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Well, most of the dialogue is from "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" from the "Samwise the Brave" scene at the end. I thought it would fit.

I also have another idea like this, only it would be using a scene from Harry Potter. Should I do it?

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"I wonder if we'll ever be put into songs or tales," Merlin muttered quietly, his eyelids drooping. Arthur shook his head and checked his manservant's wound again. It did not look good; not good at all. If anything, it looked bigger.

"What?" asked the king, trying to keep Merlin awake. He needed Merlin to stay awake; just to reassure Arthur that he was alive.

Merlin smiled as if his chest wasn't drenched with blood. "I wonder if people will ever say 'let's hear about Arthur the King.' And they'll say-" Merlin was struck with a sudden coughing fit, one that racked his whole body, and a small dribble of blood came out of the corner of his mouth. Arthur wiped it away, and gripped his manservant's hand tightly.

"And they'll say," Merlin tried again. " 'Yes, that's my favorite. Arthur was really courageous, wasn't he, dad?' 'Yes, my boy, the most famous of kings. And that's saying a lot.' "

The warlock coughed again, a bit longer than the last time, and blood gushed out again. Arthur sighed and pulled the manservant into his arms, holding him so they could still face each other.

"You left out one of the chief characters," Arthur murmured. Merlin gave him a puzzled look. "Merlin the brave."

Merlin's eyes widened, but remained silent.

"I want to hear more about Merlin," said the king, smoothing back some of his manservant's raven hair. "Arthur wouldn't have gotten far without Merlin."

Merlin face lit up at that, but then the pain was again masked back onto his face. "You shouldn't make fun, p-p-prat." He fumbled over his words. "I w-was being s-serious."

Arthur gave him a tender look. "So was I."

"Merlin the brave…" the warlock whispered with a ghost of a smile on his face.

"Merlin the brave," Arthur confirmed, resting his forehead against Merlin's as his manservant closed his eyes.


"Stay with me. Please."

Merlin stopped breathing.