"

"I don't know kiddo."

"I miss him. I know he didn't like me but I still miss him."

"I know you do Dickie. I miss him to."

"Do you think you'll find him?"

"Of course I'll find him." Bruce said giving his youngest son a hug. "Come on, it's bedtime." Bruce picked Dick up and carried him to his bed.

"Please find him daddy." Dick whispered. Bruce froze. In the month he had been with Bruce, he had never called him daddy before. He then kissed his forehead and said "I will baby. I will."


Meanwhile Jason had looked everywhere to find his missing mother till finally he got a note saying to meet him at the warehouse. When he arrived, there was a woman in the shadows.


"That's him." A woman's voice said and out stepped…

"Joker!" Jason now Robin yelled.

"Hello boy blunder. Long time no see."

"He's here, now where's my money?"

"Right here." Joker said tossing her a briefcase full of money.

"Mom. How could you?" But the woman didn't answer. She just left without saying a word.

"Now how about we get this shindig started shall we?" Joker said and hit Jason in the head.

"Isn't that sad? Your own mother told me secrets you wouldn't even believe. Like how she thinks that Bruce Wayne is Batman and you are Jason Todd. I told her she was crazy. But she told me she could prove it, and here we are." WACK!

"But you know what?" WACK! I told her I didn't want to know who Batman was. It wouldn't be the same. WACK!

"Wow! That looked like it really hurt." Joker said as he hit Jason again. WACK!

"Now that looked like it hurt a lot more. So let's try this again huh pumpkin. What hurts more?" WACK! "A." WACK! "or B." WACK! "Forehead," WACK "Or backhand." Jason then started muttering. Joker then started muttering too. "A little louder lamb chow. You may have a collapsed lung. That always inpets the auditory." Jason then spat blood at Joker's face. "Now that was rude. You usually have better manners." Jason smiled as if saying 'That's me for you'

"Maybe I should teach you some manners. Nah, I'm just gonna keep beating you with this crowbar." WACK! Jason then closed his eye that wasn't swollen.


"Jason please have your tracking device on." Batman whispered. He may have been angry with his oldest but he still was worried about him. "YES!" He shouted. Jason still had his device on; locking in the coordinates Batman jumped on the batbike and headed towards the coordinates.


"Oh kiddo I gotta go. It's been fun right? Well it's been a smidge more fun for me, I'm just guessing because you're being awful quiet. So be a good boy, finish your homework and be in bed by nine. Oh, and tell the big man I said…hello." Joker said and started laughing and walked out. Jason finally opened his eyes and tried to walk to the door but he fell right back. All he could do was drag himself to the door. Finally he got to the door and realized it was locked. Suddenly he heard a beeping sound. It was a bomb. Knowing he was going to die, he closed his eyes.

"Hold on Jason, I'm coming." Batman whispered. Finally he got to the warehouse. Not bothering to park the bike, he ran towards the warehouse.


The warehouse completely exploded and Jason was still in there. "ROBIN!" Batman screamed. "ROBIN!" he screamed again. He started digging around for his oldest son. He kept digging until he found him…dead. "No." Batman said. He picked up his fallen son and hugged him to his chest. "Jason." Then another thought came to him. How was he going to tell Dick?

Bruce came home still carrying Jason in his arms. Unable to walk any further, he dropped to his knees.

"Master Jason!" Alfred screamed and went to the pair. While Alfred studied Jason's injuries, Bruce remained in shock.

"He's gone." Bruce whispered. Alfred gasped.

"Master Bruce I…"

"Daddy?" 'Oh no.' Bruce thought. Bruce tried to hide Jason's body but it was too late.

"Jason! You're home!" Dick shouted and ran towards his older brother but stopped dead in his tracks. "Jason! Bruce what happened to him?!"


"Why is he bleeding?" Bruce remained silent.

"Daddy you have to fix him." Bruce let out a sob.

"Dick…I c-can't fix him."

"B-but…no…he isn't dead! He's not!" Dick screamed and ran out of the cave.


"Yes sir." He said taking Jason's body and Bruce ran after Dick.

"Dick. Come on Dick come out." Bruce called but Dick didn't come out.

"Dick please. Come on out." He called again but Dick refused to come out. Bruce started to get worried until he head Dick crying. He followed the sound of Dick's crying until he found Dick crying behind the couch. "Oh Dick." Bruce whispered and gathered him up.

"You told me he'd be ok. Why did you…" Dick sobbed.

"Dickie…I tried so hard to reach him in time…but I was too late."

"But he was gonna be my brother. We were gonna be a family."

"I know Dickie. I know. But we're still gonna be a family. Cause that's what Jason would want."

"No he wouldn't. Jason hated me."

"He just didn't know how to treat a younger brother. His family abandoned him so he thought no one wanted to love him."

"So…so that's why you took him in. So he could have a family who loves him." Dick concluded. Bruce nodded.

"And that's what I'm going to do for you."

"Y-you love me?" Bruce nodded again. "But you just met me."

"Dick, when I was a little older then you, I lost my parents because of criminals. When they died, I thought no one loved me anymore. All I had was Alfred; but you, Alfred, and Jason taught me how to love again."

"But it's just not far.

"I know it's not baby. I thought the same thing. But we're going to live on. We're going to be a family." Dick started crying again and hugged his guardian.

One Year Later

"Focus Dick." Bruce said while Dick was training. Ever since the death of Jason, Dick wanted to be Robin the Boy Wonder. Bruce however was very hesitant on letting his youngest now only go out on the field. Being Robin is what got Jason killed, but that didn't stop Dick. So Bruce trained him harder than he did with Jason. Dick amid a few Bater…well birderangs at the robot's chest and the robot stopped dead in his tracks.

"I did it!" Dick cheered. '

"That you did. That's for letting him try out the new prototypes Lucius." Bruce said.

"No problem. You want a partner, he needs training doesn't he? Lucius said.

"That was so cool. When can I go on the field with you?"

"Not until you're fully trained kiddo."

"Is it because I'm not good enough?" Dick asked sadly.

"It's not that kiddo. I just want to know that you'll be able to handle the criminals out there."

"I personally think you are going to do fine Dick."

"Thanks Mr. Fox."

"Call me Lucius."

"Ok Mr. Lucius." That got Bruce and Lucius laughing.

"Alright kiddo, time to go."

"Awwwwww, can't we stay a little bit longer?"

"Sure, if you don't want an ice cream that is."

"YES! Let's go!" Dick said taking Bruce's hand.

"Care to join us Lucius?"

"Actually, that sounds swell."


"Listen here people. I called this meeting."

"We didn't do nothing batman."

"Now we all know that's a lie. So here's the deal. I'm running this drug trade now, and in return, you'll have total protection from Batman and Black mask. But I'm getting 40% of the profits, and also no dealing to kids; especially elementary school kids. I find out you dealed to children…you're dead. Understand?!

"Sure 40% works for me."


"That was good." Dick said finishing his chocolate cone. "Bruce when was the last time you had an ice cream?"

"I remember…" Suddenly shots were heard.

"DICK! GET DOWN!" Bruce shouted. Bruce and Lucius shielded Dick from any more bullets to come.

"What's th…?"

"Stay quiet Dick." Bruce said. The group and everyone else at the ice cream parlor stayed where they were. Then Bruce noticed movement on the rooftops.

"Lucius take Dick home."

"But Daddy where're you going?"

"I have to investigate. I'll be home soon." Bruce said and ran behind a building.

"Come on Dick." Lucius said.

"But what about daddy?"

"We'll have to trust him."

Bruce now Batman chased a figure in a Red mask all across the rooftops until they ended Red Hood jumped into a glass window. Batman chased after him in the glass building until he heard a bomb. He managed to get out of the building just in time. That's when he saw Red Hood starting up a bike.

"Take care of my so called…" Suddenly a train came by making him disappear and blocking out what he was about to say. Bruce then found a piece of blood on a piece of glass.


That night when Bruce got home he was nearly tackled by a six year old. "You're ok!" Dick said.

"Thank heavens." Alfred said coming in the room.

"Don't worry about me. Are you ok? You didn't get hurt did you?" Bruce said examining Dick."

"I've already taken the liberty of examining the young master sir."

"Thank god." Bruce whispered.

"Did you catch the man Bruce?"

"He got away. But he won't for long." Bruce said kissing Dick's forehead and heading towards the Batcave.

"Come Master Dick, I do believe it's almost your bedtime."


Bruce went down to the Batcave and examined the video footage he had recorded. The sooner he found out who was under that mask, the sooner he could figure out where the person was. First he started out with the train incident.

"Take care of my so called…" Bruce zoomed in the audio.

"Take care of my so called br…" He blocked out the train audio.

"Take care of my so called brother Bruce." Bruce shot out of his chair. No it couldn't be. Only one way to find out. Quickly he pulled out the scanner and it made a sample. Then Dick came down into the Batcave in his pajamas.

"Dick what are you doing down here."

"I wanted to say goodnight." Bruce went over and gave Dick a quick hug.

"Go on up kiddo. I'm not far behind you." All of a sudden Dick gave a loud gasp. Bruce pulled him back to see he was staring at the computer screen.

Red Hood and Jason Todd's blood matched.

Dick stared at it in horror. Not because Jason was alive but his own brother tried to kill him today. Then dishes crashed and broke on the floor. Alfred stared at it in shock just as Dick had.

"T-that can't be Jason. It just can't."

"Only one way to find out, Dick go to bed."

"You're going to the grave aren't you? I'm going too."

"Absolutely not. Dick it's the middle of the night and Gotham is no place for little boys at night."

"But you'll be with me."

"You don't need to see this Richard."

"But I want to. He's my brother." Dick said stubbornly.

"Your brother almost killed you today."

"He's just confused. Please Daddy."

"I'm afraid we can't hire a sitter at this time of night anyway sir." Alfred said. Bruce took a deep breath.

"Alright, but you are to stay with Alfred the entire time. Understand?"

"Yes Daddy."

After being driven to the cemetery, Alfred lit a lantern and Dick went to say hello to his parents.

"Hi Mommy, hi Daddy."

"Master Dick?" Alfred called.

"Coming." Dick took Alfred's hand and they went to where Bruce was digging up Jason's grave. Finally when he was done Bruce jumped into the hole.

"Do you need more light sir?"

"No, I can see fine." Bruce said. Then using a crowbar he managed to pull open Jason's coffin and there he laid. Dick squeezed Alfred's hand harder when he saw his brother.

"Well, there you have it. He's still at rest." Alfred said.

"No, he isn't." Bruce violently picked up Jason's body and his hair fell off. "That's not flesh." Dick's eyes went wide and a single tear slid down his check. Bruce threw the fake body down and stormed pass Dick and Alfred.

Back at home

"Master Bruce you can't blame yourself." Alfred said as Bruce was going down to the cave with Dick following him.

"It was stupid and carless. If only had analyzed the body when I brought him home." Bruce said changing into his costume.

"Sir please remember how distraught you were. Even I…"

"STUPID AND CARLESS!" He shouted coming out.

"Daddy it wasn't your fault."

"Yes it was!"

"Sir where are you going?!" Alfred asked.

"To find the man who did this." Bruce said and took off in the Batwing.


Finally he ended up in Ra's Al Gaul's office and attacked him.

"WHAT. DID. YOU. DO. TO. JASON?! You act like you don't know what I'm talking about and I'll dislocate your shoulder. That'll be a start."

"I'll answer you but let me called out my guards." After he did that, He told the story how he had switched Jason's body and put him in the Lazarus pit, and how he had changed completely.

"My army had search for months. But we were unable to find the boy. I thought he was dead. But I hear you are having some trouble at home and with your youngest. I have returned your oldest son to you, and he burns the very kingdom you…" Batman was gone.

On the Batwing

"Sir please take his to heart. Jason's death is not your fault. I know you think it's your greatest failure…"

"Is death is my greatest failure. Don't you remember when I found him?"

"Yes sir, fearless, arrogant, rash, and different."

"Yes, different from Dick in so many ways and I knew that he was dangerous, if I hadn't made him into Robin he would have grown to do wrong. Then I got him killed. My partner, my soldier, my son, my fault."

"Sir this is not your fault you love him, it should be enough…"

"It's not."

"Sir you…" BEEP BEEP! "My word, Sir patch into the media feed."

Alfred turned up the media feed so he could hear. But what he didn't know was that little ears also heard the


Meanwhile the Joker was standing on top of a truck pouring kerosene on Black mask and his workers.

"Who's that? Shine a light on him." Joker turned around to show Red Hood.

"Hold on a second Red while I set your gang on fire."

"Go ahead. I don't care if they die."

"Oh you don't? I just wanted some attention."

"You've always had my attention."

"Have we met before?"

"Yes. We have."

"Well here's to warm memories." Joker said and dropped the lighter. However Batman was ready and sprayed the fire out." Then Red Hood jumped into the water with Joker. Batman searched the water for them.

"I've got him, you want him? Met me in Crime Ally." Batman did as he was told and went to Crime Ally.

"So glad you could make it."

"This ends tonight. All of it."

"I'm not the only one who's gonna end." Batman suddenly threw explosives at Red Hood.

"Oh snap." Jason said and started running toward the roofs. Batman then chased him until he unmasked himself…



"I don't want to fight you."

"Oh you don't?"

"Let me help you." Batman said.

"Jason no!" A little voice screamed.

"Well, if it isn't my little brother."

"Dick! NO!" Bruce screamed and pushed Dick behind him. "Why are you here?"

"I was worried about you. I'm sorry Daddy." Bruce was still angry at Dick but secretly he was happy to see him.

"So you both know what happened? Do you think this is the real me." Jason said and kicked his helmet over to Bruce which exploded. Batman got Dick and himself safely on a building top.

"Stay here Robin." Bruce said.

"You even gave him my name huh?!" Jason and Batman then started fighting.

"You're just turning into another criminal."

"I'm what this city needs!" Jason then jumped into another glass window followed by Batman and started to beat him up.

"I know I failed you. But I tried to save you Jason. I'm trying to save you now." Suddenly Jason pulled two guns out and amid it at the door and at Batman.

"NO! Jason don't do it!" Dick screamed as he came in. Bruce then shielded his youngest with his cape

"You think this is all about me dying?! Bruce I forgive you, for not saving me. But why? Why the hell is he still alive?! Jason asked as he kicked the door opened to reveled Joker.

"Hahahahahahahahah, Gotta give the boy points. He came all the way back from the dead to hear this shindig happen. Oh and Big Bird's younger brother is here. Have you two met before? Who's got a camera? First get one of me and the baby bird first, then you and me, then the four of us. Then one with the crowbar…" Jason then kicked him in the face and aimed a gun at his head.

"You'll be as quiet as possible or I'll put one in your lap."

"Party pooper. No cake for you."

"Ignoring what he's done before. Forgetting the thousands of people who've suffered. The friends he's crippled. And I thought…I thought I'd be the last person you'd let him hurt. If it been Batgirl he'd beaten, OR HIM!" Jason said aiming the gun at where Robin was. Batman then got Dick out of his cape and pushed him behind him.

"I rest my case. You've always cared about him more! Everything was fine until he came along! Dick's eyes went wide.

"That's not true! I care about the both of you equally."

"Yeah right. If he killed him, you would have broken that stupid code of yours. It's too hard to cross that line with me right?"

"NO! It'll just be too easy. I've always wanted to kill him for what he's done; but if I allow myself to go down into that dark place, I'll never come back.

"Why? I'm not talking about killing the others. I'm just talking about him. I'm doing it because…because he took me away from you."

"I can't. I'm sorry."

"That's just adorable." Joker said.

"Well you won't have a choice." Jason said clicking off the safety and tossing Batman a gun. Dick gasped.

"Now's the time to decide…if you won't kill this piece of filth, then I will!" Jason said as he picked up Joker and amid the gun at Joker's temple.

"You know I won't…"

"I'm gonna do it! And If you want to stop it, you're gonna have to shoot me!"

"Please don't do this." Dick said innocently.

"SHUT UP! You're the whole reason why I ran away. I hate you! And as soon as I'm done with him…I'm going to end the person who started it all." Jason said aiming the gun at Dick who look beyond scared and betrayed.

"This is turning out better then I hoped." Joker said. Batman dropped the gun and guided Dick out the door."

"You have to decide. Him or me. DECIDE!" Bruce still kept walking. Suddenly Jason shot a bullet at Bruce. Bruce got down shielding Dick and throwing a Baterang at Jason's gun which exploded. Jason cried out in pain.

"NO!" Robin screamed coming out from behind Batman. Dick started to run for Jason but was stopped by Batman.

"I can't believe you got him! You managed to find a way to win. And everybody still loses!" Out of the blue, Jason amid a remote at Robin who gasped. Jason pressed the bottom and the ticking of a bomb was counting down. Batman ran towards the bomb when the Joker punched him to the ground making him dizzy. Then he pushed Robin to the wall and started choking him.

"Don't try to spoil it kid. I'm the only one who's gonna get what he wants tonight!" Joker said. Dick looked at Jason in fear as if begging him to save him. "Yes! Big Bang Boom! We all go out together! Don't you just love a happy ending?" Batman managed to get up and punch Joker off of Dick and grabbed Jason and Dick.

BOOOOOMMMMM! The entire building exploded. As soon as the explosion was over, Batman got up realizing nether Dick nor was Jason with him. "ROBIN! WHERE ARE YOU?" Batman screamed. Robin didn't answer. "RED HOOD!" He screamed again. Once again no answer. "No, please." He whispered falling to his knees.

"HELP ME!" He heard someone call. He turned around to see Jason holding Dick over the ledge of a tall building.

"NO!" Batman screamed. Since he'd lost his grappling hook in the explosion, he climbed as fast as he could.

"This is your entire fault! You're gonna die tonight!" Jason said releasing his hold on Dick a little.

"Jason please!"

"Shut up!" Jason then let Dick go and but he managed to hold on to the edge. Then Jason stepped on one of Dick's hands making one hand let go. He then raised his boot to step on his other hand making him fall to his death.

"Jason." Dick begged as he started crying. Jason took a deep breath and was about to step on his hand when he looked into Dick's eyes. They were filled with fright and betrayal. Jason's then eyes widened. He then just stared at the little boy. Without warning, he put his foot away from Dick's hand, and slowly grabbed on to Dick's armpits pulling him up to safety. Dick still crying latched onto Jason. Finally Jason put his arms around Dick into a hug.

"I'm sorry kid." Jason whispered. Batman at last got up to the roof seeing his two sons crying. Bruce ran over to them and pulled them both into a hug.

"It's ok boys. Everything's going to be alright." He said. Bruce then called the Batwing and took his sons home. Alfred was relieved when he got home to see both young masters home and that Jason was carrying a sleeping Dick.

"Where's his room?" Jason asked.

"Right next to your room sir." Alfred responded. Jason nodded and took Dick to his room.

Later that night Jason heard Dick crying. He went to his room to see what was wrong. "Are you ok kid?" Dick just stared at him. "I'm not gonna hurt you kid."

"I-I'm scared."

"Bad dream?" Dick nodded.

"I remember them. Bruce used to come and rock me when I was younger until I fell asleep." Dick then let a single tear slide down his face. Getting the gesture Jason gathered Dick up and started singing a lullaby. (You guys know the Rugrats Movie? Remember when Tommy was singing to Dill because he was crying? Well this is that song just different lyrics. I don't own the song. If you want to listen to it, it's call Rugrats brother moment.)

"Baby, please. Rest your head."

"You are home and safe with me."

"While I'm here I'll protect you like no other."

"We'll be ok. I love you little brother."

"I love you Jason." Dick mumbled.

"I love you to little brother." Jason then got in bed with his younger brother. Dick then snuggled into Jason's chest while Jason put a protective arm around his little brother.

And that's how Bruce and Alfred found them the next morning

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