"Should uh...we do something about this?" Vinnie asks as he stares at the two arguing animals.

"Do you really wanna get in between that?" Pepper says as she looks at Vinnie with a deadpan expression.

"She's right...uh Vinnie...how about we go search for things in that trash can you always seem to go to!"

"You had me at trash." Vinnie stands up and drags Sunil to the trash cans outside.

The rest stare at Fallen and Sing as Vinnie and Sunil leave "Should we just leave them like this?" Zoe asks.

"If we do we risk more anvils falling in here...or worse…" Penny Ling states trying to keep her distance from Fallen.

"So you just gonna keep staring or are you gonna do something?" Fallen asks in a sarcastic tone.

"Ladies first." Sing says annoying her.

"FINE THEN!" Fallen lifts up her paw and bears her claws and just as she's about to strike Sing she stops "To many spectators here...high risk of interference…"

"Right...I got so mad at you I forgot that we're not alone...Well then do you have a suggestion as to where we should go?"

"One...and it will be a fitting battleground for you~ NOW COME ON!" as she yells this she abruptly turns around hoping to hit Sing in the face with her tail, but fails to when Singular was already infront of her "Gotta move faster than that molasses!" Fallen only responds with a growl as she looks away.

"Should...we have done something about that?" Penny asks as she watches the two strange animals leave LPS.

"I'm sure they'll sort it out nicely in the end...I hope...oh who am I kidding…" Zoe hides her face in her beret after realizing the consequences.

(later with the duo)

"And here we are~" Fallen says as she stops walking.

Singular looks up and a deadpan expression appears on his face "Har Har Har...so this is a fitting battleground for me? Glad to see your sense of humor hasn't changed…" Sing says as he notices that they are at the junkyard.

"I picked it because it reminded me of you~" Fallen says as she starts laughing at Singular for his reaction to the spot.

"Right...I'll make sure you're the one who symbolizes garbage...RIGHT AFTER YOU GET BURIED DEEP IN IT!" Sing transforms into his human form and a look of shock appears on Fallen's face "What?! I spent a whole school day with this twit?! Well then...if that's how we're playing it…" A black wind envelops Fallen and she turns into a human female, and one Singular got to know very well.


"Surprise~ So much for that large brain of yours~ Of course I can't completely critic you on human forms...I certainly didn't think this you would also be that you…"

Sing scoffs at her remark then takes a few steps back "Right...anyway ready to being?"

(In a nearby trash pile)

"God Vinnie how you manage to bring me into this trashcan I'll never know…"

"Well Sunil oh buddy of mine, if I recall correctly YOU offered to be here~"

"Is it me or is there even more garbage than befo-...Vinnie I don't think we're in the trashcan anymore…" Sunil says as he pokes his head out of a pile of garbage.

"Huh? Oh hey look at that I'm at the dump again!" Vinnie says as he jumps out of the trash pile

"Again? You were here before?"

"Boy is that a story…Hey isn't that Sing?" Vinnie points to Singular and Nicky as he look towards the two.

"Oh so it is...I wonder who that girl is though…" Sunil says as he focuses on Nicky.

"Well by the look of it they look like they're about to fight." *points to the two as they're about to assault each other*

"Well then I assume since you can change from beast to beastlier I'm also guessing you can handle yourself in hand to hand?" Sing taunts Fallen consequentially

"Yes I can...but why fight boring old hand to hand...I prefer Claw to hand instead~" as she says this she morphs her hands into black claws.

"I am not surprised by this at all...honestly a she-devil like you, I actually expected worse…but if you want to play it that way…." Singulars nails extend out to long length at a sharpness equal to Nicky's claws if not sharper "Monkeys have enough force in their hands to give anything a concussion with a blow to the head...and when their nails are left sharp they add to the threat level~"

Sunil immediately turns to Vinnie in panic "We have to get away from here! NOW!"

"Aw but I want to see them fight…"

"WE WON'T BE HERE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE ANYTHING BUT SWIFT, PAINFUL DEATH!" Sunil grabs Vinnie's arm and proceeds to drag him away only to run in circles "HOW DO YOU GET OUT OF HERE?!"

"Dunno. My friend Pete helped me out here last time. Great guy."

"Last thing I want to hear you say is useless knowledge…" Nicky says bored by Sing's little quote.

"Won't be so useless once you're down and out from a swift hit to the head!" Sing lunges at Nicky who does the same both balling their hands up into fists that slam into each other unknown to them that they created a little burst of flames.

"Gah...gotta learn to control my flames better than that…" Sing jumps back as he says this.

"Did I do that? Not possible...my control over my flame abilities is impeccable...then...did HE do it?!" Nicky stares at the smoke that is left over from the now gone spark of flames.

"I gotta say I felt that...not much, but still it's something."

"Wish I could say the same for you!"

"That burn on your arm from our little clash says otherwise…" Singular points to a new burn mark on Nicky's arm.

"So it was him! This? Can't say I recall where it's from, but it certainly isn't from you!"

"Stubborn aren't you? Then have at you!" The two continue their assault on each while Sunil and Vinnie watch from afar.


"Sunil even I know a box isn't gonna help much…"

"I'm just trying not to get severely injured!" Sunil starts to cower under the box and soon Vinnie sighs in defeat and joins him under there.

"Honestly you gotta admit Sunil, this is WAAAAAAAY better than the movies!" Vinnie says as he watches the struggling clash between Nicky and Sing.

"You are greatly over exaggerating! Clearly this is like the 3D movies except it's so lifelike we could actually acquire pain! And not the quick and sudden variety!" Sunil goes back to cowering while Vinnie rolls his eyes "Well while you're missing out, I'm gonna be watching the action!"

Sing and Nicky lash out at each other attempting to strike directly at each other, but repeatedly ending up in clashes that cancel each other out.

"Wow they really can't seem to land a hit on each other can they?"

"Oh so you decided to finally watch huh?" Vinnie looks to Sunil with his arms crossed.

"Well apparently it wasn't such a lethal a confrontation as I thought it would be."

"Yeah yeah excuses bro…"

(Back at LPS)

Blythe enters Littlest Pet Shop still somewhat dizzy from earlier and is immediately swarmed by the remaining pets "BLYTHE BLYTHE BLYTHE!"

"W-What?! What happened?!"

"Blythe something happened when...what happened to your head?" Penny Ling suddenly switches subjects as she see's her messed up hair "Oh uh...I just left an escape pod...don't ask…anyway please get back on subject."

"Well you see it involves Sing!"

(Back at the dump)

Singular jumps into the air from bad footing and as he lunges back down Nicky finally strikes him straight in his face launching him away with his head in a wild spin "Wow you fly away like a plastic bag caught in the breeze~" as she starts laughing Singular's head stops and soon looks directly at her, and without another word he dashes towards her at a high speed.

"I think she just switched him to you know who…"

"Who know who?" Vinnie stares at Sunil completely confused as he says this "Nevermind…"

As he's about to make contact, Nicky easily blocks him and flicks him off with another swipe to the chest "OW...what the heck? That thing on his chest...ok I'll have to avoid it. Well now you're getting lazy with your movements now aren't you? You're moving like an elephant filled with tranquilizer darts!" The two continue their assault with Maniac unable to land a single hit on Nicky, and Nicky returning fire blasting him away in every direction before rushing back again.

"Dude this is so gonna end in a way that Sing can make it work!"

"Are you seriously betting on this?"

"Well yea I mean I've seen Sing take a large beating, and return an even bigger beating back. So he's got this!"

"You are really diluted...Look at the current situation! The girl clearly knows to block his sloppy assault and can easily return fire because of it! By the time Sing get's his head together to launch a serious strike towards her he will already be knocked onto the ground!"

"Then I guess it's a bet then!" after Vinnie says this the two stare at the fight waiting for the outcome.

The one sided struggle carries on and Singular goes for another useless rush in which get's him uppercutted into the sky "You really don't learn do you? Did that strike to the head really deplete your cerebral capacity?"

"No...I'm not the guy you were fighting...because unlike him...I DON'T CARE ABOUT HONOR!" Maniac Sing pulls out his freeze ray from his heart core and fires a blast directly at her who quickly holds up her claws to block and is shocked when she finds them frozen together "Is this supposed to hurt?" She shatters the ice and is shocked when Singular is no longer in the air "Where did you-" before she can finish she is impaled through her back by Singular's hand as he jabs his sharp nailed palm into her spine and uses his free hand to smash her away her claw like hands returning to normal as she blasts off "WHO'S LAZY NOW!" as she flies Singular dashes alongside her flying ragdoll body and repeatedly slash at her then finishes up with a burning roundhouse kick sending her deep into the ground "Oh look at that I "lost" control of my fire again."

"And it's game set! You owe me ten treats buddy!"

"I-Impossible! He cheated!"

"Excuses excuses~"

As they argue Sing stares at the ground then quickly jumps away when Nicky jumps out of the ground and hurls a large rock at him which now heads towards Vinnie and Sunil.


"The heck?!" Sing notices the two animals under the box that is about to be crush and quickly dives down and slash through the rock causing it to break in two missing the box entirely "WHY ARE YOU TWO HERE?!"

"One could ask you the same thing!" Sunil says as he stares at Sing who only glares back "Uh...if you want to talk about it that is…"

"Well now...you two are a long way from the petshop."

"F-Fallen? Dude that's Fallen…" Vinnie says as he falls back.

"I think I already pieced that together Vinnie thank you…" Sunil responds with Sarcasm towards his friend.

"Listen you two I want you to get out of here! You could get caught in our crossfire!"

"Ok ok we'll leave...turn off your warning lights we get it!" Vinnie says which confuses Sing "Warning lights?" Vinnie points to his cardiac core unit which is sparking with minor streaks of electricity and a large crack on the glass, but Sing just stares and soon laughs insanely "Dude you're creeping me out…"

Sing turns towards Fallen "WELL I MUST SAY I'M IMPRESSED! THIS THING IS MADE OF MATERIALS THAT ARE GREATLY IMPENETRABLE EVEN BY THE LOWLY THINGS HUMANS CREATE AS THREATS! FOR YOU TO ACTUALLY DAMAGE IT!" He goes back to laughing before speaking again "Ahem...I am amazed someone of your caliber managed to actually scratch this...in a way it's like you've "broken my heart" and on our first "date" to! You are a cold blooded girl aren't you~" Fallen, tired of his tormenting, quickly smashes his face in with a fire imbued punch and quickly becomes shock when there is no injury nor burn mark on his face.

"Well now...glad to be back in control again~ And I bet you're wondering how I'm not burned, and I'll only answer that if you tell me why the hole I made in your chest is no longer there…" As Sing says this his long nails retract back into his fingers.

"Pretty much the same reason why you're not badly injured either…"

"Except I'm not burned…" Sing points to Nicky's small burn mark which has slightly healed, but is still vaguely noticeable "Touche…"

(With Blythe)

"Can't that idiot go one day without doing something stupid?! Seriously does he know to decide everything with his fists or belated ego?! Now where the heck could he have gotten…" Blythe scurries around place to place to find her annoying new friend to beat some sense into him figuratively and literally "Not only did he do this, but it's pretty obvious he's the idiot who blew up Roy's establishment back there...oh yea...he's really in the doghouse now…"


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