It was raining, it was quiet minus all the sobs, and it was dark out. We got a phone call from Ryan several days ago, surprising both Kori and I. We haven't spoken to Ryan in six months. We knew something was wrong, both Kori and I could sense it. The news came and Kori crumpled to the ground. I gave my condolence to Ryan before turning my attention to my sobbing fiancé. Oh did I forget to mention that I proposed to Kori two months after the pregnancy. We plan to wed once the baby is settled in and we're comfortable. I bought a house for us, one with a big backyard, white picket fence, more than one bedroom. A place for us to be a family in peace. I graduate Police Academy in a few months. I'm glad that I'll be able to support my family without the help of Bruce.

Thunder boomed and a flash of lightening could be seen not too far from us.

I wrapped my arm around Kori's stomach, caressing the large bump, the other holding up an umbrella. Three more months and my baby girl will be in our arms. A girl! Can you believe that? We already decorated her room and picked out the circus theme that Kori insisted on. We just couldn't decide on a name yet. I'm sure it'll come to us.


I looked up at the priest who moved to the side. I pushed Kori toward the two closed caskets. One held her father and the other held her mother. It's a shame that I couldn't meet them. I would have loved to meet the creators of my beautiful Kori.

I heard Kori break out into a loud cry as she placed a single white rose on her father's casket and then a single white rose on her mother's casket. I placed my arms on her shoulders as she leant down to give each casket a kiss. She whispered something but I could not understand what she said.

I wrapped her in my arm, her head rested on my chest, and I took her back to our spot. I watched as people walked up to the caskets and placed their own flowers down. I noticed some people that I had not seen before. A large man with long brown red hair and beard would look over at us every now and then. A girl about the same age as me came up to Kori to say something but Kori shooed her away. She looks a lot like Kori except she has brown eyes and black hair. A few other Tamaraneans came but I'm not too sure how they're related to Kori.

I looked over as Ryan walked up to the caskets. Do I regret loving Kori? No. Do I regret not telling Ryan about our relationship from the beginning? Yes.

I watched as everyone started to leave to their cars, heading over to Ryan's house for the mercy dinner. It started to rain really hard and I'm glad that the umbrella above us is supportive.

Ryan turned once they started to descend the caskets down. He gave us a glance before walking over to his car.

I squeezed Kori. "C'mon let's head back to the car. You'll get sick if we stay out any longer."

Kori nodded against me and I brought her back over to the car.

The house was full of family and friends when we got there. Giving their sympathies to Ryan and muttering amongst themselves.

I brought Kori over to the couch and I took a seat with her. I held her hand, rubbing it, and being there for her. After all I know how it feels to lose your parents.

A clear of the throat and I looked up at the large man from earlier.

"Hello," he said. He held out his hand and I shook it. "My name is Galor."

"I know who you are. You are the one who found my parents," said Kori. She looked up at him before touching my chest. "This is my fiancé Richard Grayson."

"Just Dick," I told him.

He nodded. "I knew your parents very well Korina. I am sorry for the way things turned out."

Kori nodded. "I am sorry as well. Thank you for your condolence."

He cleared his throat. "I hope to see you late this week at the reading of your parent's will. Feel better little one."

I watched as he left. I turned to Kori and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Are you hungry?" I asked.

She shook her head. "I am not feeling too hungry right now."

I let out a chuckle. "Now I know that's a lie. You're always hungry."

She let out a faint giggle, very rare this last week. "Perhaps I am a little hungry." She rubbed her stomach.

I kissed her lips. "I'll get you something from the kitchen."

I took off my coat before placing it on the couch next to Kori. I walked over to the kitchen table that had a spread of different food. I grabbed a plate and started to fill the plate up.

"Hello Dick."

I nearly dropped my plate. I looked across from me on the other side of the table. "Ryan. Sorry about your loss."

He cleared his throat. "Thanks for coming." He was itching to say something. "Hows my sister?"

I placed a sandwich on the plate and looked up. "She's hanging in there."

Ryan nodded. "Good."

I licked my lips. "Look Ryan, I'm sorry for the way things turned out. I really didn't mean any harm from it."

He sighed. "I forgive you."

My eyebrows shot up. "You forgive me? I was actually expecting a fist in the face."

He chuckled. "I'm not going to hit you. What kind of person would I be for fighting with a pregnant lady's fiancé?"

"That pregnant lady is your sister," I pointed out. "You should talk to her."

Ryan shrugged. "I don't know if I can."

"Why not?" I asked.

He sighed. "What if...what if she doesn't want to talk to me?"

I laughed in his face. "Seriously? She cries every night and prays that you call her and forgive her. She still loves you."

"I love her too," said Ryan.

"Then prove it," I said. I caught him. "I dare you to go over there and fix things. Make the first move."

Ryan looked at me for a moment before walking over to the archway. I walked over and noticed Bruce holding Kori's hand, whispering something before walking away. I gave Ryan a push and I followed behind him.

Kori's eyes widened when she saw us together. "Ryan?" she asked.

He cleared his throat. "Hey Kori. Mind if we talk a little?"

She shook her head and patted the seat next to her. I gave her the plate before leaving to give the two some space.


I turned to Ryan. "Yea?"

"Thank you," he said.

I smiled. "No problem."

You know what they say, With every end comes a new beginning.

Thank you everyone for your reviews and your support. This story has been a success in my book. I hope you all enjoy my next piece, High School, Love, and Scars.