Hi guys. I'm sorry about the long wait but I've had most of it written, but then I got a bad case of writer's block. Anyway, I've got another request for DKR where Bane breaks Batman's Back. This one is going to be a little different. As requested Selena and Bruce are going to be married, but they act like they are not together while crime fighting. Dick is eight years old in this one and sometimes calls Batman Dad and Selena Mom. (No offence to Mr. and Mrs. Grayson) Also Selena will sometimes call him kitten when he's hurt and she also doesn't betray Batman. She was captured and Batman and Robin are looking for her. Here we go.

"Stay close to me." Batman told Robin. They walked to the sewers until they came to a big room with a few people wandering around.

"Robin?" Someone asked from higher up into the room. Robin and Batman climbed up to see Catwoman in a prison. "What are you doing here?"

"We came to rescue you." Robin said.

"You need to get out of here right now!" She said.


"Oh good. You're both here." A deep voice said behind them. Batman and Robin turned around to find Bane behind them.

"Bane." Batman said in his deep voice.

"Let's not stand on ceremony here, Mr. Wayne." Robin got wide-eyed as Bane started walking forward.

"Stay here." Batman told Robin and he too walked forward. Suddenly Batman started throwing heavy punches at Bane but it didn't do anything. Then Bane grabbed Batman's fist and squeezed it hard but he didn't stop throwing punches.

"Peace has cost you your strength. Victory had defeated you." Bane said and started kicking Batman. They continued fighting until Bane punched Batman off the platform. Bane then climbed down to where he was and they started throwing punches again. Selena and Robin just stared in fear. Then they were on the steps still throwing punches and kicking each other while most people just stared at them. Finally Bane kicked Batman off the steps. Then Batman threw a bomb at Bane but he just stood there taking no damage. But we are initiated, aren't we, Bruce? The League of Shadows. And you betrayed us..." Bane then started choking Batman.

"Us? You were excommunicated. From a gang of psychopaths." Batman said and Bane punched him and threw him across the room.

"Batman!" Robin said and jumped down to where Bane and Batman where.

"Robin no!" Selena said but he was already gone.

"The shadows betrayed you, because they belong to me." Bane said walking over and punching him again.

"Leave him alone!" Robin shouted. Bane turned around and looked at Robin while Batman looked angry and horrified.

"I will show you where I've made my home while preparing to bring justice. Then...I will break you both." Batman then got up as Bane inched closer to Robin.

"Ah yes, I was wondering what would break first." Batman threw another punch but missed and Bane punched Batman stunning him. "Will it be your body?" Bane then picked Robin up and held him over his head.

"Lemme go!"

"…Or your soul." Bane then brought Robin down and made his back land very hard on Bane's knee making a crunch sound. Robin then was tossed to the floor and screamed at the very top of his little lungs.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Selena screamed and started banging at the cage.

"ROBIN!" Batman screamed and Bane knocked Batman unconscious. Bane then took off Bruce's mask, ripped it in half, and tossed it. He then left with all of his mercenaries. Selena meanwhile was banging on the cage trying to do everything in her power to get to her husband and adopted son. That's when she noticed a vent at the top of the cage. Using her flexibility skills, she managed to jump and get the vent open that came out on the other side. She jumped out and immediately ran to Robin who was breathing heavily and still screaming.

"Ok sweetheart ok. Let me look at your back."

"NO! NO! IT HURTS!" Robin screamed.

"I know it does but I need to see what's wrong." She said trying to remain calm.

"DADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYY!" Robin screamed and that caused Bruce to awaken.

"Dick." Bruce said still in his deep voice. As soon as he heard his little bird's cries, he immediately snapped out of it and crawled over to his screaming child. Selena had already taken off his cape and tore off his shirt.

"Oh god, it needs to be reset." She whispered to Bruce.

"Okay, Dick Selena's gonna reset your back."


"I know it does but we have to. You'll be fine afterwards." Robin then continued screaming. "We'll make the pain go away." Robin was still breathing heavily and screaming but nodded his head. Selena then got in position. "Ok 1…2 (Selena punched Dick's back back into place."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Robin screamed even louder than before.

"Easy, it's over. It's alright now." Dick said allowing Dick to cry his little eyes out into his chest.

"On the contrary." Bane said coming back in. "I seem to have forgotten someone." Bruce gave Selena Robin and stood in front of them.

"You stay the hell away from him." Bruce said.

"You are in no condition to make threats Bruce. I have won; and your precious bird belongs to me now."

"Over my dead body."

"If that's how it must be." Bane then starting fighting with Bruce again but with much more strength. Bruce was exhausted and didn't have much left in him but kept punching and kicking as hard as he could. Finally after much fighting, Bane once again knocked Bruce out again.

"DADDY!" Dick screamed. Selena just held him closer.

"Hand him over." Bane said.

"Never." She said.

"Then I will take him by force." Bane said and walked over. Selena sat Dick down gently and walked over towards Bane.

"You have to go through me to get him."

"If that's what it must be." Selena then tried to take him down but he was too strong. Using her flexibility she tried to get Bane away from Dick but Bane was just too strong.

"Momma." Dick called while they were fighting.

"I'm a little busy here sweetheart." She said still fighting but Dick still called out to her. Finally Bane punched Selena and knocked Selena out.

"MOMMA!" Dick yelled. Bane then went over to Dick and picked him up.

"You're coming with me little one." Bane said.

"No! Mommy! Daddy!" Dick screamed as he was being taken away.


A few hours later Bruce woke up confused and a little dizzy. "Selena?" He called out. Finally he opened his eyes and suddenly remembered everything and saw Selena on the floor. "Selena?!" He said and went over to her.

"Dick." Selena whispered as Bruce tried to awaken her…


Meanwhile Bane had taken Dick underground to a secret passageway and to a secret room that looked like a little prison cell with a huge chain attached to the wall. Bane then threw Dick into the room against the wall making his back shoot with pain.

"Don't cry little one. This is where you stay." Bane said and tied the large shackle around Dick's waist which made his back hurt even more. "You'll get used to it." Bane said and left him alone in the dark. Dick then held his knees and shivered. He wanted to be home. He wanted to be in bed after Selena gave him his bath. He wanted his daddy to tuck him in and kiss him goodnight. He just wanted to go home. Suddenly he let go of his knees as bending his back hurt him. Then as slow as he could, got down and laid on his stomach. It was really uncomfortable but at least he wasn't in too much pain. Dick then rested his head on his arm and closed his eyes.

"Bruce…help me." He whispered and fell asleep.


Bruce and Selena woke up a few hours later and called out Dick's name. "Robin! Where are you?!" Selena called out. No answer. Bruce then clutched his fists.

"That bast*** took him." Bruce said.

"No." She whispered. "Bruce he'll kill him."

"No he won't. I'll stop him before he gets the chance."

"I'm going with you. He's my son too."

"No, I don't want you there." Bruce said.

"You don't have much of a choice." She said touching Bruce's shoulders. Bruce then gave a small smile.

"Alright, let's go to the Batcave." Bane had taken the tumbler with him but that didn't stop him. He called The Bat that Lucius had just made. Bruce got in and Catwoman got on her Cat-cycle. A few minutes later they were in the Batcave. Bruce immediately got out and went to the Bat-computer. He looked around as he remembered that his faithful butler was no longer with the family. Dick had been devastated when Alfred left and all because he was trying to protect Bruce and Dick from getting killed. He just couldn't bear to watch another member of the Wayne family die at the hands of a criminal. Now he really needed his old friend now more than ever. Then Selena came in and got off her bike. Bruce then began typing for any information about where their missing son was.


A few hours later, Dick woke up with tears in his eyes. His whole body hurt and he didn't get too much sleep.

"Please! Someone help me!" Dick screamed. He hoped someone would be nearby and find him. Then he would be able to go home and be with his family. "Help me!" Dick called out again. He waited a few minutes but nothing happened. He then realized that if no one was going to help him, he was going to have to try and get out himself. First he started pulling against the chain around his waist trying to ignore the pain in his back. After he couldn't take the pain anymore, he stopped pulling and took some breaths to calm himself down. This caused him to remember a memory when Joker dislocated his shoulder.

It had been a long night and Batman and Robin had captured Joker who managed to dislocate his shoulder. Batman came into the Bat-cave and carried Robin to the medical area. Dick meanwhile was screaming.

"Dick please. Just relax." Batman said turning into Bruce. Dick still screamed as Catwoman came in as did Alfred.

"Master Dick! What happened?!" Alfred asked running over towards them.

"Dislocated shoulder. I have to reset it. Alright Dick, I need to take a few deep breaths. Dick nodded and took a few shaky breaths. "That's it Dick. Now I have to reset your shoulder. It'll be alright when it's over." Bruce said as softly as he could. Dick nodded and braced himself. "Alright, 1…2…3 (punches his shoulder back)." Dick tried to keep his tears in but the pain was unbearable. "It's ok Dick its ok. It's over now." Bruce said rubbing Dick head. Then Selena came over and sat down while placing Dick in her lap and rocking him.

"Shhhhhh, it's over now kitten. It's alright." Selena said rocking him while rubbing his back. Dick then rested his head on Selena's shoulder and closed his eyes.

Dick had loved it whenever Selena would hold him and rub his back. It reminded him of when his real mother would rock him to sleep whenever he was scared. He just hoped and prayed that Bruce and Selena would find him soon.


Selena was walking through a building where some of Bane's man were. "Hi there boys." She said. The guards whistled and tried to get close to her. Catwoman then grabbed one of the men and put her arms around him. "You think you boys can do me a favor?"

"Anything for you baby." He said. Suddenly Batman leaped down from the ceiling and started punching and knocking out all the men except one. The one left, Batman held him by his neck against a wall.

"WHERE IS HE!?" Batman said in his dark Batman voice.

"W-who." The man asked in fear.


"I-I don't know." He said. Batman choked him even tighter.


"I…I really don't know." He said choking. Not getting an answer, Batman tossed him towards a wall which knocked him out.


Dick was still chained up to the wall. Bane had not come since yesterday and Dick was starting to get hungry. That's when he noticed a paper clip was on the floor. If he could just reach it, he could possible get himself free and get home. He took a deep breath and with a still sore back, he crawled over towards the paperclip. Finally he made it as far as the chain would let it go. He reached as far as he could, but the paperclip was too far away; He wasn't even close to it.

"No!" He said in frustration. Finally he gave up and just laid there. A few minutes later he closed his eyes.

"Be safe Master Dick." A voice said.

"Huh?" Dick said waking up. When he did wake up, the chain was off his waist and the paper clip was now next to him. "What happened?" He asked himself. Be he would answer that question later. He then carefully got up and realized that his back felt better than it did before. 'Ok Grayson. Gotta get home.' Dick told himself and made it out the door. Surprisingly it unlocked and there were no guards. Dick then made his way out of the secret passageway going slow because of his injured back.


Batman and Catwoman had searched for countless hours but they couldn't find their little bird. When they had no leads, they went back to the Batcave to try and find more clues. Bruce had told Selena to go to bed but she just couldn't. However Bruce forced her to go to bed and she finally gave in. She laid in bed but didn't go to sleep. She was too busy thinking about Dick. 'Where did Bane take her little kitten? Was he hurt? Was he cold? Is he even alive?' All she wanted was to hold her son. Hold him and tell him that everything was going to be alright. But she couldn't. Suddenly the door to the Wayne household opened. Selena got up and snuck downstairs.

"Mom?" A little voice called. Selena went wide-eyed and ran toward the door. There stood little Dick Grayson-Wayne leaning against the wall.

"DICKIE!" She screamed and ran towards him and picked him up. "Dickie." She said again rubbing his hair in a motherly fashion.

"Momma." Dick said starting to cry.

"Shhhhhhh, its ok kitten. Momma's here now." Selena said kissing his forehead." Just then Bruce came up after noticing that the front door was opened. Bruce froze and ran towards his wife and son giving them both a hug.

"Dickie." Bruce said. "How are you here? What happened?"

"I…I don't know. Bane took me to secret room and chained me to a wall. I tried to escape but he took my utility belt. I fell asleep and when I woke up I was free."

"Well thank goodness your safe." Bruce said patting his back and Dick hissed in pain.

"Dick what's wrong?!" Selena asked.

"M-my back." Dick said in pain.

"Ok Dickie. Let's go down to the cave and take a look."

"O-okay." Selena carried Dick to the cave and sat down on the medical bed while still holding him. Bruce meanwhile examined his back. After his examination, he got out some bandages and Selena wrapped Dick's back in it.

"Ok kitten. Let's get you cleaned up and then put you to bed."

"M'kay." Dick said tiredly. Bruce then went upstairs and got a bowl of lukewarm water and a washcloth. Selena then proceeded to clean him. When she was finished, Dick was nearly asleep.

"Let's go to bed now sweetheart." She whispered. Dick nodded and rested his head on her shoulder. She then looked at Bruce. "Let's all go to bed." Selena said looking at Bruce.

"I have to find Bane and make him pay."

"Tomorrow maybe, but your son needs you now." Bruce didn't argue and followed her to Dick's bedroom. Selena then carefully proceeded to change her now sleeping son into his pajamas. Then she followed Bruce to their own room and placed Dick in the middle of their pillows. After that, Selena got in bed with him while Bruce changed into something comfortable. "Goodnight kitten. I love you." Then Bruce came in and got on the other side of Dick.

"Goodnight son." Bruce said and kissed his forehead and Selena and Bruce went to bed with Dick in their arms. They needed their rest if they were to beat up Bane for everything he had done to their little bird.

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