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Dean stood in the line for Unstoppable, the best roller coaster in the entire park. He noticed the boy in front of him shifting from one foot to the other. He looked nervous, and sweat was building on the boy's forehead.

"Are you okay?" asked Dean.

The boy turned around, allowing Dean to take notice of how large his blue eyes seemed to be. His dark hair was all messy- but clean - and he seemed to be picking at his nails.

"Um-not really," the blue-eyed boy said softly.

"What's wrong?" asked Dean, easily telling that the boy was lying.

The blue-eye boy bit his lip, picking at his nails with more determination.

"I don't like roller coasters."

"Then why are you going on?" asked Dean.

"My friends dared me to," the boy said, looking off towards a table sitting by a cotton candy booth.

"And they're not going on with you?" asked Dean, looking out towards the tables. He saw two boys sitting and laughing, one had a large cotton candy cone, and seemed to be eating it with a passion.

"No, they went last time," the boy said in return.

Dean looked at the boy in pity. He remembered how he used to make fun of his friends who wouldn't go on the scary rides with him when he was younger.

"You know, if you're scared you don't have to go on it," Dean told boy paused and thought for a moment. "I mean, my brother isn't going on. He's sitting over there," Dean said pointing to a bench where his brother sat watching the screaming people zooming over his head.

The blue-eyed boy took a deep breath, and stopped picking at his nails. "No, I need to do this. They'll laugh at me if i chicken out again."

"Well, some friends they are for making you go on alone," Dean said quietly.

"You're going on alone," the blue-eyed boy said, looking straight at Dean. Dean felt a little strange. This kid's eyes were so piercing.

"Ya, well Sammy was being a girl about it, and I don't know. I mean I'm older anyway," Dean said.

"How old are you?"

"I'm fifteen," said Dean. He wanted to add, "and a half" but felt like that was a young thing to do.

"I'm fourteen," the blue-eyed boy said, his head going down as if the one year age difference made him terribly miserable.

"Really?" Dean said in surprise. The boy looked like a cute little kid.

"Yes, does that surprise you?" the boy asked, his voice suddenly sounding much more mature.

Dean fumbled with his words trying to get them out. "No..I mean...You just looked so scared, maybe made you look younger?" By the end Dean was questioning what he was trying to say, but the other boy didn't seem to notice.

"People have told me that I look like a baby angel."

Dean laughed.

"I'd hate that."

The blue-eyed boy just shrugged in agreement. He turned to face where the line was getting closer to the ride. They stood in silence for a moment. The blue-eyed boy started to pick at his nails again once they were the next in line.

"Hey...kid, will you sit next to me on the ride?" Dean asked.

The other boy looked up and a small smile came across his face.

"Yes, please."

"Please find your seat and pull down the bar securely over your shoulders and stomach,"

announced the operator.

"Here we go," Dean said. He lead them to two seats in the middle. He climbed in and the blue-eyed boy followed suit. "Ready?" he asked.

The boy didn't respond, but just slowly began to breathe in and out.

Without really thinking Dean reached out and patted the other boys hand. The boy didn't look at Dean, but in a sudden motion he grabbed onto Dean's hand and held onto it for dear life. Dean stared down at his gripped hand, then back at the boys face.

"You're going to love it, I promise," he said quickly as the operator gave the thumbs up, and the people around him began to yell in anticipation.

Dean didn't think it was possible, but the boy gripped onto his hand tighter.

"I...I need to get off. I can't do this."

"Too late. We're already moving," said Dean as the ride began to creep out of the waiting station.

The younger boy shut his eyes tightly.

"No, don't shut your eyes!" said Dean, "It's beautiful," he continued as they began the slow climb to the top of the first hill. "I promise you, you are safe." To confirm the truth behind his words he gave the boy's hand a squeeze. Apparently it worked, and the boy opened his eyes just in time to get a view of the entire park before the plunged down the first hill.

The next few seconds Dean spent yelling as they went down a hill and then back up and down again. He turned as much as he could to see the boy who had a look of pure joy mixed with terror on his face. He was screaming, but seemed okay.

When the ride jerked to a stop Dean turned to the boy laughing.

"Now, was that so bad."

The other boy seemed too much in a daze to respond.

It wasn't until the ride had completely stopped and the bar had been raised that he seemed to realize that he was still holding Dean's hand.

"Sorry," he said, letting go.

Dean just shrugged. He had forgotten anyway. He liked this kid. The blue-eyed boy seemed embarrassed though and jumped out quickly, getting ahead of Dean.

"Wait," called Dean from behind him.

The boy turned quickly, still ahead of him.

"What's your name?" called Dean out to him.

Dean saw the boy move his mouth in reply, but the screams of those overhead blocked out the boys soft low voice. The boy turned quickly again, and before Dean had time to call out again he disappeared into the crowd.

AN: Poor Dean, he never did get to know the name of that blue-eyed boy. But in all seriousness the inspiration for Cass' mannerism and nervousness came from my own behavior at the theme park I recently went to. But I did go on a roller coaster and loved it. I also feel like Dean should have more moments were he really can show off his caring side. I just love when he is more nurturing in his behavior.

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