1,000 Victories and Counting

Lawrence Limburger wept in his cell in Alcatraz. Nothing he ever did seemed to work. What one had to be impressed with was his persistence. He was only relieved that the High Chairman was dead, and that he no longer had to suffer the wrath unleashed upon him before. He never seemed to comprehend the fact that with the Biker Mice—and to a lesser extent, Leo the Patriotic Lion—he would never get his way and do his Plutarkian race proud. What Limburger also did not realize was that his work was in vain; the Plutarkians had abandoned him and the Milky Way Galaxy and had headed for a different galaxy. Jeopardizing his reputation even further, as he perceived it, were Grease Pit and Karbunkle, proving to be no different than him.

On this last occasion, the Biker Mice had trashed his latest hideout and Leo had him sent back to Alcatraz. Leo, however, forgave the security for being unable to keep Limburger and his bumbling henchmen inside Alcatraz. "It's his body odor," he told the guards. "There's nothing you could do anyway. There's nothing I could have done either."

Throttle, in a manner similar to how the SWAT Kats kept score, was counting the number of times he and his bros had defeated Limburger, Rump, Hairball, and all their enemies. He made the latest tally, then noticed the total. "Sweet!" he exclaimed. "This is a milestone, bros! This is the 1,000th victory we've pulled off, and that includes all the times we've fought alongside Leo!"

"What a rush!" Vinnie laughed triumphantly. "On Throttle! On Modo! On Biker Mice, all!"

"1,000!" Modo smiled. "That's quite a record we've got going if you ask me. This feels just as good or possibly better than getting an album to go platinum!"

When the news reached the Last Chance Garage, Charley was just as thrilled, as was Leo. "1,000 is the record achievement that makes the mark of a great fighting squadron," he said. "Recently the SWAT Kats surpassed 2,000 wins, but, of course, they've been in battle longer than you, so that explains that."

"That's okay," said Modo. "They earned it, seeing as how some of those wins could not have been pulled off without our help. Wonder how many the C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa have?"

"I don't think they've been keeping score," Throttle replied, "but I'm pretty sure it's in the four-digit zone, since Moo has been on the job almost 16 years and counting, if I counted that right."

"How long had you been fighting those villains before you crashed into the scoreboard?" Charley asked.

"I think it was about six or seven years," Vinnie replied. "Two months later, Rimfire crashes into the board, and six months after that, the whole Stoker saga. I'm just glad that's over. I am never letting him out of my sight ever again!"

"He won't be regarded as a traitor anymore, Vincent," Leo spoke up. "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

"Then what do you all say we celebrate with some dogs and root beer?" Throttle suggested.

"Oh, man; you're playing my song, bro!" Modo grinned as the group revved up their engines and headed for the nearest hot dog stand, with Leo following them in his famous Patriotmobile.


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