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It was a normal day for the Littlest Pet Shop where Mrs. Twombly was cleaning around the shop when the door to the shop opened up where a young adult comes in.

"Oh hello there welcome to the Littlest Pet Shop now what can I do for you young man." she kindly asks the man who just looks down sadly

"Not much I just came here to register a pet that I will be dropping off here seeing as my schedule has gotten out of my control from time to time now..." as he says this Mrs. Twombly places her hand on his shoulder and tries to cheer him up.

"Don't worry dear something happened that you had no control over...I'm sure your pet will make new friends on his stay with us here at the Littlest Pet Shop!"

"I guess you're right...now then." He picks up a form and fills it out then hands it to Mrs. Twombly "Here you go ma'am."

"Ok now let's see here...oh a spider monkey how lovely there's another one here as well...male, Midnight blue body hair, Cream torso and head hair, and dual eye colors oh well now that's interesting!" she laugh whole-heartedly after reading "Well now i'm sure he will make a fine addition to the other darlings!...Now are you dropping him off now?"

"Oh no he'll be by his own." The young man looks down uneasy as he finishes.

"On his own? But doesn't he-?" he cuts her off attempting to avoid the question.

"I can't really word a fitting explanation...you'll just have trust me on it and watch for yourself!" as he says this Mrs. Twombly looks around silent from the tension then speaks up again "Name?"

"Huh? Oh it's Jax Kros." he says slowly regaining his composure.

"Oh no dear I meant your pet!" she says which makes Jax fall to his back from a facepalm.

"Right well his name is..."

(Theme song starts)

You think about all the things that you love to do

It all comes true~

You find a place you never knew where you're happy to


We can be (yeah-eah)

Who we wanna be (yeah-eah)

At Littlest Pet Shop, you and me!

We can be (yeah-eah)

Who we wanna be (yeah-eah)

At Littlest Pet shop, you and me!

(Song ends)

Blythe enters her school while thinking what would happen today that would set it apart from any other day until she noticed the other students acting strange "Weird...why is everyone so quiet and nervous?" she immediately bumps into Youngmee, Sue and Jasper who all jump at the sudden interaction "Whoa sorry guys didn't mean to scare you...what's going on around here?"

Jasper immediately speaks up to inform the confused Blythe "Well there's this new guy who just transferred into this school and frankly he's just plain out freaky!"

"How so?"

"Well he stayed silent the whole time he came in and he keeps this emotionless expression and when he looks at someone he gives off this creepy vibe." Sue says as she holds up a flashlight to her face.

"And that's all?"

"That's not all...his eyes...they're not the same color..." Youngmee said finally causing Blythe to facepalm.

"So you're telling me just because a new student with Heterochromia showed up who hasn't talked to anybody and just looks back at those who look at him strangely first makes him the weird one." Blythe says causing her three friends to turn around ashamed scratching the back of their heads.

"Well when you say it like that you make it sound like we're the bad ones here..." the three of them say in unison.

As on cue the new student appears causing all the others to scramble away to another place away from him causing Blythe to facepalm again and walks up to the new student and notices his bluish tail-like belt decoration "Hi there you must be the new student I've heard so much about from my friends!" he just looks at her then a smile appears on his face and extends out his hand.

"Yes that would be me. Oh and the names Singular Kros." Blythe grabs and shakes his hand as she looked at his blue and red eyes after remembering Youngmee telling her about his Heterochromia "I'm Blythe, and it's so nice to meet you S-...Singular?"

"Oh if that's too strange for you why not call me Sin? Wait that doesn't sound any better...ah Sing call me that!" is all he says until he realizes the hilarity of the name he just gave himself creating a laugh from Blythe.

"Haha well then "Sing" nice to meet you and sorry for the way the other students avoided you..."

"No worries it's not like it's anything I'm not used to." he says looking down sadly.

"Don't worry uh...I'll be your first friend!" She excitedly asks in hopes of cheering up the downed teen.

"Oh you really don't have to if you don't want to I mean I'm not forcing you to do anything you don't wanna do so...yea."

"Nope I'm your new friend here and nothing you can do or say can change my mind!"

"Oh alright...don't blame me if people start avoiding you to!" he says with a small laugh at the end and starts walking around confused "Um...say do you know where this class is?"

"Oh yea its over there near the class I'm going to right now so just follow me and I can take you there."

"Oh alright lets go then!" and with that they starting for their classrooms only to bump into Josh a few steps after starting.

"Singular? It is you!" Josh says as he looks at Sing.

"Josh Sharp well I'll be didn't think I'd run into you here!"

Both of them hug after seeing each other "So you did decide to join a school after all! Let alone this one."

"Hehe well would've been more enthusiastic if I knew this was the one you went to!" they both share a laugh until Sing notices Blythe has yet to take her eyes off of Josh with small hearts floating around her head causing him to get an idea "Say Josh do you know Blythe?" he says as he place his hand on her shoulder.

"Yea I know her. We first met when I was with my band where she returned my keys that I lost."

"Ah so my assumption was right!" Sing shouts nearly toppling over the two people at his side.

"What did you assume?" Josh said picking at his ear to see if he could still hear.

"That Blythe was a kind girl looking to help other people even if they just met only through a quick glance, and right now I am someone she doesn't know and yet she is helping me out in finding my way around here after everyone turned tail and ran. I tell yah Blythe is a great person!" As Sing says this he nudges Blythe towards Josh causing her to tense up and back away quickly.

"Oh I'm not great I just help those in need when I know a problem would happen otherwise..." After Blythe said that Sing lost focus and crashed into a nearby open door.


"Whoa man you alright?" Josh says helping his apparent friend up.

"Yea just sorta...lost focus and walked into something I didn't pay attention to so no biggie."

"Well then here are the classrooms! This one here is the one I'm in and yours is that on over there." the second Blythe pointed to the other classroom Josh shouts to Sing "Hey that's my class! Maybe once we're in there we can see if you have any other classes with me!"

"That would be great! Well then I guess we part ways for now." Sing says looking at Blythe as she walks toward her class.

"Well maybe we can meet up during lunch...err if you want that is." Blythe says only to remember that she is talking to Josh as well.

"Sounds great! So me and Sing will meet you at lunch." and with that the three parted ways and went to class.