The steady beep of the machinery seemed to echo in the tiny room. Stark white walls reflected the bright florescent lights above, and the smell of antiseptic and cheap laundry detergent tickled his nostrils bitterly. He hated hospitals—or, more specifically, being the one in the hospital—and he knew his friend would have a thing or two to say about being here—if he could speak that is.

Naruto leaned forward, pressing his forehead to his folded hands as he waited anxiously. He spent the last hour staring at the pale, motionless man who he was proud to present as his brother—but the man on the bed did not look like the same guy. Sakura had given him something for the thrashing and screaming, which rendered him in an almost comatose state; but eventually the foam would leak from his lips and it would make Naruto so sick to his stomach he had to look away until a nurse came to swipe his mouth for him.

The blonde man was unnaturally solemn and quiet, trying his best to keep washing in the numbness, so that he didn't take a run for it to the nearest foreign ninja and beating the utter shit out of them. He felt goddamn helpless as he watched the steady, shaky breathing of Sasuke Uchiha. It was a feeling he didn't get too often, and a feeling he absolutely fucking hated. How could this happen? How could Sasuke let this happen? Naruto knew him. He was the most careful Shinobi he knew of. But most of all, how could he let this happen? What kind of future Hokage is he?

Scrubbing his face angrily, Naruto shoved himself roughly to his feet and raced out of the room. It felt like his chest was constricting, and the more he stayed in the room, with his embodiment of guilt lying in the bed, the more he couldn't stand being in his own skin. Pushing his way down the hallway, he stumbled into a cart clumsily and he swore as all the contents spilled out onto the tile, scattering every which way. Bending down to clean it up, he gathered the materials and tried to stand, knocking his spiked head against the metal cart. Growling, he shoved the cursed thing away from him, pulling himself to his feet. People were watching him, mouths slightly agape at the display their future leader was creating, and Naruto blushed sheepishly. Turning his head away from the crowd, he bent to collect the items once again before warm hands tugged him by the back of his collar and into a nearby room.

Turning around, sure it was security about to tell him off like they always did, he was surprised to see the fiery jade eyes of his girlfriend. Flickering his own over her form, he noticed with satisfaction that she was just as he left her hours ago, and not in a hospital bed with some kind of mysterious, possibly fatal disease.

Upon closer inspection, though, he noticed the new bags under her now bloodshot eyes, stray hairs fallen out of the bun atop her head, and random liquid spills all over her white coat. She had her hands on her hips, and her lips pulled into that disappointed line that she tends to do when she's mildly irritated. Naruto let out a sigh of temporary relief and reached forward, sliding his hands around her waist and pulling her to him. It was almost automatic now.

The blonde man felt his Sakura tense slightly, before she sighed as well and practically melted against him. His head fell to her shoulder, and she let him rest there, even brought her hands up to run them through his hair. He groaned appreciatively when she lightly scratched his scalp with her nails and she almost giggled, probably would have if she wasn't so stressed, but instead a ghost of a smile danced across her lips.

Leaning towards his ear, she whispered, "You're lucky I pulled you into the supply closet instead of a patient's room."

He picked his head up and glanced around. "Supply closet?"

"I was in here getting supplies for my serum when I heard a ruckus. Lo-behold I peek outside and there you were, making a fool of yourself." she said, and at that he lowered his head and the serious, numb expression made it's way back to his face. Sakura clicked her tongue and cupped his whiskered cheek, using it to guide his eyes back to hers. "Stop stressing about it so much. You always put it in your head that everybody is your responsibility." She paused momentarily. "While that may be true in hindsight, we are Shinobi and these kinds of risks come with the job. You had no idea and no way of stopping this. Stop blaming yourself, Naruto."

Said man opened his mouth to protest, but after a moment of nothing but choked breaths, he let out a huge gust of defeated air instead. "How can you be so calm about all this?"

Sakura smiled tiredly, this time leaning her head against his chest, right above his heartbeat. She's been at this for hours, almost twenty four, and after she determined what the hell was wrong with him, she figured out quite a few things about the property of it, including a possible antidote.

"Because, unlike you, I am sheer ingenuity and awesome rolled up in a big ball of-"


She grinned deviously. "Because I think I came up with an antidote."

Naruto snapped his head down to face the top of her pink hair, and she shifted her face so that her chin was on his chest, staring up at him. "What?"

She nodded. "Yeah, an antidote. After I figured out what it was, I came up with a few possibilities, and I think I found one that will work."

"In this amount of time?"

"Well, the hardest part was figuring out what it was."

Naruto paused, stroking her hair affectionately and looking thoughtful. "What is wrong, by the way? Nobody ever told me."

Sakura pulled back out of his arms, and he tried not to let the little whine in his throat escape, and she looked around the tiny supply closet, before going to the door and sealing it. Turning back to a puzzled looking Naruto, she shrugged.
"Still considered top secret, and the Hokage Tower is safe, here not so much. And I'm telling you because you're Tsunade's successor, Sasuke's next to kin, and my boyfriend." At that she tapped his cheek lightly. He grabbed her hand and kissed her wrist, sending her face ablaze before she snatched it back and cleared her throat. "It's not fatal at all, at least right now, hence my not-so-crazy actions at the moment."

Naruto breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank god."

Sakura snorted. "Do you really think I'd be messing with you if he was in any immediate danger? Anyways, I was right. It was neurological, but it's something like I've never seen before."

"What do you mean?"

Sakura pushed back some stray hairs from her forehead. "It's a virus. A pretty serious one that directly targets the human brain."


"Yeah, but it gets worse." she scoffed. "It's also a jutsu."

"Is that even possible?"

"Apparently. Each viral cell acts as a vector for a trace amount of the person's chakra, and it latches onto all chakra points in the brain. Virtually controlling the victim as per the will of the caster."

"They...they play them like puppets?"

"Exactly." Sakura said softly, surprised he caught on so quickly.. "It like the technique Kankuro uses, but it uses them like human puppets. The worst part? They're conscious. But they can't control their movements. That's how they got them to leave willingly."

"That sounds awful. Absolutely fucking awful." Naruto nearly whispered, shaking his head, crossing his arms across his chest to keep from punching something as he felt anger and horror surge through him.

"I know." Sakura bit her lip, chewing it quietly for a moment before she spoke again. "But Sasuke and the other man didn't react properly."

"Do you know why?"

Sakura began pacing in the tiny room, crossing her arms across her chest like Naruto. "Every month I give Shinobi a vaccine. One to prevent diseases that we are prone to just in case, you know? Well, this is a virus that not many at all have heard of, but I witnessed only one case of it back in Mist on a mission a year or so back, and decided to make a serum for it anyways."

Naruto frowned. "But shouldn't that be blocking out the virus?"

Sakura stopped pacing and stared hard at her boyfriend. "It denatured the virus, yes, but not the foreign chakra, which is now directly free-floating in one of the most delicate areas of the human body. It may not be able to latch onto the chakra points, but it's close enough to throw the balance off. It's painful and disrupting some brain activity and blocking some key chakra points."

The blonde man balled his hands tightly, clenching his teeth and trying his best not to go crazy. His best friend was literally across the hall losing his mind in all senses of the word.

"Can you fix it?"

Sakura beamed proudly. "In fact, I can. That's why I'm not going bat shit crazy like I was earlier." Turning on her heel, Sakura pulled a few bottles from the shelves behind her and gathered them into the pockets of her white coat. "The beautiful thing of chakra and genetics is that chakra is significant to every person, much like their DNA. That's why you can sense someone's specific chakra, and it feels different from person to person. So, I took a few viral cells and extracted the chakra with a jutsu and broke it down to the genetic makeup. I was then able to put them into a chakra degeneration serum with the code for the foreign chakra and once I put this in their IV drips, give them a day or two and they should be good to go."

Naruto watched her talk excitedly, completely stunned. The woman before him not only was able to figure this all out, but within a day after Sasuke was infected. To top it all off, she was also able to create a serum to make them better in a few days. He knew she was brilliant, don't get him wrong, but god damn. It was like she wasn't even human.

Sakura turned around, pockets lumpy with various objects. "It will take a few test runs first, but they should be hooked up tonight and be able to at least open their eyes by tomorrow morning."

Naruto shook his blonde head and chuckled, taking both him and Sakura by surprise. The pink haired medic pouted angrily, before he yanked her into his arms. She struggled slightly, but he held firm.

"How the hell do you do it?"

"What are you talking about, Baka?!" she shrieked, pushing against him.

The blonde pulled away enough to stare at her, smiling his cheesy smile. It was official. He was delirious with relief. He bent down and planted a big, hard kiss to her mouth, and she stopped struggling completely and went almost limp in his arms. He pulled away and steadied her on her shaky knees, rubbing her shoulders in affection.

"Go save lives, Sakura-Chan." he whispered against her cranium, before unsealing the door and watching her dazed self waltz down to the labs.

Naruto leaned against the door frame, watching her walk out of sight. She truly was amazing. Sakura was smart, compassionate, selfless, beautiful, strong, and just so Sakura-Chan that he couldn't believe that anyone would hate her. He was so, so lucky to have the honor of calling her his. How he dreamed of doing what he did in the supply closet for years, and now it was something he could do whenever he pleased because he was Sakura's boyfriend and boyfriends got that right. He would never take that for granted.

Sakura was off to save the day once more, and even though a cloud stayed over his head, after her reassurances, it was no longer down pouring on him. It would lift once Sasuke did, and then they could get to the bottom of everything and things would go back to the way they should be. At least, he hoped they would.

Turning back to the front of the hospital, he saw the still gaping faces of the staff and patients. Furrowing his brows, he wondered why they were all staring at him in such leer until he looked behind him and saw that he was indeed still in front of the supply closet. Which then things clicked together. Sakura and he just walked out, together, of that very supply closet, in which they had sealed. He had read enough of Jiraya's porn to know what that implied.

"N-NO!" he hissed to no one in particular. At his voice they all turned back embarrassingly to their previous task. "It's not what it looks like! I swear!"

A male nurse snickered while coming by Naruto to place a chart on the door of the room next to the closet. "Good Job, Naruto-San."

"It's not what it looks like!"

"Sure. If I were you, I wouldn't deny it. I'd be bragging." he snickered again and winked. Naruto growled. "Just saying."

"Can it, Nancy." Naruto warned, and the nurse threw his arms up in mock defense before walking away.

Another female nurse walked by, giving him a nasty stare. "We heal people here, not screw in supply closets like a bunch of rabid bunnies."

"It's not what it looks—oh forget it."


Sakura carefully extracted an exact amount of serum into her syringe and gently administered it through the port on the IV drip. Sasuke had not stirred since she put him under sedation, but now the previous drugs were being worked out of his system and he began to squirm a bit. She bit her lip and fought the urge to tear up. He must be in so much pain, and she couldn't do anything but pray that the medications worked, and soon. She didn't know how much of this watching him lay like a zombie she could take.

Dumping her tools in the bio-hazard bag in the corner, she took a seat on the chair next to his bed, watching the drip slowly ooze into the Uchiha's veins. The little droplets fell like clockwork, and it was almost soothing. The pink haired medic yawned loudly, stretching her sore body as she curled into her seat. She had sent her boyfriend home to shower and head to training, insuring him that no, there was nothing he could do for Sasuke at the moment, yes she needed to stay here to monitor him, and yes he will be awake and possibly talking by the time he got off. Now it was just her, Sasuke, and the midnight staff that was quietly bustling in the halls.

Sakura ignored the rumble in her stomach, mostly because now that she was immobile, she felt the weight of the last thirty hours crash down on her, and before she knew it, she was floating in a sea of black.



The first things Sasuke Uchiha registered upon waking was that one, he was not patrolling or in his house, the only two places he should/could be, and two, he had a raging fucking headache that seemed like the demons from hell themselves gave it to him. Oh, and Sakura Haruno was draped in a very ugly, unladylike fashion in the seat next to his bed.

"Tch. Annoying." the raven haired man repeated, trying to shove himself upright. The action caused a ripple of nauseating pain, and he learned over the years when to collect his dues, so he decided to hell with pride and laid back down.

The woman next to him sighed deeply, stirring ever so slightly in her dream state, and he wrinkled his nose at the thin line of drool that trickled out of her mouth. Having nothing better to do, he watched her closely in a lazy, bored manner. Her hair had completely fallen out of whatever she had previously done with it, and her clothes were a mess. She had bags the size of Tsunade's knockers under her sleep-crusted eyes, and she didn't smell too pretty either, like a mixture of sweat, bodily fluid that was not her own, and bleach. By the rumbling of her stomach, he could assume she hasn't eaten lately either.

She looked and smelled like shit.

"Annoying and ugly." he groaned, turning to look at the ceiling. He had no idea how long he spent just laying there, and was halfway through counting the number of lines in the drywall and making a haiku to the sound of Sakura's snores when his door opened. He moved his neck to the best of his ability, and saw a flash of yellow.


"Hn." he croaked, trying once again to sit up. He was successful (sorta) and managed to at least pull himself to lean on his pillows instead of lay. "Dobe."

The blonde man rushed to his side, grabbing a hold of his shoulders and pulling him into a bear hug. "Teme! I was so damn worried! You ever do that again I'll kick your ass, you hear me?!"

Sasuke scoffed, but allowed the hug for a minute before shoving Naruto off of him. "Like I got taken down on purpose."

The other man grabbed his friend's face, smashing his cheeks in and forcing his lips in a fish-face. "Are you ok? Didn't get your ass beat too bad, did you?" he said slowly, slinging his face from all different angles in a mock examination.

Swatting his hands away weakly, Sasuke tried turning his head away from his friend. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he was exhausted and didn't feel like bantering. Oblivious, Naruto reached for him again.

"Naruto I will end you." a menacing voice drifted from the corner, and said man gulped and turned to the source.


She rose slowly, her eyes glaring but hidden from Naruto, and ignoring her wayward hair and drool-dried face. "What part of intensive care do you not get? Intensive, or care?"

"What I was just-"

Her head snapped to face him, and he tried not to squeak. Sometimes his girlfriend was sexy when she was mad. This was not one of those times. In fact, she looked like crap. Angry crap.

He decided not to comment in fear of his own life.

"I don't care, Sasuke is still in recovery and you wanna sling him around like a rag doll. And not only are you disrupting my patient—oh no—you decide to wake me from the only sleep I've gotten in almost a day and a half. A day and a half. Do you have any idea what happens to the human body in that amount of—Sasuke Uchiha what are you smirking at you cheeky bastard."

Said cheeky bastard jumped a little, swallowing hard as he slowly turned to face his red-faced best friend. Damn. She caught him. She was getting too good at that lately.

"Tch, annoying." he groaned, rubbing his temples.

Her pretty pink lips parted in order for her mouth to gape at the man in the hospital bed. "Annoying?! You asshole, do you know what I went through the past-"

"Ah, ah, ah, Sakura-Chan. Patient needs to recover and rest, remember?" Naruto tsked, wagging his finger at her.

"Oh, you wanna take the ass beating for your best friend? I'll break that finger, you keep wiggling it at me like that."

"Now calm down, Sak-"

"Don't tell me to calm down, I-"

"Both of you shut up my head hurts like hell-"

"Sakura Haruno."

All three person's heads whipped to the doorway, all bickering in the room hushed with the single phrase of the medic's name. In the doorway stood the Hokage herself, and her honey eyes darted to the man in the bed, who was staring back at her in disinterest, but if one were to look closely in the onyx pools of his eyes, they would see the tiniest string of shame. Upon meeting her gaze, he cursed and looked down at his clenched hands. The older woman frowned.

"I see your serum was successful."

"Yes, Shishou." she said respectfully, standing on her feet and bowing slightly. "The serum has worked, and I was able to bottle some of the chakra I found inside the virus, but I don't know how helpful that will be, considering we have no suspects at the moment."

"But it will be immensely important for further advancements. You have done more than enough, and more than expected of you the last few days." she said, nodding in proud approval. Sakura beamed. Gazing over her student though, she wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Now go home, take a shower, eat a good meal, and sleep, Sakura. You look like utter hell." The pink haired girl's face lit up in a blaze, her mouth flying to her face to finally swipe at the dried drool. Naruto snickered, which only furthered her embarrassment. "Take a day off, and I will send for you, because I'm sure you'll be more than needed."

"Yes, Shishou."

Rising to her feet, she shoved a piece of hair behind her ear before turning to face Naruto. Blushing like a mad woman, she leaned down to plant a quick peck to the man's whiskered cheek before standing to grin sheepishly down at him.

"See you at home, I guess."

His heart fluttered at her words.

She called his place home. That meant when he went back he would see her there, most likely in his bed, in his shirt, sleeping soundly. He had someone to come home to. Someone he loved. That thought alone was enough to make him want to scurry back to his place already.

But right now his focus was not the woman in which he watched recede from the room sluggishly, but rather the angry looking man in the bed. Tsunade felt the same, because she closed the door behind her, sealing it before pulling the chair Sakura had used as a sleeping area closer to Sasuke. Crossing her legs and folding her arms across her chest, she bounced her heeled foot anxiously.

"What happened, Uchiha?" she asked, her voice lacking his usual vivacity.

He looked up to find Naruto leaning against the window, his cerulean eyes watching him carefully. Taking in a deep breath, he began to recall his actions. "I was patrolling around the Southern gates when I noticed a noise. I went to go see just what it was, and I found out it was someone crying."

"Crying?" Tsunade lifted a golden eyebrow, and he nodded slowly.

"Sobbing practically. Naturally I scanned the area, and only found him, and nothing seemed to be wrong. No jutsu, no anything, except his chakra balance seemed slightly off. I went to him, and I reached out for him, and then..."

"And then what?" Naruto asked lowly, leaning forward.

"I...think he stabbed me. I began to attack but I don't remember very much. After a few minutes everything went black, and I wake up here." he looked down, cursing as he squeezed his fist. "Sorry I can't remember anything useful."

Tsunade took in a deep breath, biting her lip as she looked out the window. "Do you remember what he looked like?"

Sasuke sat for a moment or two, replaying every detail he could remember in his head before he answered slowly. "Red hair, but the roots were brown. Brown eyes, dimples...?"

The blonde haired man shoved off the wall, running a frustrated hand through his disheveled spikes. "Anything else, Sasuke? Anything at all?"

Furrowing inky brows, said man looked down for a long time, thinking so hard that his already aching head felt unbearable. Tsunade and Naruto gave him time, gazing at him until he looked up suddenly in realization.

"He kept sobbing something over and over again. I couldn't make it out until I got close enough to where he stabbed me, but he kept crying it out, even during our fighting."

"What? What was it?" the older woman asked carefully.

Sasuke swallowed. "Aryn."


Sakura hummed softly to herself in the shower, lathering up her body in soapy goodness as she sighed. Oh, how wonderful soap was. With all the crap going on in her life right now, all she really needed to do was stop and take the time to appreciate what a wonderful invention the thing was. It kept her life at work easier, her smelling good, and helped wash out all the junk from the day. Oh soap, how under-appreciated you go.

As she continued her mental ranting about soap and it's bubbling awesomeness, she heard the front door downstairs glide open, and shut. She tuned her Shinobi ears and listened, hearing the sound of shoes clang against the hardwood as they were thrown haphazardly in the hall, and she heard the heavy footsteps and heavy sigh of her boyfriend.

Rinsing off the once again ignored and forgotten soap, she turned off the shower with a hard flick of her wrist. Grabbing a nearby fluffy white towel, she dried off to the best of the cloth's ability and wrapped it around herself. She didn't expect him to be home for a few more hours, and had completely forgotten about the need of bringing clothes in with her into the bathroom.

She had a good enough nap at the hospital, so she decided to wait up for Naruto to get home from what she was assuming Sasuke's report and such. After stopping by her house to pick up more underwear and a change of clothes for tomorrow, she had started the dinner that was now baking in the oven while she took a nice hot shower.

Biting her lip, she stepped out into the hall and already felt her nipples pucker against the soft cotton of her towel as the cold air blew across her body. Shivering, she tucked a damp lock of hair behind her ear before tiptoeing down the corridor to the end door. Weighing her options, she decided to knock first.

Her knuckle rasped against the door softly. "Naruto, I need you to close your eyes, I'm not really-"

Upon her words the door swung open, revealing a very tired, very stressed, very shirtless looking Naruto. He used one arm to lean against the door frame and the other to open the door. His unbuttoned pants hung low on his waist, and Sakura tried not to look any lower.

"What are you knocking for? I told you this place was practically your own. Why...oh."

When the blonde haired man trailed his eyes down her torso, Sakura felt the same molten heat shoot to her groin as a blush way deeper than before bloomed across her body. She shivered again, this time having nothing to do with the temperature, and clutched the towel tighter to her body as she felt his gaze grow darker and more hungry.

"I...need to get into the room. I need to get dressed." she began quietly, looking to the floor at their feet instead of at him. She could feel the heat radiating from her face as she tried not to have a heart attack.

"Oh." he repeated slowly, unmoving from his spot at the door entrance. He was still watching her, the gaze still wistful and full of need. A few moments of tense silence and he finally cleared his throat. "Right."

Stepping aside, she squeezed past him, holding back a squeal as the bare flesh of her arms rubbed lightly against his naked abdomen. Biting her lip, she trailed over to her bag in the corner, rummaging through the contents before producing her underwear. Without so much as a second thought, she tossed those onto the bed, and began rummaging through his drawers for a night shirt. Naruto watched every move she made with the utmost appreciation. When she tossed her panties onto the bed, he couldn't help the flickering of his eyes to the motion.

Pink with black lace. Oh hell.

The blonde haired man coughed loudly into his hands, whipping his head away from Sakura, staring intently at his closet just as she turned to the noise. He fought down the blush creeping up his neck. He was a grown man, for Kami's sake. Why was he acting like he was twelve? It was just Sakura, and just her underwear, and her in a towel, in his room, and...and...

He felt the swelling begin in his pants way before he could stop himself. How the hell could he be thinking about things like this at a time such as now? Sasuke just got out of the induced coma he was in, shit was about to go down with this entire virus thing, and everything was just so confusing and stressful and dangerous and now was just not the time to be thinking about things like this.

As Naruto turned back to his girlfriend, he noticed she had gotten closer, her pink brows furrowed. He inhaled sharply, jerking back slightly. His eyes trailed over her form once more, and he nearly threw all his previous ranting out the window. Her pink lips were parted, about to form words that would most likely be asking him what the hell was wrong with him. Her jade eyes sparkled with that certain kind of fire that never really left, and her long pink locks were wavy and damp from her shower, cascading around her like some kind of veil. The only thing hiding his full view was the thin white cotton towel that was loosely held to her body by her toned arms. He was snapped out of his thoughts by the clicking of her tongue, his eyes darting to meet hers.

"Well?" she asked, pursing her lips.

"Huh?" he asked dumbly, blinking.

Sakura rolled her eyes in frustration, crossing her arms across her chest, which he took note how they did delicious things to her cleavage. "Before you left this planet for a minute, I asked you if you were hungry."


Satisfied, she turned around, beginning to walk away with a smile and a nod. "Good, because I made some really-"

He tuned her out briefly, watching her bright smile as she continued to raid his clothing. Kami, how he loved everything about this woman. He loved her so intensely, it scared him to some degree. That could have been Sakura instead of her teammate, or Sasuke. And without her, the serum wouldn't be possible. They all would have been screwed, and he wouldn't have her with him, right here, right now like this.


Before he could stop himself, his hand shot out, encircling her delicate wrist gently but firmly. With a swift tug, her back was fully pressed against his chest, and the towel fell a bit, the full expanse of her naked back in contact with his nude torso. He heard her tiny gasp upon the skin contact, and he groaned softly. Just having this was more intimate than anything they've ever done, and is almost driving him crazy.

What the hell was he doing? Now was not the time! They should be worried, talking about what happened, talking about Sasuke, about the virus, planing for what they should do next, do just about anything but this. But as his conscious nagged him in the back of the mind, her soft body proved difficult to ignore. He could think of a thousand reasons why they shouldn't do this, and only a few as to why they should, and he found the latter dominated his clear reasoning.

Naruto released her wrist, bringing one hand to splay across her stomach and hold her against him, feeling the warm, smooth surface through the towel. His other hand came to gingerly brush her hair away and to one shoulder, and instinctively she tilted her head towards that direction. His mouth found her shoulder, giving hot kisses in a trail to the back of her neck. She gasped, her arms reaching behind her to tangle her fingers in his silky spikes. As a result, the top of her towel fell down, exposing her chest, the only thing keeping the cloth to her body being Naruto's hand on her stomach.

Soon enough, the cotton towel fell in a pool around her feet. In any other circumstance, Sakura would be mortified, but as the blonde haired man sucked on her pulse, she found he was very good at turning her genius brain into mush within milliseconds. Every moral that she was raised with felt as wispy as air. She loved the man behind her, truly and completely. Nothing in this world gave her ay indication he didn't feel the same. They haven't been dating for very long by anyone's standards, but they grew up together. Fought together, laughed together, cried together, lost together, and now loved together. She wanted him. Kami, how she wanted this man. To hell with the world for a little bit. She deserved to be selfish and irresponsible, if only for a little while.

Naruto hesitated, opening his once closed blue eyes to glance over her shoulder and to her breasts. He groaned against her neck, watching that with each of her labored breaths her perky mounds would bounce slightly, the buds at the end of them a beautiful shade of pink, slightly darker than her hair. He felt her tremble against him, waiting for him to take control. If the situation wasn't as intense he may have laughed. When had Sakura wanted him to lead anything? She was always so head-strong and stubborn, but as he felt her quiver against him, he was reminded just how inexperienced both of them were.

Trailing his scalding, rough hand agonizingly slow up her stomach and in the valley of her breasts he paused, giving her time to shove him away. When she didn't, he slid the hand to cup one of her breasts as the other lowered to massage a creamy thigh. His finger and thumb rolled a nipple between them experimentally at first, and upon earning a moan, he continued his assault. Before he could satisfy his aroused curiosity, Sakura turned around abruptly, crashing her mouth to his. The kiss was hot, desperate, and burning with desire. There was nothing slow about her claiming his lips in a blazing hunger, and Naruto slid his arms around her waist, gladly accepting.

She tugged roughly at his hair, and he acted on instinct, backing her up until her back hit the wall. He pushed her away firmly, and as she parted her swollen lips to protest, he lowered his head and caught a nipple in his mouth. Her head hit the wall with a solid thud as she tossed it back in surprise, and the guttural moan that escaped her throat caused a groan of his own in response, and the sensation sent a tremor through her body. He dragged the backs of his knuckles lazily up and down her torso, brushing the peaks of her nipples every once and awhile, before he gave equally delicious attention to her other breast.


Sakura's hands rubbed sensually up and down his body, dipping into the waistband of his boxers every other trail. She could feel the swell of his male admiration slide against her wet folds when he moved against her just right, and she fought the urge to cry out. Passion and desire had completely overrode her thinking and decision making. How the hell did this even happen? How did they get here? They shouldn't be...she just wanted to get dressed, and...

He was doing wonderful things to her body.

Dropping down to his knees, she watched in a daze as he spread her thighs apart and she leaned solely on the wall for total support. He kissed the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, leaving a blazing path to her womanhood. His hot breath fanned against her core, and she bit her lip, trying to fight the cry that was threatening to slip from her already, and to keep the embarrassment at bay. This was the first time anyone besides her was anywhere near southern region.

"Kami, baby." he whispered, the breath against her was making her dizzy, and the pet name sent another electric jolt of intense arousal straight to her groin.

Without another word or moment, his tongue flickered out, and she took in a gulp of breath, her hands flying to his shoulders to steady herself. He repeated the action, and eventually began to experiment, listening to her breathing and moans as to what she liked and what she wasn't too crazy about. Her nails dug into the muscles of his biceps as his arms held her hips steady when she tried rocking them to the rhythm of his tongue's assaults. It didn't last very long at all, before Sakura felt an unfamiliar hot white coil tighten in her tummy.

Without warning the coil snapped, spreading liquid fire throughout her body. She swore she saw an explosion of white stars behind her screwed eyelids, and her nails about drew blood on her boyfriend.

"Oh...Na-Naru...Naruto!" she cried, her knees buckling completely.

Said man caught her, supporting her as he felt her go limp against him. Standing to his feet, she rested her head on his collarbone, panting heavily, still quivering in her aftermath. Naruto was in a tad bit of disbelief that he just brought Sakura to probably her first big orgasm.

Sakura lifted her head, kissing him sweetly and softly against his mouth. Pulling away, she gave a crooked smile. "What the hell was that?"

The blonde haired Shinobi grinned deviously. "I don't know, but you don't look half as stressed as before."

"No kidding." she said breathlessly before looking down and frowning. "But Naruto..."

Scratching the back of his disheveled head, he shrugged sheepishly. "I-It's fine."

The pink haired medic bit her lip, trailing her hand down his happy trail, tugging at the ends of his boxers when she smelled it. The smell of burning food. Her burning food, that she forgot she was cooking, because they...

"Shit!" she cursed, shrugging into one of his shirts and flinging the bedroom door open, and upon entering the living room, finding a thick film of smoke.

Naruto was close behind as she opened the oven, coughing as thick black smoke billowed out and into the kitchen. Grabbing an oven mitt, she pulled it out and shoved it onto the counter.

Coughing, she waved her hand in front of her face. "Open up the doors and windows!" she croaked, her eyes tearing up terribly.

Her boyfriend laughed a big booming laugh, but did as he was told. Once the smoke cleared, Sakura looked at her ruined food, fighting a pout. The roast now looked like a piece of charcoal.

"My dinner...ruined..." she muttered, running a frustrated hand through her locks.

"Ya know, Sakura-Chan, the thought is what counts." he said, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist, resting his chin atop her head.

"But we haven't had dinner yet! Aren't you hungry? What are we going to eat?" she whined, scratching his hands playfully.

"It's fine, Sakura-Chan." he chuckled, and then leaned forward, his lips brushing her ear. "I'm hungry for something entirely different anyways." Without a second thought, Naruto slung Sakura over his shoulder, and she let out a bark of a laugh.

"That was lame, Naruto."

"You laughed, so you're lame by association."

"Shut up and kiss me."

"Will do."


"You know what you're supposed to do, right?" the man asked seriously, and to his surprise, the girl smiled, nodding.

"I do!" she chirped. "It's really not that difficult, if I do say so myself."

"Good, good." he croaked. His throat was repaired, but it never got rid of the rusty tone. Guess severe trauma did that to a man. "Remember, stay-"

"One step ahead of her?" she finished with a snort. "Try three. She's so predictable."

"Don't underestimate her. People make that mistake with her and they end up dead. That's what happened last time..."

"I'm not stupid. She's good, just," she smirked cockily, twisting a lock of hair thoughtfully. "Not as good as I am."

"I'm holding you to that."

"You should."

"Go get ready. We mobilize in thirteen hours."


He watched her receding back before sighing tiredly. Scrubbing his face, he glanced outside the tiny makeshift office and to the back of a young man. Grinning wickedly, the older man stood from his chair slowly, making his way over to the boy. Bending down to meet his eyes, he noticed in twisted satisfaction that the pupils dilated in fear, his nostrils flared, and the emotion of terror was clear as day in the honey mocha eyes.

"How would you like to go back to Konoha? Pay a little visit to that Sakura bitch, Aryn?"

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