So I've been watching clips of the new Son of Batman movie online. Anyone who has been keeping up with me knows that I love to change the ages of Dick Grayson stories. So I was thinking why not have a younger Dick in the movie. So I made this trailer and a little sneak peak. Hope you like it. Also what people are saying are going to be in bold, and if someone is saying something over a screen then it will be in regular text. Hopefully that makes sense.

"Talia, what do you want?" Bruce asked on a cruise ship holding seven year old Dick behind him.

"My father's dead." (Ra's jumps out of the Pit.)


"Assassins plan to take over Ra's organization." (Assassins jump out of helicopters while fighting Ra's.)

Scene change

"Ra's Al Ghul has been retired. You may call me…Deathstroke." Deathstoke puts on his mask.

Scene change

"This man wants to kill us."

"Us?" Talia walks towards the closed curtain.

"Me…and your son." Talia then turns around and pulls the curtain back. Dick gasps meanwhile and looks from behind Bruce.

"Son?" Damian walks in.

Scene change

"Things have changed. She thinks you'll be better off with me." Bruce tells Damian.

"I do fine by myself." Damian says.

Scene change

"So…does this mean we're brothers?" Dick asked outside at the manor.

"No. I think you need to remember that I'm his true blood son."

"Blood doesn't matter." Dick says. (Damian starts fighting with Ubu)

"It means more than you think."

Scene change

"Deathstroke killed my Grandfather, he has to pay!"

"We don't kill." Bruce told him.

Scene change

"Look Grayson. Staying with Father doesn't help me kill Deathstroke. I'm leaving."

"I'm going with you. Brothers stay together."

Damian dressed as Robin and Dick dressed with his version of Robin stand on a building in the rain with Dick holding Damian's hand.

Scene change

"I have your mother Damian." Dick lays his head on Damian's shoulder.

"I'll give you 48 hours before I end her suffering." (Deathstroke starts beating on Talia and Damian crushes the cell phone in one hand.)

Scene change

"You're letting vengeance guide your actions."

Damian starts fighting with an Assassin.

"It's easier my way!"

Robin runs towards the screen.

Talia dodges a sward

Batman jumps on Deathstroke

Deathstroke runs while scraping his swords together

Batman punches Killer Crock

Robin runs with Dick on his back away from Deathstroke.

"Robin!" Batman calls. Damian is on a platform and has two swords.

Scene change

"Your play Damian." Deathstroke says.

"Damian jumps at the screen

"Son of Batman"

"I'll drive." Damian says as the Bat-mobile opens up.


"I know how."


Coming Soon

That wasn't so bad now was it? It's very hard to write when there is a trailer you are trying to describe. Again a seriously recommend watching the trailer first or while you read this as I think it will be confusing. Anyway here's a sneak peak at a scene from the movie. I have not seen the movie yet but I am going off the clip I found on YouTube. I recommend watching it. My version starts off with Bruce and Dick heading back to Gotham on a cruise to have some father/son bonding time, when Talia comes. Bruce now Batman is investigating when he sees Talia with Dick. The scene starts with Talia pouring some wine while Batman is with Dick.

"Would you like a drink?" Talia asked pouring two glasses of wine.

"You know last time that didn't go so well." Batman said.

"Oh your right. Richard?" Dick suddenly got shy and looked at his father. When he didn't do anything, Dick nodded his head. "Of course I don't expect you to drink this." She said holding up her glass of wine and setting it down on the table. "Perhaps this will be more suiting." She said holding up an apple juice box. She then went over to Dick and offered it to him. Dick hesitantly took it.

"Thank you." He said and Talia gave a slight nod. Just as Dick was about to get the straw from the side of the box, he father said "Wait" and took the box from his hand. Batman then got out his examiner from his utility belt.

"There's nothing in his drink beloved."

"Can't take that chance." He said. The examiner then came up with all the ingredients that were in the juice box and none of them harmful. Batman then handed the drink back to Dick who took off the straw and sipped his juice.

"If I remember correctly beloved I put a little something in your beverage." Talia said putting her arms around Bruce.

"Same way I remember it." He said not doing anything.

"It made you romantic." She said patting his chest making Dick scrunch up his face.

"It made me do what you wanted."

"Was it all bad beloved?" Talia asked putting her head on Batman's chest.

"No…it wasn't all bad." He said.

"Then you remembered our shared moonlight?"

"Some of it."

"The best parts?" Before Talia could say anything else, Batman pushed Talia off of him before it got too bad in front of Dick.

"Talia, what do you want?" Talia then turned around.

"My father…he's dead." Dick then choked on his juice. When he was done he used his sleeve to wipe off his mouth.

"Ra's?" He asked confused.

"How many fathers' do I have?!" She asked harshly.

"Sorry, he always seemed…"

"Like you? Indestructible?"

"You obviously have not seen my x-rays." Talia then wrapped her arms around Batman again. This time, Bruce pushed her off immediately and Dick goes behind Batman's cape.

"You don't seem that broken up about Ra's death."

"There is no time for mourning." She said walking back towards the table. "Assassins plan to take or Ra's organization. They are led by a man who Father believed could be his successor until my father became aware of you. Now this man wants to kill us." She then walked over towards a curtain.


"Not you." She said turning around. "Me…and your son." Dick's eyes went wide and peaked out of Batman's cape.

"Son?" Batman asked and Damian walked into the light. Dick gave a short gasp and squeezed his father's leg. "You expect me to believe this." Batman asked picking up Dick.

"I assure you he's yours." Damian then walked forward.

"Don't look so stunned Father. I thought you'd be taller." Damian said.

There you go. Hope you like it. Review and tell me what you think.