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Ch 1: Advanced battle

In the Champion Stadium in the Servon island Ash now 14 years old was with his mother and Professor Oak, watching the world championship match. World champion Daniel Rian ,who had been champion for 13 years, was going against a challenger a man from the Jhonto region. Their battle was in the form that the champion match was always played in, a best out of 24 pokemon. Daniel had already won ten of the matches only loosing three of the matches. He was only 3 away from retaining his champion title, "Tyranitaris-rex , use hyper beam" Daniel said." Regirock use iron defense" Mark Jackson said.

Regirock stood ready to endure but the hyper beam was so powerful it destroyed iron defense and ko'd regirock in a single blast. "Regirock is unable to battle" The ref said. "Wow his pokemon are powerful" Ash said, "It's been thirteen years since I saw him become champion and coming back every 4 years and It is still just as exciting" Oak said. Both trainers returned their pokemon, "Ok Go Arrogon" Daniel said, the massive legendary pokemon came out and roared which shook the stadium. "Wow, it's Arrogon" Ash said. "Ok Go Gyarados" Jackson said. His gyarados came out and roared , "Gyarados use hydro pump" Jackson said. Gyarados shot a massive jet of water at Arrogon. "Arrogon use Iron head" Daniel said.

Arrogon shined and then charged straight through the water. "Incredible it's not even hurting him" Delia said, "And water attacks are super effective on normal Aggron" Ash said. Arrogon rammed into Gyarados and knocked him back. "Now grab him and use metal spout" Daniel said, Arrogon grabbed Gyarados with all four of his arms then opened his massive mouth and a jet of liquid metal came out and impacted Gyrados. "Oh my , that's got to hurt" Oak said, Gyarados cried out in pain then fainted. "Gyarados is unable to battle" The red said. Arrogon dropped Gyarados and roared in victory. "Well done Arrogon" Daniel said, "Gyrados nice try return" Jackson said. Daniel returned Arrogon. "Go Tortearth" Daniel said, his most powerful pokemon came out.

He was massive three times the size of a normal torterra he had three trees and four bushes on his back and a few vines on the trees also with a small pond. Tortearth roared he was shiny having a cyan back and yellow legs and cyan head. "Ok , Go blaziken" Jackson said. "blaziken use flare bitz" Jackson said, blaziken launched the attack and it hit Tortearth but it glanced him like nothing happened. "Ok Tortearth use bulldoze" Daniel said. Tortearth roared then charged at blaziken, "blaziken jump up and dodge it" Jackson said. blaziken jumped up and over Tortearth. "blaziken use fire punch" Jackson said, blaziken did the attack and hit Tortearth but again Tortearth looked as if he weren't attacked at all.

"Wow that's one tough pokemon" Ash said. "He is, I remember when Daniel first got him" Oak said, "Tortearth use earthquake" Daniel said. "Jump onto Tortearth" Jackson said, blaziken jumped onto Tortearth and was able to avoid the earthquake. The earthquake was so powerful it shook the entire stadium and many people walking fell to the ground. "Now use overburn" Jackson said. blaziken jumped up and came down with overburn. Jackson and blaziken looked in Horror as Tortearth looked fine. "Nice job Tortearth now use leaf storm" Daniel said. The three trees on Tortearth glowed and then unleashed a hurricane of leaves came out and engulfed blaziken. When it stopped they saw blaziken on the ground ko'd. "blaziken is unable to battle the winner is the champion" The ref said. The crowd then cheered and the announcer spoke, "Champion Rian retains his title". Just after Jackson returned his blaziken Daniel walked up to him. "You fought well, you're a good trainer" He said shaking his hand. "Thanks that means a lot" Jackson said.

Several Days later Ash was back at his home Pallet Town. He was in his room sitting at his desk. Resting on his shoulder was none other than pikachu, his first pokemon and closest friend. Ash was reminiscing on his badges and other awards. It had been nearly five years since he had been on another journey. When he was ten he couldn't stop going on journeys but after the Unova region he decided to take a break and train the pokemon he already had. That break turned into nearly five years, he would be turning fifteen in just two days. Ash also looked at a picture he had from the Hoenn region, the picture was of him standing with his friends, Brock who was now twenty, Max who was now 11, and May who was 14.

He was standing closest to May in the picture and thought a bit about May. He looked at the wooden carving of the Teddyursa she had given him as well as half of the ribbon they had won Together. Pikachu looked at Ashes face and saw and expression he hadn't seen before. "Pika chu" He said. "Oh Pikachu , it's nothing" He said, he was lying though. Ash had been thinking about May for a while now. Ever since she had returned after winning the Jhoto Grand festival he hadn't seen her for nearly 5 years. He sighed, "I think I should see the others" Ash said. He walked over to Professor Oak's lab and saw his friend 14-year-old Tracy in the lab with a Squirtle , Bulbasaur, and Charmander on a table.

Standing next to him was Professor Oak, "Excellent, where did you get them?" Oak asked, "The squirtle is the offspring of two Blastoise here, the Bulbasaur was also born here, but I caught the charmander near by" Tracy said. "I see, well that means the charmander already has some experience but it's ok there's still plenty of room for training" Oak said. He then saw Ash walk in. "Oh Ash, I didn't know you were coming over" He said, "Yeah I just came to see my pokemon" Ash said. Oak had many pupils over the years but few like Ash. He could think of the ones like Ash. Ash was similar to Daniel in many ways, and Daniel was no doubt his greatest pupil he was the world champion after all.

Oak knew the time when Ash couldn't stop competing in pokemon leagues, but after he had competed in each one at least once he had stayed home in Pallet town for nearly five years. Each and every day he would go to professor Oak's lab and train with his pokemon.

Each had all become very powerful some had even evolved. Such as his Totodile which was now a Croconaw: His gible which was now a Garchomp: His Snivy was now a serperior, and his corphish a crawdaunt. Oak was actually growing a little concerned , Ash had once been so energetic about traveling around and yet the only times he ever left Pallet town was to visit Pewter and cerulean cities to see his old friends Brock and Misty. Brock was now a pokemon Doctor and Misty was still the cerulean city gym leader. Ash went back into the large open pen areas where his pokemon were.

When he stepped in Pikachu looked over then yelped and jumped off his shoulder. Ash was about to ask what was wrong when he was knocked over by none other than Bayleaf. She was on top of him smiling and said "Bay, bay leaf" She was keeping in her normal routine of jumped on him. When Ash got up he saw his other pokemon coming around him as well in their normal matter , each one happy to see him. "Ok guys lets see whose training today" He said, Ash had been keeping track of who he trained each day. The last time he did he had done speed exercises with Gliscor , oshawott, heracross, Sceptile, Infernape, Swellow, and Pikachu.

"Ok Today, I'm working with, Toterra, Bulbasaur, Staraptor, Croconaw, Quilava and" he was about to say the last one when Bayleaf jumped on him again. "And Bayleaf" Ash said. Near a pond each one stood, "Ok go" Ash said, just then his glailie shot many spheres of ice into the air and each of his pokemon used their ranged attacks and were dead on accurate. "Great job guys" Ash said , for the next few hours he did various training exercises with his pokemon while Oak spoke with Delia. "Delia , I'm growing concerned for Ash, for nearly 5 years he has stayed here , I suppose it is good he's doing so much training but I fear he has lost his spark that lead him to do every pokemon league out there" Oak said.

"I'm not so sure professor, I'm glad he's actually here and not running around the world" Delia said. "I see, your afraid of loosing him , like Felix" Oak said. Delia sighed and looked down, "Felix left me and Ash, so he could be a trainer, now I don't eve know where he is" Delia said. "Ash still doesn't know who his own father is" Delia said. Oak then sighed as well, "Delia I understand you want to be with your son but he has more potential that just sticking here in pallet town" Oak said. Delia hesitated then spoke. "Your …your right" She said, "Good, I'll tell him" Oak said.