Ch. 20

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Two Months Later

Her back was against the wall, arms clinging to the back of his neck, and feet firmly planted on the ground. His hands were on either side of her and on the wall, making its way down to her thighs and subtly pulling them upwards. Her lips parted, trying to breath in more air while his were trailing along her jawline. She sunk her fingers into the fabric of his shirt, pulling and yanking at it suggestively. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth at her desperate little acts.

'She's practically begging for me!'

Soon enough, her hands found their way to the hem of his shirt, raising it up and over his chest. He chuckled into her ear, making it all the more difficult for her to not collapse right there.

"Eager as always," he whispered.

She frowned, slightly pushing him away, as if a warning.

"Okay, shutting up now."

She inwardly smirked, retracting him to her and reuniting their lips. Both were inhaling through their noses now, pushing up against the wall a bit more and increasing the intensity in their activity. Separating them both, Raven gently pushed him backwards, sauntering their way towards the bed. The blond smiled, loosely roping his arms around her waist and falling onto the mattress. He crawled back to the pillows and propped himself up on one elbow, lying on his bare back. She peeled out of her pants and then straddled his waist, back straight and his knees slightly up against her back. Her hands reached for her own top.

Garfield watched and stared up at her in shock.

'Whoa. This is new and unexpected.'

With her shirt off, she peered down at his surprised face. Raven slightly grinned and sank her lips to his ear, hands located on either side of his head.

"This time, I'm going to be in charge."

He swallowed. Anxiety swept him up as she whispered those words. Even if it was the second time they were doing this.

But he nodded anyways.

Raven kissed him, his lips intoxicating her further more. She pecked a trail down his neck as her fingers went from his head to his belt buckle. He pressed his hands on her hips, bringing her down to his waist even more. She groaned inwardly, finding the friction very provocative.

"Now tell me," she mumbled between kisses, "who's eager now?"

A small snicker murmured from him. "I guess we both want to get into each other's pants."

"Don't get so confident. I might not let us go all the way," she teased, her bluff meaningless.

Raven unclipped his belt and slid it off from around his waist like a whip. She threw it behind her and ran delicate fingers through the rough fabric of his jeans, enticing him much more. She slowly unbuttoned it, teasing him, and slipped it off his legs. Now only in their undergarments, the two kissed vehemently. Gar ran his hands up her waist and to her back, unhooking her bra, but with difficulties from relying on his elbows. Not surprised this time around, she shook it off her arms and proceeded to kiss him.

Getting tired of leaning on his forearms, Garfield quickly took a grab on her waist and flipped them over. She squeaked at the sudden change as his figure hung over hers. He smiled and kissed down her neck, causing a sigh of enjoyment to emit from her.

"I'm overthrowing the queen." He snickered.

But as she hooked her fingers into the sides of his pants, a loud knock sounded off the door. The two paused and peeked at the source from their position.

"Who is it?" Gar questioned.

"Yo, G! It's Vic. Just wanted to let ya know that we're all going out to have a night on the town." The large man said.

Gar continued to kiss her neck, occasionally tracing his teeth around her skin roughly. Raven almost let out a moan, but quickly stopped herself by putting a hand over her mouth.

He lightly sniggered at that. "And?"

A sigh came through the door. "And we were wondering if you'd like to come along with us."

He gazed into her eyes, silently asking for her consent. She was quiet for a moment, until nodding, already trying to move from under him. But he wouldn't budge.

"Uh, at what time?" He asked, still peering into her eyes.

"Like, in about five minutes."

"Okay, I'll go. Just hold on a second," he said, still not moving.


His footsteps travelled away, signalling his departure. But neither of them moved.

"What're you waiting for? Let's go," she tried pushing him off.

Leaning on his elbows once again, he grabbed her hands. "We can do it in less than five minutes."


"C'mon, we could do it in five minutes."

His head went back to her neck as his hands went straight to her underwear. She tried pushing him away but the enjoyment he was giving her left her weak.

"Gar, please. Let's go." Raven pleaded breathlessly.

He ignored her, replacing the cold air on her breasts with his lips. She gasped and arched her back a bit at the familiar, yet pleasurable, feeling. It was getting more and more difficult to resist him.

"Gar, come… on. We can continue… this another day." Her lungs were failing her strong tone.

He shook his head, defying her. "Nope."

She sighed. "Then can you… at least cancel?"

His eyes encountered her unamused ones and stopped. He exhaled loudly and rose to place his forehead on hers.


"Thank you–."

She was cut off as his mouth descended on hers, joining her in a passionate kiss. She corded her arms around his neck and brought him closer, enjoying the slight friction of her pelvis against his. A faint groan sounded from him as the movement continued. But just as she was about to attempt to slide off his pants, there was a knock on the door.

"What?!" Gar whined.

"C'mon, G! Let's go! Dick and Kori are already ready! And you know how much they like to suck each other's face!" Victor's voice was amplified since his last interruption.

Garfield sighed in frustration, dropping his head to her neck. Raven exhaled in exasperation.

"If you want, we can go out with them and then continue this when we come back," her tone suggestive and soft.

He peeked up. "Really? But what about Dick?"

A smirk came about her lips. "I have a feeling that he's going to be with Kori at her house later on."

A sly grin traced his mouth. "Yeah. You're a genius, Rae!"

Before she could reply he grabbed her head and placed his lips onto hers. He would always cut her words off with a kiss.

Pulling away, he crawled back from her and jumped to his closet.

"Hold on, Vic! I'm getting dressed right now!"

"What?! You're getting dressed now?! It's been fave minutes already!"

The smile on his face never left. "Yeah, I know. But Raven's here with me."

"Oh. Well then, I'll just wait for you two outside." His character unusually quiet and peaceful.

"Thanks. But don't come in, I'm not the only one without clothes."

That did it.

"You better not be doing anything to my little sister, short stack! I'll shove a stick up so far in your ass you'll be crying splinters!"

Raven's eyes bloomed in shock as she pulled down her shirt. Gar only chuckled and shook his head, waving off the threat.

"She's not so little anymore, Vic!" He laughed, shoving his foot in a shoe.

"Boy, you better be praying you have nine lives if I find out you hurt her!"

"Relax, man, she's okay." He passed her a brazen look, "Better than okay, actually."

She blushed, dusting off her hoodie mindlessly. He lightly laughed, walking towards her. He encircled his arms around her waist from behind and pecked her cheek continuously.

"She better be okay. If I find out–," his voice drifting away as he walked to the living room.

"He's so protective," Gar muttered.

She sighed, closing her eyes as she tried not to concentrate on his touch. "Yeah, he is like my brother. I've known him more than half of my life."

With a final kiss on her neck, he moved away and headed for the door. "Well then, shall we?"

She nodded and took his hand, the duo already walking to the living room. Dick and Kori were sitting very close to each other on the leather couch, softly talking. Victor was grumpily settled on the bean bag, arms overlapped and foot tapping impatiently on the floor. Karen was standing by him, arms crossed as well but a normal expression on her face.

"Alright, everyone, let's go!" Gar announced, grabbing everyone's attention.

Dick stood up with his girlfriend. "Kori and I will take my car. We'll meet you guys there."

Gar smiled at Raven, for reasons only known to them.

"Victor and I will do the same. We're planning on heading back to my house afterwards. Is that okay, Gar?" Karen spoke up next.

The smile never ceased from the blond's face. "Perfect."

Victor seemed to catch on to that because he bounced to his feet and pointed an accusing finger at him.

"Yeah, but you better not get any ideas!"

The three couples climbed into their separate cars and drove off to their destination. Gar and Raven in his own, holding hands in comfortable silence. Kori and Dick in the BMW with pleased smiles on their facial features. Victor with a scowl on his face with a tight grip on the steering wheel while Karen sat indifferently in her seat.

"You're a psychic, Rae! Everything's according to plan."

She swivelled her eyes. "It's not an evil plot, Gar. We're not in one of your spy movies."

"But it sure feels like it. The sexy guy always gets the girl in the end. The spunky girl." He gave her a half smile.

"How corny can you be?" She rolled her eyes.

"A lot. But change the 'C'."

A blush traced her cheeks. "You're so perverted."

"And only for you, baby!" He laughed, still dwelling over his joke.

"Can you stop already?" Her agitation quite clear.

He sniggered. "Yeah, yeah, you buzzkill."

Raven huffed and peered out the tinted window, her eyes darting back and forth from object to object. Garfield glanced over at her once he halted the car at a red light. He stared at her facial features; more at her eyes than anything. They were a soothing deep blue. But even though most of the time he saw her she was emotionless, he faintly noticed the strain in them. And sometimes they'd be dull. But never grotesque.

'Except for that time at work.'

But other than her eyes, there was something else to her facial structure. Something unknown, yet in plain sight. Her skin tone?

'Maybe. Pale really isn't my type, yet I'm so fond of her skin tone.'

He didn't have anymore time to inwardly elaborate on it any further because of the obnoxious horns of the cars behind him. With the light now green, he progressed the vehicle down the streets.

'The shape of her head? No. That'll be weird to fall for a girl's skull.'

He altered his gaze to her once again, but for a second. She knew he was staring at her, from the reflection of him in the window, but let it be. Why would she question it?

'I kind of like it, anyway.' She thought, taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling.

"I like it a lot," Raven murmured out loud, not talking about his observing anymore, but him in general.

Her thoughts had drifted to her new lifestyle. Her boyfriend, her new friends, her new perspective and feelings. The murky world she had grown accustomed to over the years had utterly evolved. And to her liking. Before, she would walk in solitude along the dilapidated streets, tears stringing down her cheeks. Every time she would've looked in a mirror, she would see old scars and her heart in bars. But now, the roads were renovated, her face was illuminated, and her bruises from years before didn't matter anymore.


"What do you like, Raven?" A familiar character broke through her reminiscing.

"Excuse me?" She turned to him.

His manner was serious now, but his attention was still on the road. "You just said that you like something a lot."

Her cheeks bloomed. "Oh, you heard that?"

Gar arched a brow. "Uh, yeah. We're in the same closed box."

She shook her head a bit. "It was nothing. I was just thinking out loud, that's all."

He shrugged.

Before she could return back to her thoughts beforehand, a warm object swept her hand up. Looking at him, she corded her fingers with his, still dug up in her musings about him.

"Do you know where we might be going?" He asked, rubbing his thumb over her hand.

"No. I thought you knew."

"Not at all. I assumed he was taking us to a hangout you two probably go to often."

She cocked an eyebrow. "What would make you think that?"

He shrugged once again.

A silence passed through them. A comfortable and settling moment, as always. Raven looked at him for a while, going deeper into her thoughts.

"But I know where we might be heading."

Gar gazed at her, a weird yet amused look on his face, confused at her statement. But he didn't question, he knew that he wasn't meant to understand. The day that he will truly comprehend anything that she mumbled about would be in a while. Most likely during the rest of their college years.



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