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Memory Jack's Thoughts

Guardian's/Burgess kids/Manny


Jamie/Pippa/Cupcake: 17

Caleb/Claude: 18

Monty: 16

Sophie: 12

Chapter 1

Jack yawned as he trudged through the forest that had freshly fallen snow littering the terrain. His staff was rested on his shoulders as he walked, smiling softly at how the snow crunched underneath his bare feet. It was seven years after they had defeated Pitch and he had no signs of coming back into his masochist way of power. Jack was relieved, finally there was some peace and balanced stored. A few benefits came from all of this. One of it was that he had gotten his memories back, two: he had believers and they'd escalated over the years (he really had to thank Jamie and the other Burgess children for that) and three: even though he was still clumsy on the ideas of getting close to someone, he finally had a family.

The wind shifted in the air and it seemed to wrap around Jack comfortingly. The wind was all Jack had back when he was in his 300 years of solitude epoch. He still considered the wind as family. Colorful, stretching lights flickered onto the horizon and it broke through Jack's thoughts as he looked up and then started to ascend into the frisky air of the morning winter haze. North was summoning the Guardians to the Pole.

Something was wrong. Jack could feel it—as North would normally say—in his belly.

When Jack entered the Globe room of Santoff Clausen, what he saw was expected. North and E. Aster Bunnymund were arguing about which holiday was more liked and more important, the elves were making their normal mischief, Sandy was trying to gather everyone's attention by his sand images flashing above his head and Tooth was fluttering around giving her mini Tooth's orders.

Jack swept off his feet and landed next to Sandy and then leaned against his staff. "Alright," He said, gathering everyone's attention. "What's so important North?"

"Ah, Jack." North, the large Russian, smiled heartedly at the white-haired boy. "Glad you could make it so soon."

"Really North," Bunny was agitated, but alas, it was usual. "It's two weeks before Easter; I wouldn't do this to you two weeks before Christmas."

"Yes," North nodded. "But Easter is not Christmas,"

"Now wait jus' a minute!" Bunny's eye twitched with anger.

Jack rolled his eyes and looked down at Sandy and promptly blocked everyone else from his hearing. "Hey, Sandy. You have any idea what this meeting is about?"

Sandy started speaking to Jack through his sand images. First was an image of North which flashed and changed into the Moon and then an arrow. Jack looked up to where the arrow was pointed and blinked in surprise at how luminescent the moon looked that night.

"Uh…guys?" Jack said.

Bunny and North kept arguing and Tooth was just too busy fluttering around with her mini tooth's to hear anything.

"GUYS," Jack yelled which gained their attention and ceased all sorts of communication.

"Vat is it, Jack?" North asked.

Jack didn't respond, he just pointed upwards with Sandy and the rest of the Guardians looked up to see the moon. "Ah, Man in Moon. Good to see you," North greeted and then turned around to look at Jack. "Jack, why you not tell me sooner?"

Jack just glared and Sandy thought cheerfully, finally someone knows how I feel.

"Man in Moon," North ignored the glares and turned his attention back to Manny. "Vat is news?"

The Moon seemed to glow and gradually get larger and light shined down into the Globe room. A bright light lashed in their eyes and then, a voice filled their ears.

"Guardians, I have been watching you for quite a while and it is time that you've learnt about the past of the youngest Guardian, Jack Frost. You all say that he needs to grow up and show some more responsibility in the world but the thing is, he cannot and you must understand why. The Burgess children will be looking into Jack's memories as well. Jack, you will also be present during this time."

Jack was appalled. "What? M-My memories—Manny…you can't…" his voice drifted as did Manny's own. Another bright flash glared at them and they blinked before finding themselves in an unfamiliar room instead of the Globe room. They looked around to see the Burgess children inside of the room as well. Jamie was the first one to recover. The room was large, it was painfully white, and had long shite sofas and tables and chairs that littered around. Few paintings were scattered on the walls but there were no windows that added to the décor.

"Jack!" He beamed. Jamie ran towards the winter spirit and pulled him into a tight hug. Jamie had grown from being a scrawny nine year old child to a muscled, 6 foot tall seventeen year old. Jack was highly annoyed (and a little bit sad) since all of the Burgess children were now taller than him—with the exception of Sophie.

Pippa had a lean and toned body that fit the dancer that she was now; she stood at five feet and six inches with brunette hair that flowed down to her waist. Cupcake stood at the same height but her hair was cropped short and she had a unicorn barrette in her hair. Sophie was five feet and two inches and her untamable dirty blonde hair was always pulled into a bun or pony tail.

The twins Caleb and Claude stood at Jamie's height though they were a bit more muscled than him and they still obtained the hairstyles they did when they were young. Monty was five feet and eight inches, still wearing his glasses.

"Bunny!" Sophie squealed as she launched herself on the six foot one Pooka.

"Hey there, yah lil' ankle bittah," Bunny smiled down fondly at the twelve year old.

"Do you guys know what's going on?" Jamie asked after Jack had struggled through his vice like grip.

"Apparently, the Man in the Moon thinks we need to know about Jack's past life." Tooth explained. "Jack isn't very happy about it, though."

Everyone looked at Jack and snickered at his pouting expression.

"Look!" Cupcake exclaimed as a large rectangular bubble, that carried the shape of a large flat screen television, had expanded and an image started to flicker on its' surface.

"It's starting," Monty said in awe.

The noise simmered down to nothing as the memory started to play.