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101: The Post-Game to the Game of Cycles

The Game of Cycles has come to an end, but there is always a post-game to it.

Midori was uncharacteristically face-flat asleep on his bed. It'd been a long day for the celebration. Kirby was a new king, naive, but handled matters much better than Dedede. Things would turn out well.

Waddle Doo was in the living room trying to encourage Haddle to finish his paperwork. He had made him coffee, jabbed him in the side several times, and talked a lot. They watched television at one point, but from the room, Bandana Dee couldn't hear it anymore, but he sometimes heard them mumbling quietly (so as to not wake Midori). Bandana Dee couldn't sleep, still—he was perched on the window seat and staring into the starless sky. It seemed like a dark blue blanket had just been draped over it. The only visible thing was the moon.

The year had been relatively fun. For most of the years, it was just him and Waddle Doo—this year, they got Haddle recruited, and then they found Midori, Jillie, and all the others. R. Bonkers was a pain, but it made his life interesting.

Bandana Dee shifted in his seat. How things would turn out from here, he had no idea. Things would probably be a little hectic at first, but would calm down eventually. This was the style of Kirby, he'd eventually learnt: calm, slow-paced, but quick and on his feet when it was the time to. It was a hundred-percent admirable. Kirby was simply very admirable himself.

The Castle Python had been gotten rid of by Kirby sometime ago with a Super Ability, Bandana Dee recalled. Kirby would have become king eventually anyway and he'd exterminate the Castle Python. It wasn't a very big deal.

The Grim had been released into its home dimension: the Mirror World. Kirby had asked his other self (whoever that was) to take care of it, and his other self had nodded and taken the Grim. The Grim looked actually happy (if the Grim was capable of having emotions, that is) and Bandana Dee felt as if the entire world could be happy with Kirby in control.

Dedede had been placed in a cell. Bandana Dee decided when he awoke, he'd be the one who fed him his meals. Nobody else would. They all despised him, after all.

Minura's weak health had gotten a little more stable over the few days, thankfully. He hadn't fully recovered since his attack from Dedede (where they had gone in as "The Black", Bandana Dee recalled) but he was getting a lot, lot, lot better.

Wildfire was two-faced, Bandana Dee learnt that day. One was her violent face she usually displayed, the other a gossip-y puffball if you were a friend. She'd deemed them friends, Bandana Dee supposed, because she flipped to her gossip-y side that day.

It was nice, for a change.

Meta Knight had declared to be Kirby's rival, even though Kirby had protested. Instead of Kirby attacks, they'd be getting Meta Knight attacks—Bandana Dee decided he'd train his troops hard to defend Kirby. The new king deserved it, after all.

Things would turn out fine for this year and beyond, Bandana Dee assured himself.

The new king had completely changed The Cycle.

Bandana Dee turned around and rubbed his eyes. Now he felt sleepy. Midori had flopped to his side sometime, facing the wall.

The new king has influenced the land.

Bandana Dee turned to his bed and jumped on it, hearing the door to the bedroom open. Waddle Doo had decided to go to bed, probably. Haddle's room was separate from theirs.

He shut his eyes and had a happy sleep for the first time in a long time.

After the hundred ways of ridding his boredom, the new king had been a reward.