Well, I roleplay Flynn Rider on Tumblr as gottagetmeoneofthese. I haven't gotten any yet, but I hope to get drabble prompts from people. This one came to me because I wondered how Flynn would react to a certain situation. Then he told me a story.

I do plan on posting more stories on this, especially if they are 1000 words or less.

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The Widower King

"I don't know how to be Eugene without you."

"Then be Eugene for her."

The kingdom knew this was a day of celebration. For awhile they thought it would never happen. Their king had a strict set of requirements that no one had ever been able to figure out. Princes were turned away, noble sons not allowed past the front gate.

It was not until it was revealed that the princess had been meeting the stable boy in secret that they understood. Their king was not looking for an alliance or more land, but a certain look on his daughter's face when she was around someone.

So the kingdom was introduced to their future king who held no titles or land but held a nobility that none of those could give. When they saw how their princess looked at him, they accepted. After all, their current king used to be the most wanted thief around.

They could not help but wonder, as they made last minute preparations that could not be done before now, how the king would be today. After their queen left, he had become increasingly irreverent. He would use wit and sarcasm that bit into the pride of visiting dignitaries then smooth ruffled feathers with undeniable charm. He was as different as he had been when his posters were nailed to trees and posts.

He was this way with everyone. Everyone but the princess. With her around, he was the king they remembered. But she could not be around all the time.

The only other time people caught glimpses of his true self were on what was known as the Anniversary. It was not the queen's birthday, where they still sent lanterns in remembrance, or the day they got married.

On the Anniversary, no one complained they did not see him. Or how when they did he was barely able to hold himself together, even so many years after the event. Or how, when he visited the marble statue that stood above the others in the cemetery, he would sometimes hold his arms tight around his stomach as he doubled over. Sometimes they could almost hear his silent scream.

The question would not linger long in their minds, especially not when the princess entered the cathedral, her eyes only on the young man waiting for her.

"Father?" The new bride opened the king's chamber door. "You left early."

He was dressed in shadow. "Sorry. Just tired."

She walked to his chair and knelt beside his knee, as she had done since childhood. Even when he was busy he would gently smooth her hair as he did now. And she knew, when he looked at her as he did now, he saw a mother she barely remembered. She was happy to give him that, the remembrance that the queen had really existed, and happy to know that even when he looked at her like this he still saw her and not just a ghost.

"Will he make you happy?"

The princess blinked at the sudden question. "Of course. You know he will."

"And he'll take care of you, right? Just as well as you'll take care of him?" His tone grew desperate even as his hand remained gentle. "Is he your dream?"

"Yes, he is." She was five years old again, watching her mother breathe her last, and she did not know why she suddenly remembered that after all these years.

"Good." He was silent for a moment. "I had one thing in life. One thing I wanted to do. One thing I promised. And you never break promises. And it's been so hard, but you were there. And I've been tired, so tired, and I haven't dreamed in years. I just want to sleep."

His cheeks were dry when he looked up at her but hers were not. "Can I go to sleep now? I just want to go home."

She could not speak but nodded as she stood. She had not been in her father's lap since she was ten and cried in his arms about how the other children treated her so different. Now, though she was still the one crying, it was her to give him comfort in a sea of silk and lace. "Yes, Daddy. You can sleep."

The next day introduced Corona to their new king and queen as the last of the former was lowered beneath the soil.