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"Finally," Gar sighed in relief as he relaxed into the leather couch.

"Home at last," he dangled his arms on the back of the couch.

After a long day of working behind a cashier and counter, Garfield, or Gar, came home to his apartment and plopped down on the couch, exhausted. He threw his shoes in a bucket by the door, hung his keys, placed his jacket on a hook, and removed his cap from his sandy blond head. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, preparing to take a much needed nap.

A soft noise of jingling keys from the other side of the apartment door sounded, making Gar's eyes flutter open. The door swiftly swung open and revealed his roommate with a bunch of full paper bags in his arms. He walked in and shut the door with the back of his foot and headed over to the kitchen.

"I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me out by putting away the groceries," the man called from the kitchen as he placed the bags on the counter.

Gar groaned in annoyance and stood up lazily. "Okay, Dick."

That was his roommate's name; Dick. Being best friends since the tenth grade and currently in the same college, they decided to share an apartment. And they were in their freshman year, making it their first time on their own. But both of their jobs payed well enough to split the bills and buy some necessities. Gar as a cashier in a top notch café and Dick as a karate instructor in the small area known as Jump City.

"Did you buy dinner?" Gar asked, peeking at the groceries.

"Yeah. But did you finish that report you had to do for one of your classes?" Dick unpacked some condiments and fruits.

Gar stopped and nervously laughed, "Um, well, no."

He sighed and threw a bag away in the trash, "Isn't it due tomorrow?"

"Yeah," said Gar.

"Man, you're gonna flunk that class if you keep on doing things at the last minute."

"Hey! I have to work!" Gar stood his ground.

"You've had this assignment for a week and you don't work on weekends," Dick retorted in a derisive tone.

Gar grumbled under his breath, he had no explanation for that. "Well, have you done it yet?" He folded his arms.

"Yup." Dick disposed the last of the bags and made his way to the couch.

He turned on the game station and picked up a console from the coffee table, replacing it with his feet. The television turned on and Dick started to play a round of video games, already smashing his fingers on the buttons.

"Awe," Gar moaned in sorrow, "I wanted to play."

Dick chuckled and pointed his thumb towards his laptop sitting on the kitchen counter, "You can use my laptop to type up your essay. Get it done and then you can play. And remember, it has to be at least six hundred words."

Gar muttered a 'thank you' and shuffled over to his room, laptop tucked under his arm. He sat down on his chair and slid the portable computer onto the desk, prying it open and turning it on. He switched his green lamp on and started to get to work.

But as soon as he typed the first word, an idea made itself known in his head. A mischievous grin formed on his lips as he pulled up a file. Dick's own report. Gar made a copy of the essay and made a few changes; changing words into others with similar meanings, adding a few of his own statements. Anything to make it seem as if it was his own to the professor and best friend.

After a few minutes, he checked the digital clock by his bed and inhaled deeply. 8:38.

Saving himself from staying up the whole night, Gar finished "his" report and printed it out. He grabbed the two pages from the printer below his desk and placed it on his nightstand. He swivelled in his chair happily and shut the laptop, making his way to Dick to show off his accomplishment.

"Finished!" Gar spoke in a singsong tone, rubbing the laptop in his face.

Dick paused the screen and grabbed the laptop and set it down on his lap. His eyes were wide, exposing his electric blue eyes.

"What? How in the hell?!" Dick opened the laptop and turned it on, searching through the files for the essay, all the while mumbling under his breath.

Gar smiled smugly as he picked up a controller and sat down next to him. Dick frowned and put the laptop next to him and restarted the game he was already loosing.

"Even though I don't know how you did it under ten minutes, I'm proud of you. I just hope you didn't put 'penis' in almost every sentence just because you were lazy," Dick seemed as if he was joking but in reality, that had been an incident two years ago for a science project. Gar had taken the genital themed project pretty seriously.

Gar laughed half-heartedly, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. But I didn't do it this time."

"But remember when we had an assembly in the twelfth grade?" Dick reminded him with a smile on his face, still looking at the television screen.

Gar almost dropped the controller in laughter. "Oh yeah! I switched the original video with a video of two people having sex! That was the best year of my life!"

Dick groaned, "Yeah, but they thought it was me and I almost got expelled because of you."

"Hey! I got you outta trouble! I told them that it was neither one of us and that they didn't have any proof to dump the blame on us. So they let us off the hook. At least I didn't throw you under the bus. But hey! We had some laughs," Gar fingered the buttons on the console.

Dick shook his head with a smile, "Yeah, I guess."

The duo continued to reminisce about their years together in high school as they played video games for the next hour. After that, Gar headed to the bathroom and spent half of an hour in hot water. He stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist. He wiped the foggy mirror in a circular motion and checked himself out. A smile was on his face as he played with his hair, changing hair styles.

"Hey there, good-looking," Gar gestured to the reflection of himself with a quiff.

"Gar!" Dick called from the other side as he banged on the door. "Get outta the bathroom, you conceited beaver!"

Gar groaned and ruffled up his hair. "Calm your nipples! I'm already getting out!"

He stepped out to see an infuriated Dick and chuckled. They switched locations and he heard the bathroom door slam.

Gar walked into his room and walked towards his closet. Just to stop and backtrack. He stopped in front of his full body mirror and started to check out his upper body. He flexed his arms and looked at his well toned chiseled chest. A wide cocky grin broke out on his face. He was about to drop the towel clinging around his waist until a ring sounded from his desk. He walked over to the source and picked it up.

"Hello?" Gar held his cell phone up to his ear.

'Hello, Gar!' A sweet voice called out.

"Hey, hey, Kori! What's up?" He walked over to his closet again.

'Hello, friend, I have a favour to ask of you,' Kori said.

The girl on the line was Gar's best lady friend. He'd known her since the twelfth grade when Dick tried to show off his machismo to her before school and Gar made a joke about him. Causing her to laugh at his joke, and Dick's 'joke'. Ever since then, Dick tried to make a good attractive impression of himself and Gar was always there to mess it up. Each time Gar and Kori getting closer as friends.

"Sure, girl. What is it?" Gar slipped on his boxers with a slight struggle.

'May you ask Dick if he can meet me behind the band room before school? I have a question to ask him,' Kori asked.

Gar furrowed his brows. "Sure but, why couldn't you have… called him instead of… me? Not that I mind," he tried to pull on a shirt with his cell phone sandwiched between his shoulder and ear.

'I have tried but he does not answer. Where is he?'

"He's in the shower. Most likely think 'bout you, short stuff. You got him wrapped around your finger." Gar sat on the edge of his bed, putting on his socks.

Kori laughed half-heartedly, 'You are most humorous, Garfield. Dick is just a dear friend of mine, he does not have feelings for me.'

Gar chuckled as he ran a hand through his hair. "You have no idea how wrong you are, girl. But how I'm hearing it, you just friend zoned him."

'Friend zone?' Kori asked.

"Never mind," Gar smiled as he flopped down onto his bed.

'Okay then, that will be all. Good bye, Garfield. And thank you, you are very kind,' Kori said.

"See ya tomorrow, baby girl," Gar gave a nonchalant goodbye and waited a second before he hung up.

He swung his feet over the edge and stood up, making his way to the bathroom. Gar put his ear up to the door and smirked as he heard the familiar sound of a man singing in a falsetto. Dick had a habit of singing in the shower.

Gar scampered off to his room and shuffled through his desk's bureau. He pulled out a camcorder and ran silently back to the threshold. Turning it on and pressing the recording button, he pressed it up to the door, getting every minute of the show.

As soon as the water was stopped short and the singing had ceased, Gar cut off the video. He smiled and banged on the door. "Encore, encore, encore!"

He laughed and heard the surprised gasp on the other side. "Dick, I have some good news. Kori wants to meet up with you tomorrow behind the band room before school. It seemed really important."

A loud thud was heard and Gar immediately recognised it as Dick's hair gel bottle drop. He grinned as he heard rustling and the door unlock. Then it swung open in a fast motion and slammed into Gar's face, shoving him to the floor.

"Really?!" Dick squealed in a girly tone.

He realised what had just happened and winced. "Uh-oh."

Gar caressed his left cheek and groaned in pain as he got up on one knee. "Dammit, Dick! That hurt! You almost broke my jaw!"

Dick wore sweat pants and a t-shirt with a towel hanging over his shoulder. He had a passive expression and shuffled over to the kitchen. He grabbed an ice pack out of the freezer and walked back to the man on the floor.

"Here you go, ya wuss," he handed it to him.

Gar snatched it away from him, giving him a glare and stood up. "Thanks. Well, I'm gonna hit the hay. See ya in the morning," he said in an acrimonious tone.

Dick headed over to his own room. "Just remember to wake up early or you're gonna take the public bus and sit next to a bunch of old men exchanging Viagra pills!"

Gar laughed and called back, "Okay but don't count on it!"

He closed his bedroom door and turned off the lights and jumped onto his bed. He stared up at the ceiling with his green eyes and wondered about his whole life. And his attention turned to a specific topic. His deceased parents that died during an intermission during their studies of biology. Even though it was more than ten years ago, it still strikes him and leaves him with baggage.

His mind moved on to when he was adopted by a family of anti-crime organizations of some sort. The woman was a police chief and the man had been a member of the FBI. But both were retired by now and living peacefully now that Gar was out of the house.

And when he had dated a beautiful girl a few years back in high school. He had thought that she was the one for him. Even went as far as thinking that he was in love with her. But found out a year later that throughout their relationship, she had been slumming among other guys. She always made him keep his 'tadpoles in the tank', and now he understood why she had always refused him. Because he was a part of that group of young men. She was a major slut.

And at the moment, Dick and Kori were his only friends. That being because they were the only people that can and could tolerate him. But they were all he needed. Or so he thought.

And even though all of these occurrences had happened to him, he stayed up. He's had his downs but they always ended going up.

Gar finished with that thought and turned on his side, pulling up the green blanket to his neck. His eyes became really heavy and the only thing he saw before sleep consumed him was his digital clock. 10:24. His eyelids shut and he snuggled into the empty bed, falling into a blank, dreamless slumber.


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