Ch 58: The final matchup

Pikachu and meowth stared each other down as the ref prepared to signal them to begin. "I don't believe it, this is the exact some situation Ash was in five years ago" Max said. "I just hope it doesn't end up the same way it did last time" Morrison said. "It won't, Ash and Pikachu have gotten so much stronger since then" May said.

"Don't forget so has Tyson, I mean look at him he's a member of the elite four" Max said. "Let's do this Meowth just like last time" Tyson said. "We can do this PIkachu , together!" Ash said. The ref lowered his flags signaling the match had begun. "Ok if I remember right Meowth knows thunkderbolt which means he can absorb any ranged electric attacks. I'll have to use other moves. Ok Pikachu use agility" Ash said.

Pikachu dashed around increasing his speed and evasiveness. "Meowth use screech" Tyson said. "Pikachu dodge it" Ash said. Pikachu was able to avoid the piercing screech and position himself at meowth. "Quick attack" Ash said. Pikachu quickly sprinted toward Meowth. "Meowth use protect" Tyson said. Meowth threw up a green barrier over himself that absorbed the quick attack. "Meowth use furry swipes" Tyson said.

"Pikachu move!" Ash said. Pikachu tried to dodge the attack but Meowth was too fast. Meowth slashed pikachu across the face repeatedly with his claws. "Dam he's fast, Pikachu use double team" Ash said. Pikachu quickly made a dozen copies of himself around Meowth. Meowth slashed the pikachu in front of him, but it was just a copy.

"Pikachu use quick attack" Ash said. The real pikachu sprinted out at Meowth like lighting. "Meowth use nightslash" Tyson said. Meowth slashed Pikachu as he came at him. "Not again" Ash said. "Meowth's just too fast, there's no way Pikachu is going to get him" Max said. "It's not over yet Max" May said.

"Alright Meowth is too fast for attacks like that, but I can't use ranged Electric attacks. Unless, that's it!" Ash said as he had a brilliant idea. "Pikachu use thunderbolt!" Ash said. Pikachu got up and growled as he unleashed thunder bolt at Mewoth. "Looks like you didn't learn from our last match Ash. Meowth use thunderbolt" Tyson said.

Meowth unleashed thunderbolt allowing him to absorb pikachu's thunderbolt. "Get him Meowth" Tyson said. Meowth unleashed the thunderbolt back and hit Pikachu. "Perfect, Pikachu use voltackle!" Ash said. Pikachu covered himself in electricty and ran at Meowth. As Pikachu got closer to Meowth his power and speed increased. "Wait a minute, Meowth stop the thunderbolt!" Tyson said. Meowth stopped the thunderbolt but it was too late.

Pikachu hit Meowth and unleashed all the electricity he had gathered into meowth. "Alright Pikachu!" Ash said. "That was brilliant, Ash got Meowth to use thunderbolt so when pikachu used voltackle it would only increase its power" Felix said. "I knew he'd figure this out" May said.

"Alright that was a good move Ash but that won't be enough. Meowth use Iron tail" Tyson said. "Pikachu use iron tail" Ash said. Both Pikachu and Meowth turned their tails' iron and swung them at eachother. At first their were only able to hit eachother's tails. For nearly a minute the two dueled eachother with their tails until Meowth did a sweeping blow that knocked Pikachu onto his back. "PIkachu move!" Ash said.

Pikachu quickly moved to the side and Meowth's tail hit the ground. Pikachu saw the opening he swung his iron tail and hit Meowth in the face. "Yes that's it Pikachu" Ash said. "Meowth use fake out" Tyson said. Meowth quickly jabbed pikachu with his paws causing him to flinch. "Perfect now use iron tail" Tyson said. Meowth came back and bashed Pikachu across the face with his tail.

"Pikachu" Ash said. Pikachu struggled to get back up as Meowth lowered his tail. "Pikachu we can do this, don't give up" Ash said. "Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted. Up in a private box Daniel and Serena were still watching the match. "He's certainly got determination, he reminds me more and more of Felix every time he makes a move" Daniel said "Even if he loses, you have to give him credit for making this far against Tyson" Serena said. Daniel looked closer at Ash and Pikachu. He closed his eyes and reached out using his aura to feel theirs. "I think this match is just about over" Daniel said.

"PIkachu, use quick attack" Ash said. PIkachu sprinted at Meowth with speed he had not shown earlier in the match. "Meowth use thunderbolt" Tyson said. Meowth unleashed thunderbolt at his opponent, but pikachu evaded the attack. "QUick use payday" Tyson said. Meowth threw several hard coins he had collected at pikachu.

"PIkachu move!" Ash said. Pikachu dodged every coin and continued toward Meowth. "Protect!" Tyson said. Meowth threw a large green barrier over himself. "Pikachu stop!" Ash said. Pikachu stopped just before hitting the barrier. Meowth looked confused as Pikachu just stared at him for a few seconds. "Pikachu now!" Ash said.

Pikachu jumped forward and latched himself onto Meowth. "What the!?" Tyson said. Many in the audience were confused as well."Meowth get him off with hidden power" Tyson said. Meowth unleashed hidden power around himself but pikachu wouldn't budge. "Use furry swipes" Tyson said. Meowth slashed pikachu repeatidly as pikachu grit his teeth in pain.

"Pikachu Fusion bolt!" Ash said. Pikachu turned blue and he unleashed every bit of electric power he had left. "Fusion bolt? Pikachu can't learn fusion bolt" Serina said. Daniel looked closer at Pikachu. "You're right Serina but that's fusion bolt. Some how Ash has taught his pikachu to use a move only legendary pokemon can use" Daniel said.

Meowth cried out in pain as the fusion bolt inflicted more pain upon him than anything else in his life. "Meowth quick get him off you!" Tyson said. Meowth did his best to slash Pikachu with furry swipes but he wouldn't give up. "Keep it up Pikachu , we can do this!" Ash said. "He's so close, Come on Pikachu!" May said. "Just a little big more" Felix said.

"Pikachu full power!" Ash said. PIkachu unleashed one final burst of electricity into the fusion bolt. After he did Meowth tried to use thunderbolt,but the mixing of the two charges caused a small explosion knocking both pokemon back. "Pikachu!" Ash said. "Meowth!" Tyson said. Both pokemon struggled to get on their feet. Once Pikachu and Meowth did all they could do was try to catch their breath.

"I don't think either of them can make many if any more moves" Norman said. "It all comes down to who can stay up longer" Felix said. "This is the exact thing that happened last time, Pikachu couldn't stay up" Max said. "He can do this, he can do this" May said. Ash watched pikachu closely as Tyson watched Meowth.

Both trainers closed their eyes and used their aura to connect with their pokemon. "Don't give up Meowth, you can do this" Tyson said through an aura message. "PIkachu, I'm so proud of you. Whatever happens, I know you gave enerything you had out there and that's what matters most. So whatever happens know that we did this togher" Ash said.

Pikachu and Meowth stared at eachother for another minute before Meowth smiled and said something to Pikachu. As soon as he finneshed Meowth fell to the ground. "Meowth is unable to battle! The winner is trainer Ash Ketchum!" The ref said. The stadium roared in applause following the refs rueling. Ash sprinted over to Pikachu and lifted him into his arms. "We did it , we did it!" Ash said. "PIkachu!" Pikachu said as loud as he could. Ash took out his other 5 pokeballs and let out the rest of his pokemon.

"He won! He beat Tyson!" May shouted. Charla roared in excitement as did baby charmander. "He beat an elite four member I'm so proud of him" Felix said. "He's grown so much since he first started his journey" Delia said. "I can't believe Ash just beat an elite four member" Max said. "Alright Ash! I knew he had it in him" Morrison said.

"He won, a fifteen year old beat an elite four member, I can only think of a few trainers who are that good" Serena said turning to her husband. "You're right Serena Ash is a remarkable trainer. He's showed that he has a connection with his pokemon that few trainers can say they have" Felix said.

"Guys we won!" Ash said. Ash's pokemon huddled around him in a group hug. Tyson came over and picked up Meowth. "You did great Meowth, I'm proud of you" Tyson said. Tyson walked over to Ash. "Ash, I guess you've grown more than I have. Congradulations you just beat a member of the Hoenn elite four" Tyson said. "Thank you Tyson, that was the most exciting match of my life" Ash said.

"Well folks we have our winner. Ash Ketchum of Pallot town!" The announcer said. Later that night fireworks over the stadium as Tyson and Ash stood in the center of the stadium. "Ash for beating me I present you a silver crescent, this badge is given to any to any trainer who can conqure an elite for member" Tyson said. The silver crescent was like as it was described. "Thanks Tyson I'm honored" Ash said.

Steven and Daniel were standing by Tyson on the pavilion. "This concludes the Ever grand City Pokemon league" Steven said. The moltres flame was put out and the crowds began to leave. Tyson and Steven left the arena leaving Ash and Daniel alone. Before Ash could leave Daniel came over to Ash. "Ash can I speak with you" Daniel said. "I would be honored" Ash said.

"Ash I've been watching you since you since the competition began and I must say, you remind me of your father" Daniel said. "Thanks Daniel, It's an honor to meet you" Ash said. "Ash you probably don't know this but we've met once before we met here. Fifteen years ago I was making a trick home and I saw you as an infant. Even then I saw a lot of your father in you and knew you'd become a great trainer someday" Daniel sai.

"Wait you met me as a child?" Ash said. "I was a hometown boy then, but I haven't been home in a while" Daniel said. Daniel looked at Pikachu and petted his head. "I've felt your bond with your pokemon through your aura. You share a special bond with your pokemon, few trainers bond with their pokemon like you do. I also see you have an even greater bond with your Pikachu. He's your first pokemon isn't he" Daniel said.

"He is my first pokemon and probably my closest friend" Ash said turning to Pikachu. Daniel took out a pokeball and sent out one of his pokemon. The pokemon Daniel sent out was his Tortearth. Tortearth was the legendary form of torterra. He was three times the size of a normal torterra, had three trees and four bushes on his back and a few vines on the trees also with a small pond. Also his exterior was black and cyan with a few natural earth colors.

"Wow your Tortearth" Ash said. Daniel came over to him and put his arm over Tortearth's head. "Tortearth was my first pokemon. I found him in Pallot town after he escaped from Team rocket. They poached him from Sinnoh and when they landed back in Kanto he managed to get out. One day when I was eight I was playing near the trees by the pond. I found him there exhausted and hurt. I took him home and used a potion to heal his injuries" Daniel paused for a moment when Tortearth let out a grunt.

"We bonded for over a year before I actually caught him and after that we trained for another three years before departing on our journey. Everything I've ever done I knew I could do it because of Tortearth. He means more to me than you could possibly imagine" Daniel said. Tortearth smiled and rubbed his massive head against Daniel's body. "You're bond with Pikachu reminds me too much of my bond with Tortearth. That's why I've decided to do something I've only done once" Daniel said.

"What's that?" Ash said. Daniel took a deep breath, "Ash I've only ever taught one person how to train their pokemon like I do, my wife. Now I see there is someone else who is ready to learn" Daniel said. "Wait are you saying what I think you are?" Ash said. "Ash I want you to be my apprentice. I want to teach you everything I know about training pokemon and the lifelong bond you share with them" Daniel said.

Ash almost couldn't comprehend what was happening to him. The greatest pokemon trainer in the world was offering to be his teacher. Ash wanted to say yes more than almost anything, but he had things to consider. "I don't know Daniel, I mean I just met my father for the first time. I also just left home, how can I leave my family again" Ash said. "Ash I get the feeling you've done that a lot in your life. However, it shouldn't be a problem because I wanted to train you in Kanto" Daniel said.

"Wait you do" Ash said. "Yes, I was going to spend a year there anyway. This way you can still live at home train with me" Daniel said. "Well I would love to train with you Daniel, but I can't make the descicion alone. PIkachu are you up for this?" Ash said. "Pikachu!" Pikachu said nodding. Ash took out his other pokeballs and let out his other five pokemon.

Ash's pokemon gasped as they Saw Daniel and Tortearth. "Guys, Daniel Rian wants to train us. Me and Pikachu said yes but you guys should get a say in it too" Ash said. Without a moment passing the other 5 pokemon all nodded and let out approving tones. "That's a yes Daniel" Ash said. "Great, why don't you head home and I'll contact you when we'll begin training" Daniel said. "Sounds good, I can't wait to start training" Ash said.

"I'm looking forward to it as well" Daniel said. Daniel returned Tortearth and then left the stadium. "I can't believe it, we can to Hoenn, won the pokemon league, beat Tyson, get to learn from Daniel Rian, and I'm dating May" Ash said. Ash just realized something very important then. "Oh no May" Ash said.

Ash slowly walked into the hotel lobby. He raised his head just in time to see May grab him. Before Ash could say anything she kissed him for nearly a minute. "Ash , I'm so proud. You beat Tyson, an elite four member" May said. "Thanks May, I didn't do it alone" Ash said turning his head toward Pikachu. Felix and Delia came over and both hugged Ash.

"Oh Ash you've come so far since you first left Pallet town" Delia said. "I'm glad I was able to see this, I've missed enough of your life already" Felix said. "Guys, before I left the stadium Daniel Rian told me he wanted to teach me everything he knows about pokemon" Ash said. "Daniel Rian!" Max said. "The best part is Daniel said he wants to train me in Kanto. This means I can stay at home" Ash said. "Well that's a relief, I was afraid you'd go off on another cross-country adventure where I wouldn't see you for months at a time" Delia said.

Ash noticed May looked almost scared. "May are you alright" Caroline said. May sighed, "Ash we both knew this was coming. The pokemon league and the grand festival are both over. Now you have to go back to Kanto" May said. Ash sighed and walked over to her. "May, I don't care If we're separated by a sea, or a solar system. We're not going to end our relationship. Even if it means we have to have a long distance relationship" Ash said.

"I guess so" May said. Suddenly the doors to the lobby opened and a familair face came rushing in. "Oh no don't tell me I've missed the pokemon league" Professor Birch said. "Professor Birch, you're a little late" Max said. "Shoot, I wanted to see you compete Max. Oh well I suppose there's always next year, then again I might still be in Kanto then" Birch said.

"Wait you're going to Kanto?" Ash said. "Oh yes, I'm heading out to Kanto tomorrow to do some research there" Birch said. "Wait a minute, Mom, Dad can I go with professor Birch to Kanto?" May said. "Well I wouldn't mind it, she can come along if it's fine with you two" Birch said. "I'm ok with it if you are Caroline" Norman said. "Just take good care of her Birch" Caroline said. "Sweet, this means we can still be close" Ash said.

The next day Ash, May, Birch, and Ash's parents were on a boat heading back to Kanto. Ash and May were at the front of the boat watching the sunset. "Looks like we were right, everything did work out" May said. "Yup, you won the grand festival, I won the Hoenn league, beat Tyson, I get to train under Daniel Rian, and we don't even have be separated by regions" Ash said. May and Ash looked back at each other and stared into each other's eyes. "I love you" they said simultaneously before sharing a kiss as the boat moved closer into the sunset.

Well that's the end of Pokemon Return to Hoenn. Thanks for reading my story I've had a great time writing it. I have planned out a sequel to this story about Ash's training with Daniel Rian. It could be a bit before I get it up. I am a college student and an air force ROTC cadet. So until next time, thanks for reading.