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Natsu Dragneel: Igneel and I

(Igneel's POV)

"Ooo~~~iii! Dragon! Here dragon!"

Igneel opened an exhausted eye, peering at the unusual dunce that dared interrupt his sleep. What was with this warm-blooded idiot? It kept coming back day after day after every damn day, with that stupid piece of pig flesh that the boy tried using to tempt him out of hiding. It seemed the only reason it went back was because it consumed the meat itself.

How could this child search for the dragons with such blind unwavering belief? Rarely did dragons ever show their face to humans, and the boy thinks that he, Igneel, the fire dragon would simply pop up and say hello?

The child was currently inspecting a relic depicting a hero pulling a sword from stone. It imitated the figure, then fell to the floor laughing. Igneel snorted in derision. How shallow. A trail of smoke wafted from his nose, but Igneel knew he was in no danger of being discovered.

He allowed his tired eyelid to fall back to its resting position, waiting for the boy to leave him in peace. There were strong magics preventing any prying eyes from seeing his form or any clues Igneel may have left behind.

"Dragon?" Igneel's eyes snapped back open his fatigue vanishing along with his drowsiness. The child's eyes were staring right back unblinkingly.

His hair was a strange shade of pink, a black unbuckled sleeveless waistcoat with a gold outline, with a long trousers reaching to his knees, and black, open toed sandals. Igneel was in the base of a hollowed out tree that grew from the top of a cliff, with his magic creating the mirage that there were stone in place of the entrance Igneel was resting his head out of underneath the tree.

"So that's where you were hiding! You were just behind some old rock!" He laughed. Igneel did not like this laugh. He could just tell this one was a happy go-lucky idiot.

'Wait. How has he seen me?' He could feel his magic was still in effect, the child had just proved this by saying he only saw stone. But if that were true, then he shouldn't have been seen. How?

As if he could read the lizard beast's mind, the boy cry out jovially, clapping his hands, then tapped the side of his nose as if he and the dragon were two old chums sharing a well-kept secret.

"I smelled you!" Igneel's eyes slanted downwards. It had a sharp nose!

'And because of that, he now knows where you are!'He cursed at his own carelessness for releasing his earlier smog. He shouldn't have laughed, Karma was Life's mischievous best friend.

"My name is Natsu! And I'm gonna be the strongest mage in the world!" Natsu. Igneel closed his eyes again.

'As if I'm going to remember'

But now his search would end. There was now way for him to break the illusion. Igneel may not have been the best at illusions, but he was still a dragon, with no small amount of power. Without another dragon by his side the child would never—


And for the second time in the span of a few minutes, Igneel's eyes snapped open. What was that it doing!?


The thing was using a stick to hack at the wall! But as it raised his hands for another strike, the dragon peered closer. It was not a stick, but rather a… tooth… A dragons tooth!?


An explosion blasted Igneel's face and while he was only attacked with a nasty cough, the boy had been sent to the other side of the clearing, smashing into dirt.

It took some time for Igneel's hacking fits to subside, and when they did, Igneel had in front of him, what seemed to be a dead human. Igneel tongue slithered in distaste. He couldn't have a corpse on his doorstep, it would ruin the décor, and if the townspeople discovered it, they would investigate and hours if not perhaps days of Igneel's rest would be interrupted.

He would have to hide him, or better yet, burn the evidence of any disturbances. Igneel focused on the hand that held the mysterious tooth. But first, he must find out how this boy came to posses one of the only things on the world's surface that could possibly overpower a dragon's magic.

The dragon's claws flexed, then pawed their way out of it's dwelling, blinking, and for the first time in ages, Igneel the dragon came out from his hiding place, stretching not unlike a cat would under the sun.

(Natsu's POV)

His head throbbed in painful harmony with his body. Deep gashes had been carved over his skin and bruises were beginning to form on his skin.

He'd gone to the heart of the forest, searched for the oldest, tallest and most majestic tree in the entire woodland, in hopes of capturing a dragon, selling it's precious scales or horns in exchange for a happy peaceful life.

He hadn't even come close to fighting it, but considered himself lucky enough to catch a glimpse of its full horrific elegance.

He remembered, just before he was knocked away, a beautiful red dragon, with scales like glittering diamond, wings as long as any house, and piercingly deep eyes.

Oh how he wished to see the dragon once more. But the townspeople had said that even if you were blessed by the gods should you ever be fortunate enough to even glimpse a shadow of such a beast, you would never see another again in your lifetime. Still, many a man would rejoice when they thought they heard its cry.

Natsu sighed. It seemed, as though he was life was just a curse spread thin over his years. Wandering the town with no parents, fending for himself on the lonely streets, stealing from open windowsills, being chased by angry obese bakers, barely getting by every day.

'Because nowadays,' Natsu thought bitterly, 'Only the strong survive'.

Then came the hushed whispers among the street rats about the awesome power that would come from killing a dragon, and how with it fear would become a laughable bug under your foot. So with the little feet that carried him, he'd made many trips to the forest to try his luck not fearing being found out, as nobody would notice his presence anyway.

As Natsu finally gathered the strength to pry open his eyes, he gasped.

Where was this place?

The walls were alive!

Wait, no. The walls didn't posses life, but there was intelligence crawling and sliding all over it. Bugs with rainbow wings, insects that had twenty legs, birds that hang upside down, and more things he couldn't even begin to describe.

Natsu gazed in wonder at this new world, this, this place, where life was hidden away, away from the outer world.

The view was so breath stealing, that for one of the first times since Natsu's birth, he simply sat there silent and enjoyed what he saw. Natsu would later thank what his vision showed him, for it was this silence that saved his life from ending quite so soon.

"So you are the kind of human that admires Mother Nature and her children"

The voice seemed to echo around him. Natsu turned. Or tried to. Looking down at his body, he spotted red insignias floating around his arms and chest, restraining his movements.

The voice continued, unconcerned about whether or not Natsu had heard.

"Good. If you weren't, I would've burned you to a crisp, and left not even ashes" Natsu could just imagine hear the unspoken laughter in his captor's voice.

"Who are you? How did I get here? And where am I?" Natsu yelled. Immediately, a roar of flames burst to life, in a shower of bright colours that disappeared as soon was they'd shown.

'Strange,' Natsu wondered. 'Why haven't the walls burned or charred at all?'

"SILENCE!" The voice roared. Then calm once more. "As I was saying, I normally would've just killed you," He paused. "But before I do so, I have a few questions"

Natsu believed the voice. He really did. But hey, as he was going to die after asking the questions anyway, he might as well be brave in his last moments. So Natsu formed his thoughts into movements on his tongue and yelled in defiance.

"Well if I'm going to die anyway, at least let me see your face!"

At this, the voice rumbled high and low. Natsu frowned. He'd imagined it's laughter, but this was even stranger than his restless brain could come up with.

"I suppose what you say is true. Very well. I shall show you who I am…" Natsu heard the flapping of wings, and was buffeted by the air that seeped through and past his body. He tried not to get smacked into anything again, as a huge shape landed in front of him.

It was the beautiful crimson dragon.

Natsu couldn't believe it. He marveled at the fact that despite even his own expectations, he'd been granted the audience of the dragon not once, but twice, and this time, the dragon had come to him! Natsu was still gazing in wonder, when the dragon spoke.

"I am Igneel, the fire dragon! Tremble before me, human, you who dared awake me from my slumber!"

Instead, Natsu laughed. Igneel glared at him. What was he thinking? Natsu hadn't just laugh at a dragon had he? Did this boy hit his head on a rock and get indented with some sort of demented death wish?

But it was just too amazing! The wings that made flight possible, claws that were the hardest spear, and the fire that could've wiped his existence away like a bad thought! He just couldn't help it, he LOVED fire!

Natsu kept on laughing, until Igneel could tolerate it no longer.

"SILENCE, you impudent human!" He roared "Or I shall burn you to a crisp and not—"

This just made Natsu crack up even more. Pointing and trying to keep his gut from popping out from lack of oxygen, he choked "You already said that! Stupid dragon!"

At this point, Igneel's temper was beginning to cloud his clear reasoning, and he almost forcefully stopped the breath that was travelling to his lungs. Very carefully, through gritted teeth he managed seven words.

"How did you acquire that tooth, boy?"

The effect was instant, and Natsu's laughter died, along with the brightness of his eyes. All of a sudden, Natsu wanted to pulverize the dragon and beat him down into submission with his fists, even though he knew how impossible it was. Anger did that, and he knew how to control most of it. He'd had to, to survive on his own. Natsu realized that once again, the tooth had saved his life, for it was the only reason the dragon had yet to end him.

He wanted to hate the tooth, to defiantly chuck it at the wall and break it into a hundred shards, end it all in a single act, and trump the dragon once and for all. His hand gripped the tooth tightly, wanting to carry out the act, but then his grip relaxed again.

How could he do it? He could never, no matter how badly he wanted to, because it was the last thing he had from his father…

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