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Chapter 1-

We call them Lycans. It was a strange word i picked up when i had first been brought here. It took me two whole months to actually learn what it meant and that was first hand.

They consider themselves dominant to us. I guess that made sense because we were human and they weren't. I guess in some twisted sense that immediately made them better than us.

They were four different clans and one alpha for each, when one died, the eldest child took over. And so one. This way there would be no war amongst them, everyone understood their roles and the rules and no rose against them. Personally i believe that's only because they all feared what might happen to them if they did.

In a Lycan clan, the alpha is always the strongest. Hence the title 'Alpha'. They were the biggest, the strongest, the ones with the largest claws and the most painful bite. The alpha normally had darker fur than the rest, and a stronger build. Scary looking people. Trust me, they had no problem eliminating anyone who stood against them. Maggie said that they always looked so mean and tormented because they had seen stuff. Serious stuff and it has changed them. Of course i don't believe her. Not completely though. I wonder how she'd make that up, she didn't have enough imagination to do so.

"What's your name girl?" The broccoli looking guard asked me. In his hand was a whip, not the ones they used to whip you when weren't working fast enough. The harder ones. The ones metal claws at the end that would scrap into your back something nasty. The one they would use to deliver a punishment.

"Name?" I said, squinting up at him. Three days. No sunlight. No water. No food. I felt like i was dying even though i had endured much worst.

"Oh, God! Jonathan Don't tell me you got one of those slaves. She don't even know her name! Hey girl, can you count? Can you say your abc's? Got anything special to yah?" I wanted to punch him. I did in fact know how to count. Almost twenty. Education wasn't something the Lycans allowed to just anyone. You'd have to be real special, you'd have to be able to offer something back. I had nothing.

"No!" I said.

"Ah, hell. Jonathan throw her in the tomb, we'll find something to do her off with. Can yah cook? Maybe she can work in the kitchen?" The man who was holding me Jonathan. Tugged me up off the ground forcing me to walk on my sore legs. I was sure i had sprained one of them when i was thrown onto the truck and the other when i up a fight(and lost) against the men responisble for taking me to...this guy.

The tomb...or whatever was a big metal box that stuck up from under ground. It usually got really hot down there from the sun beating down so heavily. Thank goodness we didn't have to be down there at day. Usually they'd throw you in there during sunshine for minor punishment.

However, at night, this is where we called bed and rest. It was deathly in there. It smelled of old vomit and burning plastic. From outside you could hear the cries of the people's torment inside.

I was thrown to into a cell with three other girls. I counted their faces the best i could in the dark light. Maggie was the one who looked the youngest. She had a baby face that looked frightened. She huddled the furthest in the corner when i was thrown inside. The dark curls hid her face well, but when she did look at me she had soft hazel eyes and child-like features. Almost like she hadn't quite grown out of baby stages yet.

"I won't hurt you!" I promised.

She shivered in her corner. "I know."
"Then why do you still shake? You all look like..." i was going to say 'You all look like you've seen a ghost.' But that wouldn't be smart consider what they've gone through.

"Your eyes." Maggie said in her sweet innocent voice. "Why do they glow?"

I paused. My eyes glowing. It wasn't the first time someone told me that they did that and it certainly wouldn't be the last. I knew what that meant and i knew what was coming next.

"I don't understand why they do." I told the girls (Mostly maggie) honestly. "But i can tell you to get as far away from me as possible."

The tingles started in my legs, making the soreness numb to their touch. Then it traveled to my arms and then i started to shake, i felt myself going into the state where i would no longer have control of myself.

"HELL! What;s wrong with you?" A guard called out. My body began to burn, the burning started deep inside me. "YOU JUST GOT HERE! ALREADY YOU'RE STARTING TROUBLE! SOMEBODY?" It was normally the young, experienced guards that had tomb duty. They were told to call someone more intelligent before doing anything.

Next there was an arm on me pulling me out of my cell. I spilled the little food i had in my stomach on the man. He cringed. "Fucking disgusting." he slapped me and threw me on the ground. "I'll teach you a fucking lesson."

Just as he raised his hand to whip me, Another voice spoke. "What is going on here?" It was a girl. I didn't see her face, before i blacked out.

The four clans are:

The Bloodroses pack. The eldest of them all and have deep red fur.

The Moonstone pack. brown fur.

The Bloodmoon pack. Grey fur.

And finally, The lotus moon pack. Thought of to be the most ruthless and vicious of them all. Pitch black fur

It was very important that the packs don't mix. A member of bloodrose could not mate with one of moonstone and so on. There was something about these bloodlines clashing that scared all 36 elders(Nine elders to a pack) put together therefore they forbid it.

This is where I come in. And if you're thinking i'm a hybrid then your wrong. I am something far worst.

"Leave her be. Let her rest. She'll wake when she's ready." The girl's voice said once more. "Now leave us. I am prepared to handle her. Oh yes, trust me. I will punish her for her actions."

That made me want to stay asleep, but i know she could hear my heart beat rise and fall so i did bother pretending. Lying would grant me something worse.

I opened my eyes to see a face that belonged to the voice. She had just closed the doors to her enormous room.

"Hello, there young one." She spoke. I shook a little. "You made quite the scene there. I brought you to my room to let you rest it off. Must of took a lot of energy am i correct?"

I nod and sit up right. I felt much better. Actually, really, i felt great. I pulled back the blankets to see that i no longer wore my ragged clothes, but something fresher.A white gown that stopped right at my feet. I was surprised at how well it fit me.

"Ah, yes. I changed you. I hope you don't mind. If you're worried that i peaked at your naked body then let me put your thoughts to rest and say that yes, i did in fact peak." I blush deep red and stare at my fingers. I hear her stalk over to me. "A virgin's body, is always something beautiful to stare at. Come look at me." She commands. When i don't do it quick enough she grabs my chin and forces me too look at her.

She was gorgeous. Waist long brown hair, deep purple eyes, flawless skin, full pink lips. Her body was even more of a sight. Her dress which was red silk hugged her curves perfectly and wad just about as long as mine, so they hid her beautiful legs.

"However how special could it be to gaze upon a virgin if others will gaze as well?" She asked her eyes full with curiosity. "Tell me, what shall i call you by?"

"A..Alice." I stutter out.

She smiles brilliant white teeth at me, her canines are long and sharp looking, a clear indication that she was of alpha bloodline.

"And why couldn't you speak you name when it was asked the first time young Alice." her voice was rich and velvety smooth with something of an edge to it. It put both want and fear into my heart.

"I-I was nervous. And shocked. The men that guard us are scary. Please forgive me." I beg.

She catches a tear that falls from my eyes with her thumb. "I'm afraid i can't do that. Your beauty...it's almost spellbinding. It makes me want to take you under me and never let you leave however you young Alice, have created to many complications today alone. I understand that you've only just arrived as well." She inches her face closer to me. I can feel her cool breath on my face. "If you were to walk away tonight, unpunished, it would create a bad example for the others. They would feel like they could do whatever it is they please and get away with it. It would cause chaos young Alice. They might rebel. We can't have that now could we?"

I slowly shake my head from side to side, more tears leaking from my eyes. I've been punished before and i had the scars to prove that it is nothing nice or simple.

"Answer me, use your mouth!" She commands gripping my face tighter.

"No. No, you couldn't have that!" I say slightly scared. "I'm sorry."

She sighs. "So much trouble you give. Stand up." She says tugging on my. I stand hesitantly remembering my legs. I was shocked to realize that they were just fine when i stood up. No pain at all.

"I've healed them." She says. "Try not to break them again."

I nod and face her. She drops her hands from my face and moves them to my waist making my stomach get tingles.

"Be happy I'm the one punishing you." She says. "Remove your clothes. Don't not object. Do not question. Just do it. Slowly please."

I feel my face start to heat again as i obey her reaching for the straps of the dress.

She takes a seat on the bed and gets comfortable.

"While you do that. You must tell me...why is it your eyes...glow? Well, they aren't now, but they were. They were glowing like the stars in the night sky. Why is that happens?"

I tug down my dress, slowly like she asked, leaving me bared and nude in front of her.

"I don't know!" I say lowly, feeling a little self concussion. "I swear it. I don't know."

She nods. "Well, I've asked the guards to study you. Your behavior, your patterns. Your eyes glowing must mean something. And i am desperate to learn what.

Come now, Come to me young Alice." She goes on. I take slow small steps towards her. The tingles in my stomach haven't gone away but only increased the closer i get.

I stop when i'm directly in front of her.

She takes my hand softly. "Good. Very good. I see you are quick to learn, but easy to forget. Now, lay across my lap." She says. I do ask she says. The silk from her dress feeling nice against my stomach. "I take it you've never been spanked before young Alice."


"No? Just whipped correct? Don't worry. A good old fashion spanking isn't nearly as bad a whipping." She trails her hand down my back then over my ass softly. It makes me shiver in delight. Then it made me wonder, a spanking isn't something i am to enjoy, is it?

"Mmm, You are very soft Alice. I'm going to spank you ten times, understand? Five for what you pulled on your way here and five for what happened in the tomb. Can you count to ten? I want you to count them as i go. And no flinching, if you flinch i'll add one more to make up for it. Do you get it?"

"Yes. Yes i get it." I said, already queesy.

"Ok." She didn't warn me before she started. SMACK. I jump a little shocked and pained. Her soft hands created such a horrible sting.

"O-One." I count.

"I told you not to do know what flinching is right? Flinching is what you just did! None of that. I won't count that one, but any others will be added!"

"Yes. O-K!" i strain out.

"Ok. Start from two." SMACK. I tried my hardest not to jump but failed. "ALICE!" She growled. "Perhaps you'd much rather be whipped where you are free to jump around as you please?"

I shake my head quickly, a few tears streaming down my face."No. No. I won't do it again. Please, no!"

She sighs. "Alright."


"Three." I cry out, doing a much better job at not jumping this time.


"F-Four!" I scream. Balling my hands into fist.


"F-Five." I shake. She rubs her hand softly over my ass.

"Good. There there, Almost finished. Don't let me have to remind you again young Alice." She continues to rub, soothing me. "does that feel better?"

I nod. "Yes."

"Good. Lets continue then."


"Six, Seven." I say through locked teeth. I didn't jump though.


"Eight, Nine, Ten." I cry out. I try to wiggle free now but she hold me tightly under her grip.

"Ah, Ah, No. We have one more, don't we?" I nod.

She delivers the last one rough, hard and harsher than the other ones making me scream out.

She lets me roll off her and on to the soft bed then. I curl up in a ball and cry.

"Not as bad as a whipping am i correct?" I sniff and nod.

"No, not as bad." I agree.

"I told you. Silly girl. Come here, i'm not finished with you." She says. I peak out at her, slightly afraid.

A smile plays on her beautiful pink lips. "I'm not going to lie to you. I enjoy what i see laying before me. And it would be a shame if i were to let you free without so much as a taste" She licks her lips kneels over me. "Would you? Grant me me a taste of you I mean. I hear virginity is a sweet nectar and only a lucky few get to taste it. Most girls beautiful as you are raped before we have a chance."

She leans in closer to me. "I didn't just bring you to my room to spank you Alice. Oh no. I could have done that right there in the tomb. I brought you to my room to claim you as my own."

I swallow because my throat suddenly goes dry. I know she can hear my heart beat picking up. The pain of my spanking is suddenly forgotten as i nod my understanding.

'Y-e-s." I said, my voice cracking.

"Yes you understand what i'm telling you? Or yes, you'll let me claim you?" She asks, her smile no longer hiding itself. I feel my arousal start to grow heavy between my legs and she smiles bigger because she can smell it.

"Both." I say.

"Lovely." She says, quickly she's unbuttoning her dress. She takes it off and throws it to floor when she has just enough room to squeeze out of it. "You'll have to excuse my eagerness. It's not everyday you have someone as beautiful as you laying on your bed, aroused and ready to bed yours."

She take my lips in hers gently. Her lips were soft and molded to mine easily, like they were somehow made just for me.

She took my legs and wrapped them around her waist laying down on top of me.

My slick wetness meeting her the waist band of her underwear.

"You realize you may never belong to another." She asks pulling away to trail my neck. "That you will be mine and only mine? You may only lay with me. In MY bed."

I shutter. "Yes. Yes i understand."

"And you are ok with it? That i'm marking you?" She sucks on my skin causing me to moan.

I nod. "Yes. Please..."

I rub my core against her for some kind of friction something to make my heat feel better. She understands and lays me flat against her bed then unwraps my legs to remove her underwear.

"Be still, My Alice. I'll please you soon enough."

Imprinting. It's very rare and uncommon. It's when you find her. When suddenly she's all you need to be alright. All you need to breathe and strive on. She's what you kill for and what you'd die for.

She becomes your life and you'd do anything she asks without a second thought. The universe made her your perfect kryptonite and you fall weak to her will.

Mating. It's more common. Lycans were so desperately afraid of being alone. They'd mate. It had the same effects as imprinting only you got to choose who you wanted to be with, not the universe. Once you were mated that's it. You've chosen that person walk side forever.

If you're mate died, then it feels like a connect has been lost. You feel it, deep inside you. It's a pain worse than anything you could imagine. It burns like hell

Most Lycans are to brokenhearted to mate again. Usually the make it another year or so before they kill themselves.

Then there are the others who take a dagger to their heart right there, just a moment after the connect has been lost.

Is it possible to mate and then imprint? Very possible. In that case the mated and imprintee usually have it out to the death, neither of them wanting to share what should be theirs forever. After a victor has one the prize is torn between hating them and loving them.

I was panting like bitch in heat. She worked wonders with her tongue.

"OH! HELL!" i cursed grabbing the sheets.

She grinned up at me. "Do you enjoy that? My Alice?" She replaced her tongue for fingers. Rubbing away at my heated core. "Answer me dear."

"Yessssss!" I hiss out. "Please don't stop."

I dipped back down and sucked on my pussy until she thought i was ready.

"Do you want to try me now? Would you? I fear i'll cum before you even get a chance to taste me." She smiled quickly rubbing her fingers in circular motions.

I push myself against her harder begging for more. She supplies me greatly. She pushes a finger in my causing me to cry out in both pain and ecstasy for a minute. I arch my back as she pumps in and out of me.

"Fuck, Yes, Please. Ugh! Right there." i call out. She bares no mercy on my virginity and brutally shoves another two in my pussy. "OH!" I call. "Harder...Faster."I pant.
Our bodies were covered in a thin layer of sweat each, then there was the smell of sex in the air. As i neared my peak as drew my body closer to her. "I'm trying my hardest, my dear. Please cum for me. Please let me be covered in your juices."

I nodded and threw my head back crying out in pleasure. "Focus on me dear, Only me. Let me make you cum."

She thrust brutally in my pussy. By the third time, my walls clench around her fingers.

My orgasm starts deep within my stomach and works it way all over my body. I felt it then. The connection. My mind, my soul, my body all screamed out to her. She let me hug her close to me as i came. My body shook and trembled.

She hushed me. "There there my Alice." She kissed my lips gently. "Was it good?" I nod against her.

"Good, there are many more to come." She slid out of me carefully because i was still tender. Her fingers lightly coated in virgin blood. I blushed deeply. "Not to worry. It's nothing unnatural, come we'll clean you up and you can work on me in the shower. Sound nice?"

I nod my head. "Yes."

She smiles and lifts me with ease. "Good because my pussy aches for you."

I giggle and wrap my legs around her waist letting her carry me to her shower.

In that moment the love began to set in. I loved her and i didn't even know her name.

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