For the big sis/lil sis comp — based off Sam's oneshot, Watching Her. Use one of the following: red, bird, judgement day, faith.




She moves like quicksilver, fluiduntouchablegracefulbeyondmeasure

And you?

You are nothing compared to her.

She could have any[one]

why would she look twice at you

red-hairedfreckledganglyawkward you


she smiles that thousand watt smile and you can't think of anything else

it blinds you

and you have










You make it worse

(of course).

You ask her to the ball

on a whim


and before she can even answer you are gone

{your face is as red as your hair

you are mortified}


You go anyway

for moral support, because your best mate has to dance in front of everyone

and the least you can do is show up

but you don't anticipate how much it hurts to see that thousand-watt smile aimed at not-you.


Your best mate is bloody mental

you've decided

all stupid and noble and that

because he saves her


even though she is not his to save

even though they would not have let her die



apparently she's all for that bloody mental noble lark

because she beams at him

that brilliant thousand-watt smile

and she kisses his cheek

(you don't want to admit to the flare of jealousy, but it's there)

but then she turns that smile

(for the first time)

toward you

and you feel the warmth that is her own thousand-watt sunbeam smile

and the warmth that is her lips on your skin

and you think maybe having a bloody mental best mate isn't such a bad thing after all