Otg2012 asked you: Hi.. Just in case.. Stackson: for different fics: "I've always been into you"/ "I don't wanna keep this a secret anymore" / "It's time, I want us to have children" / "they are never gonna get it".

Or: One time Jackson surprised Stiles, one time Stiles surprised Jackson, one time they surprised each other, and one time they surprised the pack

Background pairings: Lydia/Aiden, Scott/Allison/Isaac, Boyd/Erica, though it could be read as Boyd/Erica/Cora if you squint really hard.

Scott might have jumped the gun about the pack not answering their phones, or at least, Stiles guesses as much when Lydia and Aiden are waiting for them at the airport.

Stiles heads toward her, Jackson trailing behind him.

Lydia holds up a compact mirror and shows him her own and Aiden's eyes before doing the same test to him. "We brought your Jee—Jackson," she squeaks, eyes going wide as she stares at him. "I didn't know you were…"

Jackson takes the mirror from her and does his own eyes. "Hello, Lydia," he says, apparently deciding that things will only be awkward if he lets them. "And you must be Aiden," he continues, handing the compact back to Lydia.

Aiden is watching Jackson like he's not sure if he should think of him as a threat. He must decide not to worry, though, because he grins and offers a hand. "Nice to meet you," he says. When Jackson takes the hand, though, Aiden squeezes tightly but Jackson doesn't flinch.

"Okay, now that the intimidation tactics are over," Stiles bites out irritably. "There's the matter of my dad being possessed by a demon that wants to bang Mrs. McCall."

"It's worse than that," Lydia says, doing her best to get over her stunned surprise at seeing Jackson. "We think Melissa might be possessed, too."

"Why do they want to have a kid?" Stiles wonders, exasperated. Seriously, what the hell is up with the supernatural around here? It makes no sense. First they want him, then they just want to knock each other up? "What is the endgame, here?"

Lydia bites her lip and shrugs. "We don't really know. We've been looking every where, but even Deaton doesn't really understand why. What we do know is that they're lesser demons and really easy to exorcise, if we can catch them off guard. Also, they're definitely being controlled by someone else. This isn't a demon war."

"Let's get a move on, hmm?" Jackson says, touching the small of Stiles' back and gesturing to the door. "You can fill us in on everything in the car ride home."

She eyes the hand on Stiles' back, but says nothing before nodding. Perhaps to reassure herself, she takes Aiden's hand and drags him through the door.

Their relationship is entertaining, to say the least, because while Aiden takes up plenty of space and has no problem throwing his strength around, Lydia is obviously the one in charge. Stiles has seen her threaten Aiden not to touch her handbags on pain of death and seen Aiden cower, which doesn't make any sense. Lydia and magic cancel each other out, so she has essentially no advantages over him.

Except for her being…Lydia.

Stiles thinks he'd be terrified of her were he in Aiden's place, too. He still kind of is.

When they reach his Jeep, Lydia hands him his keys and takes shotgun without hesitating. Aiden and Jackson take the back seat, sitting on opposite sides and not quite glaring at each other, but something close.

See, Stiles understands being enamored with Lydia Martin, probably better than most people do. He spent…well, he'd like to say that he got over the crush when he was 16 but that's inherently false. He's still kind of in love with her, a little bit. So he's been in love with her for ten years. One simply does not get over Lydia Martin. She's…incredible, in all her doings.

So like, it makes sense that Jackson is still a little hung up on her. For all that he said he's "always been into" Stiles, Lydia is the one who turned him from a kanima to a werewolf. (To be fair, Jackson never ever hurt Stiles. There was the one time he paralyzed him, but that could definitely be interpreted as keeping him from getting crushed by his own car. Which, hey, actually kind of sweet.) Lydia is the one he dated. Jackson might be into Stiles, but he's also into Lydia. Who wouldn't be?

Still, it's weird. Like, really weird. But Stiles brushes it off and starts the car. "Okay, so what do we know?"

"Deaton thinks a warlock is behind all of it. He says it's not uncommon for them to go after sparks to do some kind of…magic suck? That's, unfortunately, the best way to explain it. Plus warlocks have enough power to control demons," she explains.

"But he also thinks it doesn't make sense," Aiden says from the backseat, leaning forward to rest his chin on Lydia's seat. "He says warlocks are drawn to big bursts of power, and you've never done more than mess with mountain ash and some poultices, right? Something any of us could do and you could spark."

He considers it, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel as he pulls out onto the highway next to the airport. It shouldn't take more than two hours to get to Beacon Hills, and hopefully Scott will be able to prevent copulation in that time. "I don't think I've done anything that would attract attention. I haven't brought anyone back from the dead."

Lydia hits him.

He doesn't protest, just grinning at her cheekily. "What are our other options?"

"That's really all we could figure out. Deaton is really worried that if you didn't do something to attract attention, someone else did."

"Okay," Stiles says, mulling over it. He tries to think over the past month. "All I can think of is a binding I did on Allison's bow," he says. "But that was just stitchwork. Nothing big. I don't think I can do anything big."

"No," Lydia agrees primly. "I know."

"I didn't know you were magic," Jackson says from the back seat.

"A lot has changed," Lydia says, but now her voice is cool. "Which you would know if you had been here."

"Hey, let's remember that his dad moved him away," Stiles jumps in. He feels weirdly protective of Jackson at the moment (or maybe it's not weird, whatever.) The point is, he likes Jackson, and he likes Lydia, and he would prefer they got along. "And can you guys, like, I dunno, not fight while I'm driving?"

"I didn't say anything," Jackson complains.

"Which I appreciate," he replies, smiling at him in the rearview mirror.

"Holy shit," Lydia hisses, obviously drawing a conclusion.

"Not a word," he snaps at her. "And yeah, I'm what Deaton likes to call a spark. I can't do big magic. It's more like I can wield magical objects, like mountain ash and wolfsbane, which, fun fact, most humans are allergic to. I'm not about to eat it but I can mess with the plants without breaking out in hives," he explains to Jackson.

"Oh," he answers, settling back in his seat. "That's pretty cool. So, the warlock wants to suck that ability out of you? How would he even go about doing that? And why do the demons want to reproduce?"

Lydia sniffs and shakes her head. "We don't know. None of us are warlocks."

"How would I know that?" he asks, exasperated.

"You could have known that," she snipes.

"Guys," Stiles whines. "Cut it out."

"I'm with Stiles on this," Aiden agrees, folding his arms, looking vaguely annoyed.

Lydia looks over her shoulder at him and pouts a little before muttering, "Sorry, sweetie." She says nothing to Jackson, but at this point, it's preferable.

Aiden rests his hand on the shoulder of her seat, and she crosses her arm over her chest to link their fingers.

"You two are sickening," Stiles says, making a left turn. "Seriously, how can any one stand to be around you?"

"You deal with Allison and Scott all the time," Aiden says, smirking.

"Yeah but I actually like them," he grumbles.

"You love us," they say together.

"Sometimes," he says. "Maybe. I like Jackson way more than both of you." When he looks at Jackson in his rearview mirror, the boy is ducking his head and grinning.

He drives to Scott's house and Scott comes running down the driveway. "I missed you so much," he says, crawling over Lydia's lap to hug Stiles.

"Ugh," she mutters. "Let me out. I'll sit next to Aiden."

Scott moves out of the way, managing to keep hugging Stiles. "Oh, hi," he says, looking back at Jackson. "I didn't expect to see you here."

"Surprise," Jackson says drily. He's looking at Scott through narrowed eyes that don't falter as Aiden moves across to sit next to him.

"Cool," Scott says, ignoring all antagonism. "We need all the help we can get."

"So what's up with Dad?" Stiles asks, driving away. "Also are we going to Deaton's or Derek's?"

"Deaton," Scott says. "He has some materials for you to defend against he warlock and also exorcise the demon. You can't be there, by the way," he directs at Lydia. "You'll screw it up."

She sighs, pretending to be put upon. "Whatever. Stiles, will you drop me off at home, then?"

"Sure," he says, turning left where he would normally turn right to get to Deaton's.

"So what are you doing here, Jackson?" Scott asks conversationally, as though they don't have years of fighting between them. Actually, it's likely that Scott just doesn't care. Jackson always hated Scott more than Scott hated Jackson.

Jackson steels himself. "I came to help Stiles," he says, like that's all the information Scott could need.

Stiles nods. "Yeah, me and Jackson are tight now."

"Are you?" Lydia asks archly. "Just how…tight are we talking?"

He looks at Jackson in the rearview mirror and shrugs at him.

Jackson has apparently decided he's not going to acknowledge her, and sullenly looks out the window.

"We're tight," Stiles says in lieu of an explanation, because he's really not sure where they stand. After all, they've kissed a few times and shared a bed, but it's not like they're dating. But Jackson did fly across an ocean and then across America for Stiles, so maybe they're doing something more. In any case, it's something they need to talk about by themselves before they complicate it with anyone else (read: ex-girlfriend and nosy best friends). "Say, is Danny still in town?"

Jackson perks up.

"Yep," Scott says, settling comfortably in his seat. "He's just back from visiting his grandparents. We could probably text him later. How long are you staying?"

"Actually I applied to Berkeley," Jackson says. "So I'll be back in August, anyway. Danny knows, but it would be great to see him before then."

"Berkeley?" Stiles asks, looking at him in the mirror again. "Seriously?"

"Yeah. I missed California."

"That's where we're going," Scott says, grinning easily. "Allison, too."

"Cool," Jackson says, looking relieved.

So they're going to college together. Yet another indicator that something more than friendship, more than just dating, is possible. Stiles feels remarkably invested in a relationship that's about…three days old. Should he be slowing down? Maybe. It's not like they're getting married or having sex yet, though, so maybe…it's not a big deal. They can move slowly. It just helps a lot that Jackson will be at the same school as him.

It also helps that Scott is so much about putting the past behind him. He even managed to forgive Derek for everything that happened in their sophomore year, which Stiles holds is the best part of the Be a Better Scott McCall Program. Life got a lot easier when you were working with the resident alpha than when you worked against him. Even Jackson can't resist Scott's puppy eyes, apparently.

Stiles pulls up to Lydia's house. "Later, dudes," he says as Lydia and Aiden get out.

Lydia strides around the front of the Jeep and leans in his windows. "I want details about London," she says calmly. "Did you do anything? Anyone?"

"We'll talk later, but the answer to your second question is no," he says calmly.

"Fine," she huffs, before spinning on her heel and walking back to her house, Aiden right behind her. He waves at Stiles over his shoulder, grinning in his normal cocky way.

"They seem well balanced," Jackson comments, looking far more relaxed now that he isn't dealing with Lydia head on.

"They're terrifying," Stiles grumbles, and drives faster than normal to get to Deaton's. They have a warlock to destroy.

"So first you should perform the exorcism," Deaton says. He hasn't commented at all on Jackson's presence, as though it's to be expected. Maybe he has a homing device planted in all of them.

Which is a weird thought, but honestly not the weirdest he's had.

"Okay," Stiles says. "So I just recite this chant and they'll be sent back to hell?"

"Yes," Deaton says. "But the warlock will be drawn to you. It's big enough magic to register, unlike little things with mountain ash. Have you given any consideration to what may have attracted him to you in the first place?"

He shrugs, glancing at Scott. "I haven't done anything big, but maybe when I was doing some experimenting with Lydia?"

Next to him, Jackson tenses.

"Not that kind," he says immediately, which of course makes Scott look at the two of them speculatively. He can't tell if Scott has noticed his attraction to Jackson, because he doesn't feel particularly aroused at the moment, or if he's thinking Jackson still has feelings for Lydia. Either way, he doesn't want the attention.

"What do you mean, Stiles?" Deaton asks patiently.

He shrugs, shifting his weight. "Just small stuff, you know, poultices. We wanted to see if anything was effective for her, and I guess I had to use more of the spark and belief than normally to balance for it."

"Were you successful?" he asks, not sounding particularly interested. Which of course means nothing. Deaton never lets on what his genuine feelings are.

"Not really," Stiles answers, shrugging. "Finally found a combination that soothed a sunburn, but it didn't heal it like it was supposed to."

"Hmm," he says, leaning back thoughtfully. "That may have been enough. Otherwise, it's just because Beacon Hills has entirely too much supernatural activity, and he was just hopeful."

"Likely," Stiles muttered.

"So what do we need to do?" Scott asks. "If Stiles is doing the exorcism."

"You'll need to keep them where they are, preferably without hurting them," Deaton suggests. "And be prepared for the warlock to arrive."

"How do we get rid of him?" Stiles wonders.

Deaton smiles. "That's where things get interesting."

Deaton's code for interesting turns out to be trapping the warlock in a mountain ash circle and using his magic to send him far away.

With that in mind, they drive out to Stiles house, where Melissa and his Dad are hanging out. Isaac was already there, which was pretty normal at this point. Melissa liked him a lot more than she liked Stiles, which is ridiculous, because Stiles has never even tried to kill anyone. Isaac just looks cuter, obviously.

Anyway, they've been cockblocked to the point that when the three of them arrive with a print out of the exorcism, mountain ash, and instructions on how to use the warlock's magic against him.

"Won't he just come back?" Jackson wonders.

"We'll just do it again," Scott says, waving a hand dismissively. "We can't kill him if he's never killed anyone." He's texting the pack to meet them at the house.

"That's good I guess," Jackson mutters.

Stiles catches his eyes in the mirror again and offers him a smile. "We'll figure everything out. Don't worry."

He smiles back at him.

Stiles feels warm.

"Dude," Scott mutters lowly. He's not looking at either of them, still texting, but the "dude" says enough. He knows.

"We'll talk later," Stiles promises, and then they're arriving at the house.

Isaac comes out to meet them, hugging Stiles as soon as he's out of the Jeep and smiling pleasantly at Jackson. "Sup?" he says, and that's that. He kisses Scott on the cheek, who grins at him pleasantly. "Missed you, Stiles," he says, moving back into hug Stiles again. "You don't smell right."

"He smells fine," Jackson says immediately.

"He smells like you," Scott corrects. Clearly, he adds this to whatever catalogue he's keeping of their behavior.

Stiles pats Isaac on the back. "You should probably get used to it," he offers, because if nothing else, he's going to make out with Jackson some more. Definitely.

"Oh, cool," Isaac says. If he's surprised by the development, he doesn't show it. Lately, Isaac has been sort of unflappable. It might come from spending more time with Boyd and even better control over his furry side. He nuzzles Stiles' neck one time, and then steps back. "So Allison is on her way," he says, moving to stand next to Scott. "She said she'll bring both bows, just in case."

Derek is the next one to show up, Cora, Boyd, and Erica with him. They all pile out of his Toyota (Jackson eyes it distastefully) and swarm Stiles.

"Why do you smell like Jackson?" Erica asks as she rubs herself against him like a cat.

"It's complicated, I think," Stiles says, shrugging as he pats her back.

Boyd gives him a one-armed hug the same time Cora snuggles against his side and Derek just pats his shoulder.

Cora turns expectantly to Jackson, offering a hand. "I'm Cora, Derek's little sister," she says.

Jackson shakes her hand, smiling. It's near impossible not to be charmed by Cora. "Hi," he says. "I'm Jackson."

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend, Stiles," she says, turning to him.

Stiles rubs the back of his neck and glances at Jackson, who shrugs. "It's…new and kind of complicated."

She shrugs. "Okay."

"Damn," Erica says, leaning into Boyd. "I had so many plans."

Boyd actually rolls his eyes before pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Allison pulls up alone, because she operates as such. "Danny and Ethan are occupied," she says as she gets out of the car. "It's been a long two weeks for them."

"For all of us," Scott says meaningfully, looking at Stiles like a lost puppy.

Stiles can't help it, then, and he tugs Scott into another hug. "You're the cutest person I know," he mutters. "Like, so cute."

"Mine," Allison says, tugging Scott away. "Cut it out."

"He was mine longer," Stiles complains, reaching after him. "I don't even want to kiss him. I'll leave that to you and Isaac. Gimme back."

"No," Isaac agrees, tugging both Scott and Allison away. "Why don't you go play with your mountain ash or something?"

"Ugh, fine, let's get this over with. Everyone, make sure these adults don't copulate or escape."

Derek rolls his eyes and gestures for everyone to move toward the house.

Jackson hovers with Stiles, though. "Do you need help?"

"Can you carry this for me?" he asks, gesturing to the mountain ash. He could carry it himself, really, but he's kind of tired and needs to save his strength. Also, it's sweet that Jackson asked in the first place. Sue him, he wants to be pampered, a little.

"Sure," Jackson says, hefting the garbage bag easily.

"Don't touch it, though," Stiles says, shutting his Jeep carefully. "You'll get sick. Black blood."

"Oh," he says, looking vaguely sick just at the thought of it. "No thanks."

Belatedly, Stiles remembers Derek mentioning black blood coming out of Jackson's orifices and the black pool Gerard had left behind. "Sorry," he mutters. "Didn't mean to trigger you."

"It's okay," Jackson says, shrugging. "We'll talk about it later."

"Cool," he says. "Now let's do this bitch."

The exorcism is easy enough, once they have the two adults cornered. Demons are strong, but so are werewolves, even unshifted, so Derek and Scott get hold of them and Stiles starts the exorcism. It's a bunch of Latin he's not sure he even pronounces correctly, but the black smoke comes out of both of them when he's finished, and there's some screaming before both adults collapse.

Isaac and Boyd carry them upstairs without a word, and Stiles takes the mountain ash from Jackson. "We'll need to work fast," he tells the rest of the pack.

"Finally," someone says from behind him, and all the werewolves immediately fall into crouches, growling.

Stiles spins on his heel, only the bag of mountain ash preventing him from flailing. "Jeez, watch it," he tells the smirking man standing about six inches from him. "You'll kill a man like that."

"Hmm," he says, obviously disinterested. "You have something I want."

"Too bad," Derek says, shoving Stiles aside to tackle the warlock.

Of course the warlock can teleport, though, and he just flickers away from Derek before reappearing a few feet away. "Childish," he scoffs.

Maybe he underestimated Stiles, though, because, well, Stiles is really good at setting mountain ash barriers. He doesn't really even have to move at this point, if he believes hard enough. Which he totally, totally, does. He grabs a single fistful of mountain ash, squeezes his eyes shut, and drops it.

"Impressive," the warlock says, when he discovers that he can't move from the five feet of space. "That's a very strong spark you have. Don't suppose you'll let me have just a taste?" he wonders. "Because honestly this isn't going the way I had hoped."

The guy reminds him of Peter, unfortunately, so Stiles is completely disinterested in hearing him out. "You're creepy," he says instead, and digs the instructions out of his pocket. "Okay, so…Actually, can I take a minute to say thanks? Really, you guys have been fantastic. I'm very proud of your research skills."

"Lydia did it all," Allison says, waving a hand. "She was either irritated about not going to England or feeling guilty because she was the reason he showed up."

"She's not the reason," the warlock says, frowning at them. "It's him."

"Sparks are cool, dude, but we all know smothers are cooler," Stiles says.

"You have a smother?" the warlock says, voice going high in discomfort.

Stiles nods. "A strawberry blond goddess, really. Anyway, back to business." He pulls the instructions out. "Really?" he mutters when he sees that the first one is to make a second ring of mountain ash. He steps back a few steps before dropping another handful of the dust on the floor.

"That's really cool," Jackson hisses when the ring forms of it's own volition.

"Dude," Scott says. "I cannot believe all this time you were being a dick it was because you had a hard on for him."

"Now is not the time," Stiles says, waving a hand at him. "Can we talk about me and Jackson later?"

"No, I'm actually really interested," Allison pipes up. "Why didn't you try to steal Stiles away when you were trying to piss Scott of by taking me?"

"It wouldn't have worked," Jackson says, shrugging.

"True," Stiles agreed.

"But how long?" Erica asks, leaning forward and crossing her arms. "For me it was when he started with the buzz cuts…when was that, sixth grade?"

"Seriously, can we not?" Stiles whines.

"I think it was freshman year, actually," Jackson says, shrugging. "We shared a locker room, you know?"

"Ugh, so jealous," Erica complains.

"Boyd, control your girlfriend," Stiles complains.

"I like her this way," Boyd says, smirking at him.

He groans and turns to the next instruction. "Okay, dude, while my friends are all being annoying about my dude friend over here, do you have any last words before I send you to Alaska?"

"Actually I want to know why everyone is so surprised you're dating," the warlock says with a shit-eating grin.

"How about no," Stiles says as Scott chimes in with, "Jackson made his life hell, apparently because he's a baby."

Jackson punches Scott.

Stiles rolls his eyes. "Okay, bye, dude. Have fun in Alaska." He squints at the page and groans. He really has to say this? He feels a bit like Harry at his first Hogwarts dinner, when Dumbledore said gibberish in lieu of a speech. He clears his throat before pronouncing the spell as best he can. "Suno brilas lekanto butero milda siavice tiun stultan graso rato flava," he says, and the warlock, as well as the two rings of mountain ash, disappear with a pop. Which is a definite bonus. Usually he has to sweep it up himself, because of course the wolves are too delicate.

"So that was anti-climatic," Scott says.

"Whoa, wait," Stiles says. "You're forgetting that my dad didn't know anything about the supernatural and now we have to tell him everything."

"But…Mom can do it," Scott says. "We're way more interested in you and Jackson."

"Yeah," Erica says. "By the way, are either of you into exhibitionism, because let me tell you, I would pay to see you guys."

"You think we would do something as aggressively boring as a sextape?" Jackson scoffs.

"That's flattering, really, but seriously, I don't want to have this conversation," Stiles says. "Maybe later. I need to talk to my dad, and also Jackson, so how about…I'll see you guys later. Roll out, or whatever."

"Ugh, fine," Erica mutters. She practically drags Boyd and Cora out the door.

Derek follows at a more ambling pace. "We'll talk about you and the pack later," he tells Jackson.

"Cool," Jackson says, slumping a little. He'd probably prefer to be an omega, but Stiles wonders if pack isn't better than that. They'll talk about it later.

Scott hugs Stiles again. "Do you need me to stay and demonstrate for your dad?"

"No, I think he'll know now. I just have to explain some things, like why I've been lying for the past two years. No big deal."

"It could be worse," Scott says.

"Yeah," he agrees, rubbing his hand over his face. "A lot worse." His dad could be dead.

"Bye!" Allison says brightly, rubbing her hands through his hair happily. "It was nice to see you again, Jackson. We'll have to hang out."

"Sure," he says, smiling easily.

"Lates," Isaac says, following Allison and Scott happily.

Finally, the two of them are alone. "We should talk," Stiles says, and then winces. "Not in a bad way. Just in a normal way."

"Sure," Jackson says, fronting like he isn't worried (though it's so obvious he is). "In the living room?"

Stiles nods, and the two of them trek into the McCall living room to sit on the couch. "So I like you," he says without preamble, because the direct approach is probably best. Well, maybe best. Not best? He doesn't know. It's not like he has tons of experience in successful crush reveal.

"I like you, too," Jackson says, smiling a little, so maybe it is okay.

"Right," he says, drumming his fingers against his knee. "I want to date you. But I don't know if we're like, boyfriends, yet. Because that seems pretty quick."

"True," he agrees. He leans back, considering everything, and then smiles decisively. "So tomorrow, let's go out. We can date before I go back to England, and when I come back for college we can talk about being boyfriends. That way you'll have time to get your head wrapped around it, and everything will be fine."

"Great," Stiles says, leaning back against the couch. "Now turn on some mindless cop show before I lose my mind."

When the sheriff and Melissa wake up, they find the two boys slumped together on the couch, Stiles fast asleep and Jackson's eyes glazed as he stares at the screen. "Oh, hi," he says, shaking Stiles awake. "Nice to see you again, sir."

The sheriff looks at him doubtfully, but nods.

Stiles wakes up with minimal flailing and smiles when he sees his dad. "How are you two feeling?"

"Like shit," Melissa says.

His dad frowns at her.

"What?" she mutters. "They're adults. Also, it's true."

"Fair enough," his dad agrees, and sits down on the loveseat.

Melissa sits next to him, smiling warmly at them. "I explained everything he didn't understand," she offers. "He just has a few questions for you, Stiles."

"I figured," he says, rubbing his eyes. "Hit me with 'em, Dad."

His dad just looks at him kind of sadly for a minute. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"To protect you," he answers immediately. "And to protect Scott. Mr. Argent is kind of a di—jerk. He'd probably kill Scott right now if he had good enough reason. But I also didn't want you involved with it because you'd want to make justice happen, no matter the cost and…I can't lose you, Dad."

"Did you ever consider that I can't lose you, either?" he says, sighing and leaning forward. "You're all I've had for a few years. Just because I'm dating Melissa now…I still need you, kid."

"I know," he says, slumping, knocking his shoulders into Jackson's. "Sorry," he mutters quickly.

Jackson shakes his head. "It's okay."

"I'm sorry, Dad," he says at last. "I thought it was for the best. I never imagined a warlock would use you against me."

His dad shrugs, smiling a little. "It's okay. We Stilinski men are tough. Demon possessions are nothing."

"Liar," Melissa says, punching him with a grin.

"Yeah," he agrees.

"Well, that's super cute and all," Stiles says, grimacing as his Dad leans over to kiss her. "But um, I guess I should mention that Jackson and I are dating now. Good talk!" He leaps to his feet, grabs Jackson's hand and pulls him out of the house. "Come on, quick, before they start making love."

"Hey," Jackson says, pulling him to a stop outside of the Jeep. "You're adorable." He kisses him sweetly, and Stiles…Stiles doesn't melt, okay? Stilinski men are the manliest of men, the stuff of legends.

(He totally melts.)

They go on a double date with Allison, Isaac, and Scott, because none of the other couples can stand to be around the threesome. They're, according to Lydia, "Akin to the fuzziness you get on your teeth after you eat too many Reese's Pieces."

However, Scott is Stiles best bro forever, and Jackson and Allison actually kept in touch after the move, so the two of them don't mind.

The five of them go to the diner and cram into a booth. Scott tries to play footsie with Isaac several times and ends up with his foot hooked around Stiles at least three times. (He suspects he's caught Jackson occasionally, too.)

The two of them do their best to explain their "whirlwind romance," but though the others try to understand…

"I still don't get it," Isaac says. "So you liked Stiles forever but decided to solve that by hooking up with the girl of his dreams and hoping his affections transferred?"

"And you decided to reciprocate because he took you around London?" Scott queries, looking vaguely disappointed.

Allison smiles, though. "I think it's cute! Don't worry. These two? They're never gonna get it."

A/N: Fun fact! I used Fred and George's spell "Sunshine, daisy, butter mellow...etc" translated into Esperanto to send the warlock away, for no particular reason.

If otg2012 gave me more stackson prompts, I'd probably fit it into this 'verse. I'll let you guys know if I end up posting a sequel. I would answer any questions you guys had, too. For example, Jackson's anchor, which just didn't come up again and therefor wasn't really important to the story.

Clandon asked how Stiles got his passport so quickly. Admittedly, I wasn't thinking about this, given that last time I went out of the country you didn't need a passport. However, given the speculation that Beacon Hills is a pretty upper middle to upper class suburb (the only obvious exceptions being Scott and Boyd) I think we can assume that Stiles just already had one. For this 'verse, that is the answer. And if that seems unsatisfying to you, assume that Derek knows lots of places to get falsified documents. :)