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Warning: Mentions of rape (but if you've read Iron Bee, you already know that.)

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"This is 0-70 at thirty knots holding steady at fifteen thousand feet, you are cleared for exteriorization over the drop zone," the pilot announced. The radio chatter continued as the back of the plane opened up. Biela smiled. It had been six months since Tony's "I am Iron Man." In those six months, she'd gotten to know her father better as they built the Iron Bee suit, as they destroyed the terrorists of the world (finishing the total annihilation of the Ten Rings was amazing, Tony had been so mad when he'd learned they'd raped his daughter), and overall having a good time. She'd been introduced to coffee (Starbucks Triple-Shot Caramel Macchiato with two dashes of vanilla and extra whip and chocolate drizzle: Best. Drink. Ever.)

She'd had her eleventh birthday only a week after the Iron Man announcement. That's when she'd first been gifted with her suit. "The Mark IB," Tony had said, "is for your protection, not for any crazy stunts. I'm trusting you to be a responsible pre-teen." Then they'd grinned at each other, because the words "responsible" and "Stark" don't go together at all. And Tony had given her some Stark Industries (probably illegal, but not harmful) supplements, in order for her to regain the growth she'd lost while in the Afghani cave. She was taller now. In other words, her life was awesome.

She watched as Tony leaped out of the back of the jet. She was holding tightly to the side of the plane, in her Bee suit so she could fly down. Her enhanced vision watched him as he soared through downwards, doing tricks and avoiding fireworks. Oops, he got hit by a firework. She probably shouldn't have thought that. Right before he reached the stage, she jumped out of the back of the jet as well, while the crowd was distracted by him. She was still watching him, but she dodged the fireworks a bit more successfully. He landed in the same way he did everything: dramatically.

He started pumping the crowd up. Fireworks were exploding, sparks were flying, the dancers in the background wore Iron Man bikinis…okay, that was a bit much. Whatever the case, the Stark Expo in Flushing Meadows, New York, (seriously, what kind of name was that? Flushing Meadows)) was the place to be tonight. Biela landed behind the stage and folded her suit back up under her long skirt and turtleneck. She walked backstage where a TV screen was depicting everything Tony was doing. Pepper greeted her with a nod. She would be the last to leave tonight, due to her intricate involvement with the press releases.

The robots came out from the stage and started disassembling the suit, revealing Tony's dazzling smile and the tuxedo he wore underneath the Mark IV. It was very, very uncomfortable, and it caused an awful wedgie (Biela knew from experience), but it looked a whole lot cooler, she had to admit. Tony turned around to face the crowd once the dancers finished their highly provocative dance (Tony's idea, no doubt.) "Oh, it's good to be back!" he exclaimed, clapping his hands. "Did you miss me? I missed you too."

Biela rolled her eyes. Ever the drama queen, that he was. "Blow something up!" a man in the crowd yelled. "Blow something up?" Tony asked. "I already did that." As Pepper had told her many, many times, it was obvious who she got her snarky comments from. "I'm not saying that the world is enjoying its longest period of uninterrupted peace in years because of me." "Yes, you are," Biela said into the earpiece that connected her to Tony. As Tony smirked at her comment, the crowd started applauding and screaming. If there was one thing Tony knew how to do, it was how to work a crowd.

"I'm not saying that from the ashes of captivity, never has a better phoenix metaphor been personified in human history," Tony said, holding his arms out. Biela snorted. "I'm a better phoenix metaphor than you," she said into the earpiece. "I'm not saying that Uncle Sam can kick back on a lawn chair, sipping some iced tea, because I haven't met anyone who is man enough to go toe to toe with me on my best day!" "I've gone toe-to-toe with you," Biela said. "So has Pepper. And we've won, too."

The crowd was cheering like mad now. "I love you, Tony!" one woman shouted. "Please," Tony said, holding up his hand. "It's not about me. It's not about you. It's not even about us. It's about legacy. It's about what we choose to leave behind for future generations, and that's why, for the next year, and for the first time since 1974, the best and brightest men and women of nations and corporations the world over will pool their resources, share their collective vision, to leave behind a brighter future!" The crowd began cheering again.

"It's not about us," Tony reiterated. "Therefore, what I am saying, if I'm saying anything, is welcome back to the Stark Expo!" The crowd roared. "And now, making a special guest appearance from the great beyond, to tell you what it's all about, please welcome my father, Howard." Tony left the stage as the old video came on the screen.

"Everything is achievable through technology," Howard said. "Better living! Robust health! And for the first time in human history, the possibility of world peace. So from all of us here at Stark Industries, I would like to personally introduce you to the city of the future. Technology holds infinite possibilities for mankind, and will one day be able to cure society of all its illnesses. Soon technology will affect the way you live your life every day. No more tedious work, leaving more time for leisure activities and enjoying the sweet life. The Stark Expo. Welcome."

Biela rolled her eyes. After a lot of persuasion, and some blackmail, Tony had told her how Howard Stark had treated him. She didn't even call him Grandpa. In her mind, he was Howard Stark. But then again, her dad was still Tony. She walked over to where Tony was standing. His back was to her. "Why'd you even include that video? You hate him!" Tony hurriedly shoved a small thing into his pocket as he turned around.

"Yeah, but it makes the people happy," he said. "You ready?" "Yeah, my stuff's all in my car. You headed back to the NY house?" "Probably. You and Pepper are taking the jet back to Malibu, right?" "I think so. I'm meeting her at the airport." "Drive safe," Tony said, tossing her the keys from his pocket. "Always," Biela replied, grabbing them out of the air. She was technically underage, but she also technically didn't exist, so Tony had done some work for SHIELD in exchange for a legal fake identity (complete with driver's license) for her.

"Be careful, it's a zoo out there," Happy said as they walked out the door. Biela followed a few moments later, finding it a lot easier to get out since everyone was following Tony. She slipped through the crowds to her car, which had been brought to the front. Thankfully, Tony liked his cars enough that three could fit on the jet. Tony's car was parked right behind hers. She made it to hers first. However, there was a woman leaning against Tony's car.

"Who are you?" she asked as she unlocked her car. "What's it to you?" the woman asked. Biela gave her a look. "You're either trying to sleep with him or he's in trouble, and as I work closely with his PA, I need to know." "I'm delivering a sub poena. He's being ordered to appear in front of the Senate Arms Services Committee tomorrow morning at 9." "Rats, I was really hoping to sleep in. Have fun talking to Tony!" She slammed her car door shut and sped off, headed for the airport.

During the drive, she called Pepper. "Biela, are you still driving?" the woman asked in accusingly. "Yes, but this is important," she said. "You've only been driving six months! You shouldn't be talking on the phone at the same time!" "Pepper, I've spent more hours driving in the past six months than you have in the past six years. I'm fine. Anyway, Tony's being ordered to appear before the Senate tomorrow. Have the pilot change the course to DC instead of LA." Pepper sighed. "Will that be all, Miss Stark?" "That will be all, Miss Potts," Biela replied, taking up her dad's old mantra.