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Waking up normally for Calah was a tough feat. She'd lay in bed for a half hour, try getting up and then decide not to until she finally had to. When she only had an hour or so left to get ready and get to where she needed to be. But, when she woke up this morning, she nearly flew out of bed.

She found herself curled up in Seth's arms. Both of his strong arms were latched around her waist and she rested with her arms folding against his chest and her head in the crook of his neck. Meanwhile, Jack sat curled up to Seth's back.

Her eyes slowly opened and she jumped up, Seth's arms ripping off her. "Seth!" She shouted, looking down to make sure she was still clothed. Her hand lifted towards her head, already a pounding head attack taking control of her thoughts.

Seth sat up, completely delirious to his surroundings, "What?" He mumbled, "What's wrong?" He rubbed his eyes, his blonde and black hair everywhere.

"What are you doing in my bed?!" She yelled, wincing at the pain that shook through her head as she did. She climbed out of the bed and looked around the room. She didn't even remember leaving the bar.

"You asked me to stay here last night.." He let his sentence hang. It then occurred to him that she probably didn't remember last night. Didn't remember asking him to stay, talking about the job, telling him her life story and her fears. She didn't remember any of it.

"I did?" She raised an eyebrow to him. She then shook her head, "I need to get some Advil." She grumbled, walking through the small hotel room, and into her bag where she kept most toiletries. She pulled out a bottle of Advil and popped two in her mouth, swallowing them without any water. "Do you need some?" She asked. She hadn't remembered if he drank or not.

"Yes..and no." He told her, lifting Jack up from his back and setting him on the ground. He tossed the blankets off himself.

Turning slowly to look at him, "What else did I say to you last night?" She questioned hesitantly. She hoped it was nothing. It had been an awful long time sine she had even touched a drink and the last time she drank, she lost a close friend because of how brutally honest she was with her.

"Nothing." Seth shrugged, answering almost too quickly. It was clear she didn't want him to know anything about her past, and maybe lying to her about her not saying anything wasn't the right choice, but he didn't want to get the cold shoulder from her he was sure he'd get if he spoke the truth.

Calah stared at him, seemingly studying his facial features to catch him in a lie. She wasn't too sure she wanted to catch him in a lie though. She nodded her head at his response and ran her fingers through her hair, "Right. Well, thanks for making sure I got home safe, Seth. I appreciate it." She offered a smile.

Seth smiled in response, pulling himself from the comfort of her bed to slip his shoes back on. "It's not problem, Cal. I couldn't let the newbie get abducted." He teased her, run his hand through Jack's fur. "I should get going though. I gotta get Dean and Roman's asses up to train. You could thank them for your hangover, by the way." He told her with a chuckle, walking to the door. "I'll see you later?" He asked, placing a hand to the door.

"Oh, I'll be sure to thank them." She muttered, walking back to the white sheets, curling up to the pillows. "I'll see you later." She retorted, watching as the man left her room.

Just as she began to get comfortable, her eyes falling closed and hoping she could sleep off the hangover, there was a loud pounding at her door, her eyes popping back open. "What now?" She growled, swinging her legs over the bed.

She marched over to the door and opened to see a small brunette crying her eyes out in front of her. "Hey, Calah. I know we don't really know each other..but Kait's gone and I don't know who else to go to." Cried the Diva's Champ.

Calah's face softened. Seeing a co-worker cry in front of her tugged at her hard strings. "Come in, AJ. You don't have to apologize." The blonde spoke softly, reaching an arm out and gingerly pulling on AJ's strong arm.

"Thanks." AJ mumbled through the tears, immediately wrapping her arms around the taller woman for a hug.

Wrapping a single arm around her, the photographer felt slightly awkward. She didn't have great knowledge of how to console people. Advice? Sure. "What's going on, AJ?"

"It's Dolph." AJ weeped into Calah's shoulder. "He said we're done."

"Wait.." Calah was taken aback. They were just at the bar yesterday, having a fine time. She remembered that much. "You guys were fine yesterday. Dolph was all smiles."

"Yeah, well not so much this morning!" AJ sighed, walking past Calah and to the bed. It was then Calah's eyes widened and she quickly followed her to the bed. If AJ saw Jack and said something, she'd get in big trouble.

"Well what happened?" Asked Calah, trying to distract AJ as she picked the black cat up in her arms and carried it subtly towards the bathroom, her back facing the crying champion the entire time. She opened the door and tossed Jack in there, throwing a few treats as well before shutting the door.

"He says I'm holding him back." The brunette slumped. "That all the success I'm getting is pushing him in the back and he doesn't want that. He doesn't want everything he fought for to go to waste." AJ looked towards the blonde with clouded eyes. "Why can't he just be happy for me? I was happy for him. I supported him through it all! Why can't he support me?" She questioned, her voice cracking.

"Because he's a dumb boy, AJ." Calah responded, "He can't let his woman have more success than him because that's showing him up, and we can't have that." She rolled her eyes. "You don't need him AJ." The blonde truthfully stated, kneeling in front of the brunette. "You can find someone better. Someone who will support you. And when you do, he'll wanna come crawling back because he fucked up. So, don't cry about it, AJ. Get out there and start looking, because Dolph most certainly isn't worth it."

AJ sniffled, bringing a hand up to her watery eyes. "But he was my Ziggy." The champion pouted.

Rolling her eyes, Calah put a crooked grin on, "So go find someone else you can get a cute nickname for. Like.. Punky or Johnny." She encouraged.

"I guess I could do that.." AJ mumbled, her fingers running through her hair.

"It won't be easy, AJ. But you can get over him. And if you want, maybe once Kaitlyn's back next week, we can share a room one night and watch movies, bullshitting about guys." She offered. Sure she had never done that before, but she had seen the movies!

"I'd actually really enjoy that." AJ forced a smile, but not so much as she would've before. "Thanks for listening, Calah. I really do appreciate it." AJ stood to her feet, Calah rising to hers also.

"Don't mention it. Break ups suck." She laughed, in which AJ nodded.

AJ reached out, quickly pulling Calah into another hug, letting out a deep breath. Blinking a few times, Calah patted the shorter girl's back with a single hand. "I'm gonna take a nap now. My head's pounding." Murmured Calah.

"Right. Hangover and all." AJ pulled away and walked towards the door. As she reached it, her fingers gripped the silver knob but her head turned to the other girl in the room. "Hey, I hope you don't mind me asking, but I figured since we just bonded it's okay.." AJ shrugged, letting her sentence drift for a few seconds, "What's going on with you and Seth?" She asked randomly.

A single brow on the blonde's forehead raised, "Seth?"

"Yeah, you know. Seth Rollins. The two-toned hair guy. Tag Team Champion." AJ listed.

"Yeah, I know who you're talking about," Laughed Calah, "but what do you mean?"

"I mean like, you two disappeared the night we went touristing and then last night at the bar you guys left together and went together. Are you..a thing?" She asked, shaking her head in a confused manner.

"Oh, no, no!" Calah quickly defended. "We're just friends.. he's just trying to make me feel welcomed." She quickly stated.

AJ nodded warily, she didn't seem to have taken that as the truth. "Right, well. You two would be cute." She shrugged before finally leaving.

Shaking her head, Calah's lithe fingers ran through her hair and she watched the door close before she went to the bathroom to let Jack out. "People are right.. she is crazy."

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