Another reposting of an old story. Another based off of Danielle's Hunter clan too. Neither those or Buffy-like things do I own, sadly.

This story was previously titled 'The Burning.'

It was a Friday night in the smaller town of Sunnydale, California and Buffy Summers was cursing her friend and co-worker Cordelia Chase to hell and back for this dumb-ass idea.

'I am in the bad part of town, dressed like a goddamn hooker!' she thought bitterly, taking a look around.

She continued walking, straightening out her too-short dress that she had on.

'Why in the world would I listen to Cordelia? I could have said "No." I didn't have to do this. I'm sure I could have found the information I'm after plenty of other ways. Hell, my dumb ass could leave right now and try one of those many other ways if I wanted. But no, of course not, that would be a smart thing to do. So no, I can't. I just had to listen to the queen of everything... and now, here I am.'

Buffy stopped and reached into the small bag she was carrying. There was a dirty old building that she used to lean onto and take off her tennis shoes to then replaced them with some meant-to-kill pumps.

'Hooker outfit complete anyone?' she though, rolling her eyes.

She reached into her purse and took out her cell phone, contemplating wether or not she'd actually go through with this idea or not.

She sighed and put the phone back in. She took out the tape recorder and set it up, then put it back in, sighing once more.

Next, she continued on.


Buffy reached the big door on the grimy warehouse, took a deep breath, and knocked. She heard voices inside and footsteps coming her way. She brushed her fingers through her blonde hair then placed her hands on her hips waiting for someone to open the door.

"What the hell do you want?" the man said when he opened the door up and saw her.

'Holy shit! Bad idea! Really bad, dumb idea!'

"Ummm, hi there. My car... it, well, broke down. I saw some lights on over here and I thought that maybe I could use your phone... or something?" She smiled nervously.

He half turned back into the room behind him. "Hey fellas, we got us a workin' girl out here! Apparently, she's got some nasty car troubles and needs some assistance. Wanna let this pretty little thing in?" He turned back to her, smiling, creepily.

Someone answered but she couldn't quite make out what the said, then the next thing she knew, she was being pulled inside.

"Well, now! Would you look at that?" one of the men called out with a whistle.

Buffy thought he looked familiar.

"Umm... hi? My car... broke down back out that way," she said, pointing. "I wanted to see if maybe I could use your phone or something? Call my boyfriend to come get me..."

"Hmm. Baby, this is a dead end street," he smiled wickedly. "What in the world were you doing out here and at this time?"

"I'm lost," she told the group of scary looking men as she looked around. She began to notice a few of the guys in the room with her had white powder looking stains on some of their clothing.

'Drugs? I knew it!' she rejoyced in her head.

"And I don't know what happened with my car... it just started making some strange noise and I got freaked out. I pulled over to the side of the road back that way," again, she pointed, "I waited a few minutes and then tried again. It was no better. So, I started looking for help."

"Uh huh," he said and began to look her over. She heard footsteps behind her and even more eyes roaming over her. Then it dawned on her.

'Holy shit. That's Rack! One of William "Spike / William The Bloody" Pratt's lackeys!'

Before she could let that information sink in, the footsteps she heard behind her started moving around her. She looked to see who it was and tried not to gasp.

'Spike. Spike as in Spike is here. This is bigger than I thought!'

Her head was spinning, blood pumping, heart beating fast. This was something reporters like herself dreamed of.

"Well, hello cu-tie," Spike said, taking her hand. "Why don't you two, Ben and Adam, go check on this girl's car would ya?"

"Yeah, maybe you can fix it then she won't have to make that call," Rack said, smirking and leering at her.

Spike led her over to a dark-haired woman. He sat down next to her then dragged Buffy onto his lap. "So, cutie, Whatever is your name?"


"Nice to meet you, Anne," he said, putting his hands on her thighs.

She started to wiggle to get off of him. "Look, if I could just..."

"Shut up and stay still!" He grabbed her and held her tight so she couldn't move. He pulled her closer to him and she could feel his hard erection pushing into her.

"The least you can do is show us all your appreciation," Rack said then laughed. Spike joined.

"I know they would all like to see you thanking me for my kind acts."

"I'm... starting to think you have the wrong ideas about me here," she tried saying as calm as she could.

He was slowly rubbing into her and she was looking around to find something to help her stand and get away. She reached for a covered table and half pulled on it half pushed to try and stand up. and in this action she accidentally pulled the sheet off.

Now, before her, was powdered white bricks in plastic and wrapped with tape. There were a few lines of what she knew had to be cocaine next to them and a few piles of money.

'This is the most coke since Scarface and the most money I've ever seen in my life!'

She started to blush and look at the guys. "I'm... sorry... really sorry," she said, standing.

One man hurried over to recover the table up. After it was secure, his deep brown eyes burned into her green ones.

She began to look him over, no doubt realizing he was the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen. He had dark hair that matched his eyes, that he wore spiked. He had on a white tee shirt, black leather jacket and matching pants. He had black shoes on too. He was tall... Buffy guessed six one or six two. And built like a god.

He was looking her over too.

'Holy shit!'

"Listen, I don't have time for all of this fooling around, especially not with some dumb blonde who's out looking for a John," he nodded towards Buffy. "So, are we going to get this taken care of or what?"

"Patience Liam. I'm not done with you, or with her," Spike's eyes began trailing around on Buffy's body once more. "Both need to be savored and taken care of at the right time," he smirked. He grabbed her and she tried to pull away. "Bitch, you had better stop that," he growled. "You better start behaving or I'm going to have to kill you when I decide that I'm through with you!"

"Look, would you just drop the bitch and get on with our deal?" the handsome stranger said. "I'm not getting involved in your little rape and murder plans. I have a much more important issue to deal with here."

"You know, Liam, I really don't like your tone," Spike growled at him. "I'd suggest you shut the hell up, too, or you'll be joining the princess."

He raised up his hands and took a step back. "Have a cow, Spikey. I just want to get my part of this over with. Then, you can do whatever the hell you want with the hooker. I just have other things to do tonight, you know, people to see."

The men argued and Spike threw Buffy to the ground, she slowly started crawling away. She was getting closer to the door when she felt herself run into something.

She looked up to find Rack smirking at her once more. He lifted her up roughly and it caused her to drop her bag, some of the contents scattered out. He picked something up.

'Oh shit!' Buffy's head screamed.

"Buffy Summers... of the Sunnydale Post!" he yelled.

"What?" the two men arguing stopped and growled.

"A reporter? The bitch is a reporter!?" Spike yelled. He walked over to her and grabbed her by the hair, yanking him towards her, fire in his eyes.

"Let me the fuck go!" Buffy screamed at him.

"I don't think so," he turned to the man who let her in in the first place. "You let a motherfucking reporter in here?!" he yelled at him.

"I didn't know! She didn't look like no reporter Spike!"

The gorgeous man who Spike had called Liam groaned. "Good job. A reporter. You know she's probably wired right?" he walked over to the table and started putting the white bricks into a large bag. "I'm getting my ass out of here before the cops show up, Spike."

"Shut the fuck up, Liam. You aren't going anywhere. We've got business to conduct."

"Sorry, we're finished. Teach you to keep it in your pants, I hope. At least long enough to get a deal fucking over with. I can't deal with this Pratt. Fucking reporters and shit! What's the matter with you? You think I wanna stick around for that?"

Spike dragged Buffy, still by the hair, over to the table. "It's first rate?" he asked.

"It's the best, Spike," he said still putting the bricks away.

Spike used one of his hands to hold Buffy, released the other and stopped the stranger... this Liam fellow. He leaned down and snorted a line. After a few heartbeats, "You got a deal."

"It's two hundred thousand... in cash, Billy Idol," Liam said with a smirk in his voice and on his handsome face. "And I won't take any less than that."

"You'll get your fucking money. Now, let's do as you wish and seal the deal. And hey, maybe you can stick around and help us deal with our new favorite reporter."

Buffy stepped in, "My editor knows where I am and he's probably called the cops by now."

Spike just laughed at her then threw her by the hair towards Liam. "You sure?" he asked as Buffy slammed into the taller man. Liam had caught her easily and kept her in place just as easy.

Buffy's eyes were wide with fear as she looked up at him. "Please... please don't," she whispered, "you... you don't want to do this."

He just pulled her closer to his body and ran his hands up from her hips to her neck. Then he leaned into to whisper, "You shouldn't have come in here. That was a very stupid mistake." He leaned back enough an then pressed his lips into hers. He pulled her head back and ran his tongue along her lips demanding access. And Buffy granted, and even welcomed it, cursing herself.

'I'm supposed to be disgusted! Not turned on!' she yelled in her head as he explored her mouth as one of his hands ran down her back and cupped her ass she let out a soft moan of pleasure then blushed when she heard laughter.

"Well, well, sounds like she likes you," Spike said amused. Then Buffy gasped and started struggling to get away.

After Buffy broke the kiss, she panted and tried to get back control of herself, then looked into those warm chocolate pools and put as much anger and she could into her own green ones. "Let go of me!" she growled at him.

He just smirked.

Spike grabbed Buffy once again and dragged her away from Liam and back into his embrace. The next thing she knew his mouth was meeting hers and he was violently pushing his tongue inside her mouth. His hands went up to the top of the halter dress she was wearing and started to unfasten it then started to push the dress up by the short hem, exposing her tiny red satin thong she had been wearing.

She was struggling against him and bit his tongue in the process, this made him pull away and try to slap at her. She ducked and then saw his anger grow and he started to try again. But it never came. She saw Liam's large hand wrapped around Spike's wrist, holding him back.

"Shouldn't bruise the merchandise, Spike."

"She fucking bit me! I think she deserves to be taught a lesson!" he growled.

"Yeah, well, so do you. And let me show you how it's done," he let go, pushed him back and started towards the blonde.

"I thought you said you didn't want a piece," Spike said as he regained his balance.

Liam smirked, "Changed my mind."

He grabbed Buffy once again and slightly lifted her up and held her in his arms. He walked them both over to the edge of the table and sat her down. He stood in between her legs. He finished unfastening her dress and let it start to slid down. Once it exposed her breasts, his hands moved up to cup them. Buffy moaned as he began to roll her nipples with his fingers.

'This is all things not good, Summers!'

He leaned down to kiss her and as he broke it off once again whispered at her, "Play along. The cops will be here soon," then dove in for another one.

'You don't have to tell me twice,' she thought and began to wrap her legs and arms around him to draw him in closer. Her stomach pushed into his hard cock and he let out a deep moan, wishing he could just carry her out of here and go someplace more private.

Just then they heard someone yelling "Police!" as the front foor of the warehouse busted open. "On the ground. Now!" the officers with heavy armor yelled.

Liam lifted up his head and sighed. He pushed Buffy back a a little and helped her with her dress, getting it pulled up and retied, just as he did he felt himself being pushed to the ground. He was instructed to lie on his stomach and he did, his legs were crossed and his arms were behind his head.

They patted him down and then cuffed him. Then they forced him to his knees.


When he was being walked out by a couple of officers, he noticed the blonde girl talking to a few others several feet away as they passed.

Her head lifted up and he locked in with the emerald orbs, he smiled softly and whispered her name before they continued dragging him out and putting him in the back of one of their vehicles.