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Chapter Fifteen

There were many flashes; all of them had everyone temporarily blinded. Their cries of shock echoed throughout the room and when they blinked, they were no longer in the white room. They were all in a lounge-like room in the North Pole. Phil the Yeti shrieked with surprise as all of the Guardians, Immortals, and Burgess Children had delicately fallen into bean bag chairs and onto couches.

Phil blinked, and then left the room, mumbling to himself in Yetish about how he was getting too old for this.

"What…?" Jack blinked blearily around the room. "Are we in the workshop?"

"Yes." North responded as he picked himself up.

Emma groaned as she shivered. Even with the heat turned on, she was still a shivering mess. Large doses of cold temperature always got her sick. Immortal or not, she still got the cold every now-and-then. Jack grinned knowingly at her, in which she promptly stuck her tongue out at him, childishly. He returned the favor.

Everyone else chuckled at the blatant display of a silent, child-like argument.

"Well," Bella said. "I'm off to China."

"It's back to annoying Ghosts for me." Shadow smirked as he then left in a dramatic arch of darkness. Bella rolled her eyes, but with a tiny flash of white light did she disappear from the Pole. Emma blinked in disbelief at where they once stood but then she shook her head, and rolled her eyes.

"Wait," Jamie said, picking up a sleeping Sophie effortlessly, "How are we going to get home?"

"Snow globe!" North yelled, grinning, before scuttling off to retrieve said object.

Sandy was back to semi-wrestling with the elves who were determined to either place questionable objects and liquids into his eggnog or drink it themselves. By his expression, you could tell he was about to strangle the elves who were a menace to society.

Bunny shortly said goodbye, told Jack to stay out of trouble (and to "stop freezin' me Warren!"), and then jumped into one of his tunnels which closed and a tulip had spring up from where he had just stood.

Emma pointed to it with a puzzled look on her face, which said, really? Really now? A flower?

Jack snickered. Tooth was buzzing around the room once again with her fairies, giving them orders and getting herself up-to-date since she was now back in business. But, somehow, she always seemed to keep an eye on the two Immortal Children, making sure nothing was happening to them that was harmful to either themselves or everyone else around them.

"I should get you home," Jack said. "The longer you stay here, the higher the chance of…you know…."

Emma hated it when Jack mentioned her weak immune system and her way of getting sick almost every time there was a drop in the temperature. She often wondered why she was even friends with a Winter Spirit but she wouldn't ask for a better friend.

She grinned. "Yeah. Time to hit the books."

Jack groaned. "Don't remind me."

She snickered. Ever since he'd lost a bet, Jack had to read four history books and one fiction book every six months. Jack was a fast reader, and he didn't mind the knowledge, but now-a-days he regretted every agreeing to a bet that said if he lost, he'd have to do the things mentioned for a total of fifty years.

Grumbling, he said, "I don't like you right now."

"Still your best friend, though." Emma said, cheekily.

Jack grinned. "Yup, and I'm never going to change it."