The Enterprise shuddered, sparks flying from the electrical equipment. The main lights had been knocked out long ago, and the eerie red light of the reserve power filled the bridge.

"Sulu, get those thrusters going!" Kirk shouted from the captain's chair. The young man frantically jabbed at his controls. A level, mechanic voice informed him of the failing systems, the calm voice out of place amidst the chaos on the bridge. "Nothing's working, Captain," Sulu called back over his shoulder, his eyes fixed firmly on the numerous blinking alert messages flying across his screen. The cabin lurched, sending several cadets staggering across the deck.

Nyota Uhura strapped herself into her seat at the communications desk. She stared out past the shouting and running crew members to the front of the ship. The command screen had flickered out, so all she could see was debris floating in front of the splintering front window of the Enterprise. An urgent beeping coming from her computer caught her attention.

"All comms operations are disabled," The same eerily calm voice reported. Nyota spun her chair around to face the captain's chair. "Captain, all comms are down!" she called to Kirk. He didn't seem to hear her amid all the screaming. Sparks flew from the main console, and insistent alarms rose out of the chaos.

Suddenly, Chekov's heavily accented voice penetrated all the noise. "Captain, meteors approaching!" He cried. "Shit!" Kirk slammed a hand on the arm of his chair. "Sulu, evasive maneuvers!"

"I'm trying, Captain," Sulu shouted back. "Collision approaching, Captain!" Chekov reported to Kirk frantically. Just as the captain opened his mouth, a giant meteor slammed into the side of the hull, sending debris shooting straight at the window to the bridge. The cabin churned and rolled in the sky, sending bodies flying and setting off explosions. A huge chunk of Nyota's console burst into flames and sent shrapnel flying at her face. She frantically disengaged her straps to escape the stinging, sharp metal. Just then, another meteor slammed into the ship, sending the bridge into a violent spin and knocking Nyota off of her feet. She tumbled down the cabin and with another violent turn, the bridge inverted. Nyota fell toward the already splintering window. Just as she was about to hit the cracked glass-

She sat up with a start, safe in her quarters aboard the perfectly sound Enterprise. She pulled her knees to her chin, breathing heavily. Ever since the ship had almost fallen to Earth following Khan's attack, Nyota had suffered from this recurring nightmare of the ship being destroyed. The Enterprise, particularly on this five-year mission, had become more of a home for her than Earth had ever been. The steel floors, the stark whiteness of the walls, every part of this ship made her feel safe and welcome, and it was her worst fear to see it harmed. Her favorite part was the windows. There weren't many on board, but occasionally she would come across a porthole somewhere on the ship and just stare out at space. There were few things Nyota enjoyed about being in Star Fleet more than the endless wonder of the stars just outside.

She shook her head and lay back down, pulling the thin blanket up to her chin. But when she closed her eyes, all she saw was the bridge burning, the bodies of her friends, her crewmates, flying around the chaos of the cabin. Her Enterprise, dying in the sky. She sat up again, knowing she wouldn't get back to sleep easily. In the back of her mind, a voice reminded her of an option she had. She huffed to herself. He'd never let me forget it, she thought. Still, when the image of the burning bridge refused to leave her alone, she reluctantly got out of bed and slid open the door of her compartment. On bare feet, she padded down the hallway silently in her plain cotton sleeping uniform. As she reached his door, she groaned to herself. I will never live this down.

She quietly slid open the door to Spock's compartment. He was lying motionless on his back in his bed, his hands clasped on his stomach. As soon as the door slid shut, he sat up. "Lights." He said, and a bright white light filled the small compartment, momentarily blinding Nyota.

"Nyota?" He didn't even sound sleepy. Damn Vulcans and their light sleeping. She sighed and sat down on the edge of his simple cot. "Hello, Spock." She said. Spock paused. "The dream again?" he inquired. Nyota nodded. She had mentioned her trouble sleeping to him before. "Nyota, it is illogical to worry about the Enterprise crashing. We are in a perfectly stable area of space, and Mr. Scott has assured us that-"

"Shut up, Spock." She sighed. "I'm sleeping here tonight."

The Vulcan cocked his head. "I am uncertain that your location will affect your sleeping patterns or your recurring dream." Nyota shook her head. "Just- shh. Lights." As the cabin returned to darkness, she lay down stubbornly, curled away from the confused Spock. Eventually he attributed her actions to human emotional reasons and returned to his position beside her. After some consideration, he reviewed his knowledge of emotional interaction and haltingly said to Nyota, "Do you want to talk about it?"

She let out a laugh, rolled over and planted a kiss on Spock's cheek. "No, and I can tell you don't want to either."

"Affirmative. I have very limited understanding of human emotional discussions." He informed her. Nyota smiled and rolled back over, settling into a comfortable position.

A few minutes passed in silence. The images of the Enterprise on fire slowly faded from Nyota's mind with Spock's stony but somehow comforting presence beside her.

He suddenly spoke up. "If you're interested, the psychological rationality associated with your dream is quite-"

"Shut up, Spock."

Early the next morning, Kirk strolled down the corridor on his way to Spock's quarters. He needed his first officer to verify some paperwork sent in from Star Fleet. He reached Spock's compartment, threw open the door and stopped in his tracks. Disbelievingly, he took in the sight of Lieutenant Uhura lying with her head on Spock's stocky shoulder, his arm resting around her slim form, and their hands curled together on his stomach. Kirk stood there for a moment in shock over his stony first officer cuddling with Uhura.

I mean, I knew they were together, but… Oh, man, I am never letting them forget this. He thought. Kirk shook his head in wonder and backed out of the compartment, sliding the door shut behind him. I'll mock them for it later. Better let him have this one, he decided, and raced off to the med bay.

"Bones, you're never gonna believe this…"